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  1. UK bank account trouble :(

    I do the same, albeit with a Dutch bank account. Adsitionally I have many business clients who pay in euro's and just pay to that account and I transfer it once a month or so. Why is your situation it against the (UK) T&C?
  2. Paying for Visas

    Does this help?
  3. what are you doing at this moment

    Work work work, then some renovations, surfing and preparings for a baby. Pretty much the same thing every week.
  4. Oh righto, seems quiet over here. We are not pommies, so not the out for drinks kinda people haha 😁
  5. Harrisdale people

    Had to google where Harrisdale is situated... so nope sorry we are NOR
  6. Wow, Perth-London direct come Mar '18!

    Don't be too excited just yet. Last time I heard about that one, the lowest fare was 50%-100% extra compared to one stop flights. Good development though. First step don't understand they go to amsterdam btw...
  7. Emigrating in January

    Woodvale is quite a good (and expensive) neighbourhood. If that becomes your standard, other suburbs might not appeal so much The schools over there are considered very good as well.
  8. 6 weeks to go!

    No advice. Last few days suck, no matter what you do. We predered not to have a big airport goodbye drama. We said bye to friends 2 days before, some family 1 day bedore and close family on the last day. Then my mom and sister dropped us off and the train station. We couls then use the time in the train to deal with the last negative feelings and as soon as we arrived at the airport we started thinking about the fun that was ahead of us.
  9. Emigrating in January

    We live a few mins from Joondalup. It's perfrct for us. Close enough to the city, close to beaches, better affordable houses (than closer to the city, but more expensive than up north) and pretty much all the stores we need with Lakeside and whitfords shopping center. And easy to drive to the hills/swan valley.
  10. 4 months in, our story so far...

    How did you make friends if you don't meet people through sports and social events?
  11. Dairy products and water

    Tap water: get a water filter. Just been visiting my home country and after 2 years away, the water tastes funny overe there not in Australia. Dairy: tastes the same over here imho. I even like the yoghurt better.
  12. Shippers coming monday! A few questions

    I don't have an indefinite answer foe you. I can only tell you have spent far more time on it then we ever did and we noved to AU twice
  13. Isn't there a whatsapp group?
  14. What do you guys enjoy doing? Personally I find it easier to hook up with people upon a shared interest
  15. How are things goinf @spangley? In regards to suburbs. We live in Beldon and lived in Craigie before. Craigie has a bit of a reputation and I am not too fond of it. Beldon is definitely the better suburb. Woodvale even better, but more expensive. Hillarys definitely fine, but the west side of Marmion is not cheap either.