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  1. ugh typo's...stupid phone. Can't even edit the post any more heard from some others a few grant 2k-4k (in euros) I thought. (sorry very generic answer)
  2. Based on the fact you dis your skills assessment before mnowing what to do and your assumption the test is easy, I would suggest hiring an agent ASAP. It's nlt a judgement about you personally, it is just a recipe for things going wrong due to ignorance about the subject and a small mistake could cost you your visa. You can do it yourself though, we did and many others, and I found the skills assessment the hardest part. But it took a lot of time to get all the knowledge to do and understand the visa application (process) properly.
  3. FOL


    What kind of seminar? In regards to migrating to Perth. Based on your visa, it is very likely your partner also needs to do an IELTS. But an averagr of 4.5 was sufficient a few years ago (I think it still is, but not 100% sure)
  4. I would look at joining specific FB groups related to your hobbies. Like "tennis in perth" and "fitness in perth". Much easier making friends with shared interest.
  5. FOL

    open new account from UK

    The effect of currency fluctuations is usually much bigger. Don't know with the Brexit nightmire, but can't look too pretty I reckon.
  6. FOL

    open new account from UK

    NAB 6 years ago: you can open the account and deposit as much as you want (no time limits). But to withdraw money, you first have to physically go to a branch. Edit: oops just reread your post. Why don't you just put your money with NAB and then go with a different bank account when you are here? They can't be THAT bad to just have some money parked there for a short while till you are here?
  7. FOL

    Renovating... help!!

    I have heard stories you'll fall of the edge of the world after the tunnel/bridge! Up to two years ago we explored a bit more and went to the hills ocassionally (including the southern part of it). We now have a little one and are too tired to come out of the house
  8. FOL

    No kitchen for 2 weeks.... how to cook?!

    Slow cooker?
  9. FOL

    Renovating... help!!

    I'm from NOR and know nothing about SOR
  10. FOL

    No kitchen for 2 weeks.... how to cook?!

    Pretend like you are camping. LPG gas cooking stoves (or barbies) in combination wiyh the microwave should take you quite far. Alternatives: - bread - take away or restaurant - friends
  11. FOL

    Renovating... help!!

    Ah hence the nickname. I never even heard of that suburb
  12. FOL

    Renovating... help!!

    I know a fantastic sparky. He is in the Joonfalup/Wanneroo area. Where are you locates?
  13. You will be fiiiinnne. As said, crisis, so easy to get property. You can make a better decision while you are here and seeing properties. Let me know if you need any help. Happy to pick you up from the airport and/or drop you off at the car rental company or something like that
  14. FOL

    Need a London house sit this Xmas 2019/2020

    -- edit Didn't read properly.
  15. FOL

    Any surfers?

    Join the perth surf kooks group on facebook. Aqesome group who meets multiple times a week to surf throughout perth metro (majority NOR).