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  1. FOL

    Private schools close to Rockingham

    Hi Manta, @Just cool hasn't been online for 4 years unfortunately, so they won't likely reply. Rockingham/Baldivis is quite a Pommie-rich area. If you search on this forum I reckon you can get quite a bit of advice. Such as:
  2. FOL

    Perth Poms business owners.

    Any gardeners on here? Got lots of requests for work, mainly in baldivis area followed by joondalup and beckenham. Occasional cottesloe to Trigg area.
  3. FOL

    Past sailing schedules

    Shipwreck museum to add the less succesful journeys to your story?
  4. Mate, tradies have plenty of work. If you are worried and you do have your aussie license, hit me up and I'll setup a plumbing business with you, I'll take care of getting clients, you deliver top notch results.
  5. FOL

    Young Family in UK

    Not with kids. Getting a visa is the biggest initial hurdle. You can get a qualification in the UK. Takes a few years, then you need some years experience. Before you know it you're 5 - 8 years down the track and the job may not be on the list any more. So I wouldn't do that JUST to get to AU. And do you really want to wait for so many years? You mentioned new zealand... and you mentioned you hate cold...are you sure that adds up?
  6. FOL


    I understand the 21st or may has a meaning. Pub holiday wise it would be a bummer. The weather is much nicer in Jan
  7. FOL

    Merry Christmas

    I thought the RRV approval was instant. Or do you request an extension due to Covid19? The searching for Aussie uni's is a promising sign I reckon @pegg
  8. FOL

    Merry Christmas

    Ah bugger to hear your son is still dead against it @pegg. I hoped he would be swayed by now. how old is he now? i reckon you'll be alright with business class. I have done it twice and no issues. But you'l have to see what the world looks like by then.
  9. FOL

    Merry Christmas

    The endless blue sky is terrific alright. does that mean you guys will go as soon as covid19 travel restrictions lay down? Or not sure yet @pegg? I haven't enjoyed the sun at all! Last 3 months I have flown to Europe twice as my mom is not doing well. So 7 weeks in Europe, 4 weeks in quarantine and 4 weeks at home i'm released in 2 days. I have surfed only once since june.. first it was winter and was away with my dirtbike each weekend. Then I had to travel. And now we are expecting another daughter in 2 weeks. So I reckon not much surfing either can't wait to sneak out for a short surf though. Smart move to rent first. Hopefully things cleared up rentalwise by then. There is quite a shortage at the moment.
  10. FOL

    Merry Christmas

    Happy new year, a year later quiet in here ey. @pegg where are you these days mate?
  11. FOL

    Bored due to C19?

    Sorry to hear mate, hopefully things will return to "normal" for you soon.
  12. FOL

    (re)Applying for 189 Visa

    Blame covid19 and apeak to an agent I would say...
  13. Not sure if you will ever enjoy it any more. Going to be demolished. I always take the ocean drive home after a surf at Scarborough. Grab a coffee there, tuen up the volume in my car and just cruise along the coast up to Ocean reef road. Edit: If I can tind a parking spot that is... the neighbourhood around it must hate it.
  14. FOL

    Anyone waiting to migrate?

    I can imagine it sucks. As Stormy suggested there are flights, but I would wait a bit longer, unless you have a job lined up or you have a very high demand/specific skill. Things are slowly picking up again (business wise) but there is still a lot of mess to be cleared with a lot of jobless people. As I said, things are picking up again, so you will be fine. It's just a matter of not rushing into it imho.
  15. FOL

    Moving later this year

    Beldon is a pretty decent suburb. Craigie next to it a bit less (and smaller/older) houses. Padbury is a biter nicer than Beldon but more expensive. All suburbs west of Marmion Ave are far more expensive. We have lived in that area for a few years (and we still do, just 5 minutes east in Wanneroo south)