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  1. FOL


    I have had my skills mapped from EQF (I think it was called to AQF. That was for my marketing degree. Quite straightforward as far as I can remember. Was 7 years ago though, so don't recall a lot from it and I am not from the UK
  2. FOL


    Nope not me, but how did it go?
  3. FOL

    Recommendations please for solar company

    Solaireconnect. Did a lot of research before buying panels for our previous home. Foe our new home I am going to use them again. Great prices for high quality REC panels and Fronius inverter.
  4. Don't expect too much from recruiters though. Might be different when you are in a high demand job.
  5. FOL

    Hot Tub

    Anything with water more than a foot (300mm) deep needs to be fenced. So a spa without a doubt as well, unless you just want to use it for your feet
  6. FOL

    Hot Tub

    Check gumtree.com.au to see if hot tubs are for sale and for how much. It's quite common over here. Would tou really bother id you can buy a used one here ? (Check yourself if that's the case though). Secondly, does it meet Australian standards?
  7. FOL

    Swimming Lessons

    A friend of ours is a swimming teacher in the Northern suburbs. If I recall correctly, they are/were regularly looking for new reachers. Not sure if it's the same in other areas.
  8. FOL

    house deposit ?

    LMI ain't that bad. 5k - 10k if I recall correctly. Craigie mainly older houses often 3x1 or 4x1. Beldon for 500k a decent 4x2 that isn't too modern/updated on decent block of land. I thought padbury was a bit more expensive than Beldon. Plenty of 4x2s there as well. When we bought in Beldon 2 years ago we sidn't think the price difference of houses in padbury were justified.
  9. Just check realestate.com.au, thete should be plenty I reckon.
  10. FOL

    house deposit ?

    Imho don't run before you can walk Take your time figuring out what's wise in regards to relocating (or not). Anyway to get on topic; We've sold our 4x2 with heates pool, max premium solar panels and huge patio in Beldon for 535k a few weeka ago. It was one of the more expensive houses in Beldon while it was for sale. Depending on what you want/need 500k - 535k would be plenty. If you want a 3x1 you may go towards 399k. I don't know, as we were in a different market. Lending is tighter I heard. Frienda boughts their first home last year with an LMI because they didn't make the 20%. No personal experience there either. Ideally it's 20%, so around 100k.
  11. FOL

    Visa system a joke

    That's a terrible situation to be in Jason. I thought RRVs where just a formality. Like applying for a holiday visa. Pretty much instantly. Isn't it because of what @ali says, the residence requirements that make it take longer? I would call immi again and speak to somwone else. Sometimes a second person has more experience or different view on things.
  12. FOL

    help required (if possible)

    Dis you try Facebook yet? I see these kins of posts pass by once in a while with hundreds od shares.
  13. FOL

    Looking for School Recommendations

    Padbury is a good suburb, so I guess the peimary schools are good as well. You are bound by the catchment area of the school and where you are going to live. Is this concept the same as in the UK? (I'm not a pommie so I don't know if that concept is new or familiar for you)
  14. FOL

    Cost of putting a pool in

    We are speaking to riverina. Sure a few years down the track and without the robotic cleaner we are quotes 32k! Mind you, some extras: upgraded chlorinator (+400), upgraded pump (+400), extra pool light (+550), higher grade pipes (+250), hand digging due to lack of entry (+1750), spa blower (+1000), heat pump(+2200). Hmm that might explain thw peice difference heh.
  15. FOL

    fish n chips

    Why do pommies miss the fish n chips while being in oz? Plenty of shops. Aren't they good in their opinion? I never had F&C until moving here, so csn't compare