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  1. JasonM

    Container from UK to perth

    Anyone coming over to Perth be willing to put a pond filter in your container ? Looked at buying one here and bloody hell even dick Turpin wore a mask. Or if anyone can recommend a reasonable delivery company
  2. We have lived in Yanchep for 2 years now so give us a shout I'm 44 wife 40 and we have 2 girls 11 & 8
  3. JasonM

    Are all Perth people super fit?

    I have become fitter since moving to Perth I have gone from 143 kg to 119kg God how bad is that can't even work out what that is in old money anymore. this was courtesy of F45 trainING at Osborne park
  4. Be warned money Corp will drop you once you have moved to Australia. I wish I hadn't transfered any money with them. have just tried for 3 days to open a new accout and can not use original account. all my bills are online and they do not accept online bills so can not open a new account. you have been warned


    1. John From Moneycorp

      John From Moneycorp

      Hi Jason

      We can still help you if based in Australia? We just need to set up a new facility to reflect and this is a regulatory requirement.

      If you need anything then feel free to let me know - john.kinghorn@moneycorp.com



  5. We will be breaking lease in the next 8 -12 weeks, (we have built our house) we are currently living in a 4 bed 2 bath in the Eden Beach Suburb. Anyone who has been here knows it is lovely and 2 great parks and the beach on your doorstep. They are also making Marmion Ave 2 lane so will speed up travel and Butler station is a 5 min drive. Its a great house with great neighbors either side. We are sad that we are moving but also excited about owning our own house again. The landlord is really nice and it is run though Peard agency. The house will be advertised soon but wanted to put it on here, the area is great and we have really felt at home and settled in really well living here. If you have a dog they have a great oval here that dog owners meet up for a chat and the dogs run around playing while you can watch the kids at the park. They have outdoor movie nights down at the park near the beach and a farmers market every Saturday, all within walking distance. Message me if you want any other information.
  6. JasonM

    Northern Suburbs Making Friends

    My wife37 and myself 41 are also looking to meet new friends. We have 2 girls age 9 and 5 and we are currently living in Jindalee.
  7. If you end up in Butler give us a shout as we are across the road in Eden Beach, we have an 8 year old and 4 year old. Bulter as a place like any you have some who will say its great and other that say it horrible. There a quite a few xpats there and its not too far to travel depending on where you will work. I work in Fremantle so have a rather horrible drive to and from work, should be moving to Wangra this year so not forever. I would say have a good look around the area once here and see how it feels, i found that looking on real estate is okay(pretty much all i did leading up to coming out) however what you think is a cracking house and area has a different feel once you are in the street or looking around the house.
  8. I did mine 1 year ago. You will have to take readings on a running system. Super hest sub cooling etc. You then have to reclaim the system vac it and recharge and retake readings. You then have to make up a bit of pipework and braze and flare. In the afternoon you have to wire a plug and a 415v plug you then have to electrical fault find a few different units. You will need to be able to take the readings on a single phase compressor and identify which is the common run and start. You will also need to megga out some systems. If you have level 3 city and guilds it will be easier when your over here. Otherwise you need to do a simular assessment over here. The electrical takes a bit of time. 10 online quiz and then a written assessment and then a practical. Takes 3-6 months if working. You will be on a training assistant money so make sure you have money to spare.
  9. JasonM

    Did I miss anything?

    Back in time o start the BBQ tips and recipes again
  10. We are at Eden Beach Jindalee which has loads of rentals and is nice, only down side is my job that i start Monday is in Freo so will be a nightmare, it should be moving to Wangara within 12 months, if i last that long with the commute, depends on what you want to spend weekly as yes the rents have dropped but you will still spend a lot more central, and dont get caught out by working out your rent by 4 and make sure you do the rent x52 divide by 12 as it makes a whole load of difference when working out your monthly costs.
  11. JasonM

    Thoughts on Butler?

    from the feed back we have got by speaking with people and agents is that you are dead right, a whole load of people brought houses / cars and boats that they couldn't afford and once the mines slowed down they have had to start selling their toys. We have had a look around Butler and parts look nice, i like the BBQ test...... and the one by the park / lake Dome failed miserably. Generally the public BBQ are looked after and people clean them after they have been used, however the one at the location above looks like SH1T, i see it as how the people live in that area, respect where they are living. Granted other people may have traveled and messed it up. But then you get visitors to other locations that are all well kept. I have been told (by estate agents) that there are a lot of social housing in Butler / Clarkson, so take from that what you will.
  12. JasonM

    Holiday Rentals

    Try Kim below, let her know what you are after and when and she will send you what she has. got us a cracking deal at a really nice house pm me for details
  13. JasonM


    i remember reading on here a while back but can i find the post ?????? nope. people where recommending a set top box thaty could be chipped and the new one was not as good as the older version. im sorry its not alot to go off but someone may remember what it is..... failing that any one recommend a box as no foxtel and uk telly doesnt work. Thanks in advance
  14. JasonM

    Medical Insurance

    We are looking to purchase the basic cover and get some extras to start with until i have secured a job and know what my income will be. I have tried to search the forum but could anyone please recommend a company / policy which has a good basic cover with good extras please
  15. JasonM

    Car hire...

    We used mindarie this time, main reason was they pick us up from the airport in a minibus with a trailer so plenty of room for all the cases that you come over with, and dropped us off at our rental were the hirer cas was waiting for us. and they do it at any time. last time we used bayswater but was only a holiday and we had to get a hotel on the night before due to the time that we came in as bayswater was shut. If you are going to have loads of luggage then highly recommend mindarie