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  1. Can't vouch for Belson without being subjective It's an ideal location for us. Unless we have 2M to spend, then I can think of some better peoperties/locations
  2. FOL

    Scarborough face lift

    Can't complain @pegg That said, it's just material. I am not too attached to that
  3. FOL

    Scarborough face lift

    Had a drink at one of the clubs (during the day mind you). It was okay. The beach is the best part though. We have a pool at home, so no need for a public one.
  4. Don't forget that cheaper houses can also attract people from lower social-economic evrionment. That is not negative perse (PC), but it doesn't fit everyone.
  5. FOL

    Perth Suburbs

    We love abd live in that area. Can't help with the kids question
  6. FOL


    Welcome! Which area is she from?
  7. FOL

    meet new friends, school info Quinns rock

    Quinns rocks ia nice. We lived there dor over a year. Walking towards the beach, peaceful community. We didn't have schoolgoing kids, so can't help you with that.
  8. I have seen businesses for sale for only 100k AUD that say business migration is possible. Not sure about the details as we already have a visa. But could be worth looking into. There are quite a few business brokers dealing with migration purposes. The businesses aren't the best (at least they didn't fit my criteria), but you would be basically buying a visa. If you have enough cash for a decent investment (at least 300k to 400k aud) you actually have some decent businesses with cashflow)
  9. FOL

    Just had a few days away in KL

    What is so appealing about KL? I know nothing about ir, except it being a stopover to Europe haha.
  10. FOL

    At a turning point - Not sure what the future holds

    Can you imagine if you are ESL? I dread our accent and heck I stumble making correct sentences sometimes. But people are friendly about it. Annoys me more than anyone else
  11. FOL

    Just a quick hello....

  12. FOL


    No experience myself, but does this help: http://firb.gov.au/resources/guidance/gn02/
  13. FOL

    Nudge in the right direction..

    Depending how solvent you are, you may be eligible to buy a business and get a visum through there. I THINK I saw businesses dor sale dor under half a mil AUD that were elegible.
  14. FOL

    UK bank account trouble :(

    I do the same, albeit with a Dutch bank account. Adsitionally I have many business clients who pay in euro's and just pay to that account and I transfer it once a month or so. Why is your situation it against the (UK) T&C?
  15. FOL

    Paying for Visas

    Does this help? https://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Visa/Fees/how-to-pay-for-an-application