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  1. We are awaiting mortgage approval for the house we want to buy. But already getting nervous for the settlement day! This is the first time we sell a property we own before moving. In the past we've always rented. That means we usually rented the place for 2 weeks longer after we got the key of the new property already. How on earth did you manage it logistically to do everything in 1 day? We even have a family member visiting us during that time ugh... and we have a baby and 2 not-so-friendly dogs which have to stay separates from each other. Seems like a huge challenge.
  2. FOL


    Don't you have to work regional as well? I would focus on that first as that is likely to be the biggest challenge.
  3. FOL

    what are you doing at this moment

    Anyone still active here? How are things going?
  4. That article is nearly a year old though.
  5. FOL

    Looking for a reliable couple to house sit.

    I think you will be up for a challenge. How many people have experience with dogs, horses chooks AND ducks?
  6. FOL

    188 Buisiness Inovation Visa

    Sorry I didn't see your reply, that's quite an okay amount to invest, although it may be challenging to buy something that's under management and profitable enough. But you'll have to dit through all businesses to see what opportunities there are. There are also quite a few business brokers active in Perth. Get in touch with them, explain your situation and what you are looking for and you may get somr contacts. What worked quite well for me as well is making a list of all businesses you would like to acquire and send them a traiditional snail mail, explaining your are interested in buying a business. I've got high response this way. You have to be in Perth though as you want to meet the sellers.
  7. FOL


    Sorry, that's quite far from where most people live I think. Do you live in Perth now?
  8. Chexk various facebook groups. I think there are groups like "backpackers in perth"
  9. FOL

    what are you doing at this moment

    I i am strugggling.... To get out of bed. It's cold in the mornings. Ugh
  10. FOL

    18 months in and things going well

    Don't worry, we all have (had) bad days where we worried. It's normal for a leap of faith this big ey. But you'll be fine. In the end, nothing is permanent, ao don't stress it. Enjoy where you are now and what you are going for
  11. FOL


    Good on ya for the happy end after all the madness. The newbuilds may be cheap, but land is still quite expensive. Although an hour from the city and SOR may be different. When we looked at houses, we could buy a 4x2 on 750sqm land for around 540k. At the same time, vacant land that was sold nearby was roughly the same sqm, for 500k!
  12. Good luck and enjoy. Key is too post consiatently and to answer a problem/need people have oe to fill a void. Try to get some exposure, like you are doing now, when there are some more videos as well. Replying to videos which are watched often and which have the same audience can attract new viewers as well. Be genuine with your reply, don't mention your channel, just compliment them/be positive about their work.
  13. FOL

    Couple looking for friends

    I think there is a group on here that meets regularly/occasionally and who are feom NOR. Have a look arouns and send them a private message Edit; here it is sorry I can't help you personally, I am too old, have kids, not from the UK and a workaholic
  14. FOL

    hay fever tablets

    Really? Seems dodgy as hell! Can't imagine it works except for a placebo effect. A shame really, hayfever is terrible
  15. FOL

    Study English in Perth

    It is great that you want to learn English by going on an overseas adventure. Your attititude is great as well, as you will learn English the fastest when you do not jump into a Hispanic community locally, but blend in with the locals. You can walk in a tshirt during the day all year round. In winter (which is now) it gets cold in the evening/night/morning and you need to dress up properly. You can swim year round, but you will need a warm wetsuit during winter, late autumn and early spring. People usually don't swim during that period. The water is always quite cold compared to the east coast. The advantage is less deadly animals in the ocean I think you summed up all the pros and cons about Perth. How true they are is up to your jusgement. Is Perth boring? I don't think so, but a wild party goer might think so. Do keep in mind you are asking this on a forum where participants generally live in Perth, giving you a skewed opinion in favour of Perth.