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  1. FOL

    what are you doing at this moment

    Putting the bulk rubbish outside, weeding a bit and some family time. Still can't get used to the whole verge collection and associated scavaging hunt.
  2. FOL

    Mystery road

    The followup season wasn't nearly as good unfortunately.
  3. FOL


    Both areas are fine really! We live in between those two areas. Travelwise greenwood/kingsley is a bit better I reckon especially at peak traffic. As it gets busy starting at whitfords to reis highway. Just use google maps with depart/arrive by times to see commute times. Whitfords dog beach is super crowded, I don't like it. Quinns is very quite. no idea about high schools, sorry! Crime is everywhere, but those suburbs are pretty good.
  4. In all pro-vaccination arguments (whether optional or forceful) the pro vaxxers make a distinction about those people who can't due to health reason, so that's no argument. Besides that, carry on with the discussion
  5. FOL

    what are you doing at this moment

    Oh wait, in spirit of this topic; Just another day in the home office hehe. It's almost midnight, just finished a 3 hour business call. Time to sleep.
  6. FOL

    what are you doing at this moment

    Are you describing weather in Perth or where you live now? Today was the first sunny and warmer day in nearly 2 months. We've copped almost a month of rain every single day, with a 26 record and only 10mm short of all time record (around 270mm in a month).
  7. FOL

    Mystery road

    Yeah same here, on netflix
  8. Stop watching the news mate AFAIK it isn't that bad. p.s. life in Perth is good,
  9. FOL

    Mystery road

    Anyone seen this mini TV show? Recorded in WA, it was pretty good!
  10. FOL

    Places to Eat - Recommendations

    My memory is terrible LOL, I can only remember two... We liked Hunter & Barrels in Whitfords, but it's gone. Never been to the CBD one, but it may still be there. Matilda Bay for a fancier dinner without kids was nice.
  11. FOL

    Bricklayer - White Card?

    @pegg You want to keep bricklaying? You are quite a handy guy with tools right? Home renovations? Basic carpentry?
  12. FOL

    Private schools close to Rockingham

    Hi Manta, @Just cool hasn't been online for 4 years unfortunately, so they won't likely reply. Rockingham/Baldivis is quite a Pommie-rich area. If you search on this forum I reckon you can get quite a bit of advice. Such as:
  13. FOL

    Perth Poms business owners.

    Any gardeners on here? Got lots of requests for work, mainly in baldivis area followed by joondalup and beckenham. Occasional cottesloe to Trigg area.
  14. FOL

    Past sailing schedules

    Shipwreck museum to add the less succesful journeys to your story?
  15. Mate, tradies have plenty of work. If you are worried and you do have your aussie license, hit me up and I'll setup a plumbing business with you, I'll take care of getting clients, you deliver top notch results.