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  1. I was having some personal problems resulting in not being able to settle anywhere. Had to come in peace with myself so to speak. Costly? Oh yes... Did we hurt family and old friends by leaving again? Oh yes... Still a good decision? I think so, I needed those two moves to get everything straight. But for my wife it would have been better if we didn't. So it depends on the person I guess.
  2. Speak to your moving company and hear what they say. We scheduled it in such a way we wanted to have our sruff 4 weeks after landing in Perth. They said 6 weeks (if I recall correctly! Including clearance at the border). So we shipped it 2 weeks before we left
  3. Check gumtree for whitegoods when you are here in December. Can't help with the school question
  4. It takes 10-12 weeks to ship?! Only took us 6 weeks (the 3 times we've done it)
  5. FOL

    New to Perth... looking to make friends! :)

    You probably need to have at least 5 or 10 posts before you can send private messages
  6. FOL

    ocean reef development

    Limely to be impacted. Sand moves along the coast creating banks that crrate surfable waves. Marinas block that. Some ideas about artificial reefs were initially accepted but slowly removed from the final plan. Not enough profit compared to boating.
  7. FOL

    ocean reef development

    and it kills a few surfing spots apparently...
  8. FOL

    LCHF Cafes

    There was one in the hills, but forgot about that... Found this list, but not sure how "clean" they are (ie, the right oils to bake everything in, etc): https://www.theurbanlist.com/perth/a-list/where-to-eat-in-perth-when-youre-on-a-keto-diet p.s. you can also get donuts & muffins from the brand "Noshu". They are pretty good (not the cheapest of course). Frozen they stay good for pretty long: https://noshu.com.au/donuts/
  9. Oops sorry, actually misread your reply. Thought you said it was winter in November
  10. Perthpoms.com is about Perth Australia, not Perth Scotland. It's (almost) summer in November
  11. FOL

    190 Visa Processing Times

    Congrats on the apartment. For now, just enjoy living the apartment and when time comes, review what you want to do with it. I know that even with lettings agents, living far away is not ideal and homes can get wrecked. But don't worry about that now, just enjoy it while you are living in it .
  12. FOL

    Just arrived in WA! Need advice

    No specific advice, but both areas are pretty good. So I reckon primary schools in both areas are ok as well. In regards to public transport, check the website of Transperth: https://www.transperth.wa.gov.au/ and use Google maps to see where train lines are. I know Subiaco has a train station. I would try to stay within walking distance of either the bus (with a short desitance to either train or CBD)
  13. Just use airbnb or gumtree.com.au
  14. FOL

    190 Visa Processing Times

    Unless it is really wise to buy in the UK now from an investing point of view, I wouldn't do it. Renting, especially for just one year is, is not really throwing that much money away. Managing overseas investment properties come with its own challenges as you are far away. And if you need to use a credit card for your visa when you buy a home, you are making a terrible financial decision. And you will need a stack of cash as well to get started in Perth. Applying for work in Perth whilst still in the UK is a challenge. So just by the info given, it does not sound like a good idea to buy in the UK when you are going to move in the next 1-2 years.
  15. ugh typo's...stupid phone. Can't even edit the post any more heard from some others a few grant 2k-4k (in euros) I thought. (sorry very generic answer)