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  1. FOL

    hay fever tablets

    Really? Seems dodgy as hell! Can't imagine it works except for a placebo effect. A shame really, hayfever is terrible
  2. FOL

    Study English in Perth

    It is great that you want to learn English by going on an overseas adventure. Your attititude is great as well, as you will learn English the fastest when you do not jump into a Hispanic community locally, but blend in with the locals. You can walk in a tshirt during the day all year round. In winter (which is now) it gets cold in the evening/night/morning and you need to dress up properly. You can swim year round, but you will need a warm wetsuit during winter, late autumn and early spring. People usually don't swim during that period. The water is always quite cold compared to the east coast. The advantage is less deadly animals in the ocean I think you summed up all the pros and cons about Perth. How true they are is up to your jusgement. Is Perth boring? I don't think so, but a wild party goer might think so. Do keep in mind you are asking this on a forum where participants generally live in Perth, giving you a skewed opinion in favour of Perth.
  3. I have a client that offers services rlto mining and they are still growing like crazy. Even in mining there are opportunities.
  4. It is doom and gloom at the moment... oh wait, they call it winter and it should be okay again in about 3 months Other than that, we don't notice any big downturn. I have some ozzy companies as clients. Mining client who is doing ridiculously well, a builder who is struggling, it's all part of it.
  5. 3 ideas, maybe you have tried it already of course: - offer 2 months of working for free (if allowed by law) - do you know other tradies who work with sparkies? Maybe they can introduce you? - have you tried linkedin? Upgrade to the paid versio n (30 bucks a month I think) and start sending personalised inmail messages to everyone working at/owning a company where you can achieve your goal. - don't talk about you and what you want, talk about them and what you can do for them. - figure out the 10 dream employers. Then work out who you eould need to talk to to get a job, figure out how big they are, what they specialise in, etc etc. You want to get to know them. Make a file about them printing out everythong you can find about them. Then walk in their office and say you would like to talk to peraon ABC (you should know his name by now). Tell them they seem to be your ideal employer after dping extensive research (shoe your map with research subtlely) and you would love to find out if there is a good match between them and you and how you can help their company and be an invaluable asset to them.
  6. Don't blow your money even if you dtay after. Imho except for some startup cash, life in Perth should be supported by the money you make here. Or I would turn around.
  7. FOL

    188 Buisiness Inovation Visa

    In which market do you have experience? Do you want to be an owner operator or qant to have it under management? At what price range are you looking at? Do you need external financing?
  8. Can't vouch for Belson without being subjective It's an ideal location for us. Unless we have 2M to spend, then I can think of some better peoperties/locations
  9. FOL

    Scarborough face lift

    Can't complain @pegg That said, it's just material. I am not too attached to that
  10. FOL

    Scarborough face lift

    Had a drink at one of the clubs (during the day mind you). It was okay. The beach is the best part though. We have a pool at home, so no need for a public one.
  11. Don't forget that cheaper houses can also attract people from lower social-economic evrionment. That is not negative perse (PC), but it doesn't fit everyone.
  12. FOL

    Perth Suburbs

    We love abd live in that area. Can't help with the kids question
  13. FOL


    Welcome! Which area is she from?
  14. FOL

    meet new friends, school info Quinns rock

    Quinns rocks ia nice. We lived there dor over a year. Walking towards the beach, peaceful community. We didn't have schoolgoing kids, so can't help you with that.
  15. I have seen businesses for sale for only 100k AUD that say business migration is possible. Not sure about the details as we already have a visa. But could be worth looking into. There are quite a few business brokers dealing with migration purposes. The businesses aren't the best (at least they didn't fit my criteria), but you would be basically buying a visa. If you have enough cash for a decent investment (at least 300k to 400k aud) you actually have some decent businesses with cashflow)