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  1. FOL

    i miss lemon n lime bitters

    The liquor store overseas (not UK) actually had the bjtters we used over here as well. The lemon/lime are pretty standard so you should be good to go. But it doesn't sip away as nicely as on a hot summers day in Perth
  2. FOL

    Looking for some advice

    Afaik work as a social worker is doable. Think organisations like child protection, etc.
  3. FOL

    Losing permanent residency?

    If it expired it expired. Buuut you can contact immigration and present your case. In certain cases thwy give you slack and you can get an RRV for your permanent visa. Look around at stories about that and what worked and what didn't. Are you still with the same partner? Is the partner a citizen? If not, things get complicated imho. But I qm no visa specialist just seens some stories on expired visa.
  4. It's what Verystormy says. First see if you are eligible at all. You may have all the willpower and eagerness all you want, but if you don't tick the boxes to be elegible for a visa, there is no chqnce to stay in Australia permanently (legally). After you checked if you are eligible thwn you have to start finding companies who could hire you for the job. Being in Australia (on a holiday visa for example) could make life much easier. Just google for buainess in your industry, use yellowpages.com.au, check job opportunities on seek.com.au etc
  5. FOL

    Perth employment rate

    Just a serial entrepreneur and marketing guy. I don't get how tradies lack work. I've helped quite a few last few months and they got new prospects weekly. Simply by having us advertise for them. But there is so much more to do (but they are usually not ready for it :-))
  6. FOL

    Garden maintenance

    Yes there is and gardeners in general as well. You have cheapskates who want to pay $25/h and those who want a proper job done without hassles and last but not least commercial work. I get weekly requests for gardening, sometimes just lawn mowing (but mostly gardening). Are you in Perth yet?
  7. FOL

    Perth employment rate

    About 2 years ago I was looking at buying a business and they dealt with a middleman in between insurance companies and tradies fixing it. They were swamped with work, but it was tough work. So I can imagine they needed people. Not sure how it is right now. A bit different than the actual claims manager at the insurance company as you don't have to assess claims. But hey happy to tive you the company's name in a private message if you want. I can't be a referral though, I can just give you the name. I'm regards to painters.... If you want to get work as a sole trader I may be able to help you out from day 1 on one conditions; you overdeliver and want to achieve 99% customer satisfaction and you have to communicate properly. If you can do that, you are 90% ahead of tradies over here.
  8. FOL


    I have had my skills mapped from EQF (I think it was called to AQF. That was for my marketing degree. Quite straightforward as far as I can remember. Was 7 years ago though, so don't recall a lot from it and I am not from the UK
  9. FOL


    Nope not me, but how did it go?
  10. FOL

    Recommendations please for solar company

    Solaireconnect. Did a lot of research before buying panels for our previous home. Foe our new home I am going to use them again. Great prices for high quality REC panels and Fronius inverter.
  11. Don't expect too much from recruiters though. Might be different when you are in a high demand job.
  12. FOL

    Hot Tub

    Anything with water more than a foot (300mm) deep needs to be fenced. So a spa without a doubt as well, unless you just want to use it for your feet
  13. FOL

    Hot Tub

    Check gumtree.com.au to see if hot tubs are for sale and for how much. It's quite common over here. Would tou really bother id you can buy a used one here ? (Check yourself if that's the case though). Secondly, does it meet Australian standards?
  14. FOL

    Swimming Lessons

    A friend of ours is a swimming teacher in the Northern suburbs. If I recall correctly, they are/were regularly looking for new reachers. Not sure if it's the same in other areas.