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  1. FOL

    Moving later this year

    Beldon is a pretty decent suburb. Craigie next to it a bit less (and smaller/older) houses. Padbury is a biter nicer than Beldon but more expensive. All suburbs west of Marmion Ave are far more expensive. We have lived in that area for a few years (and we still do, just 5 minutes east in Wanneroo south)
  2. Also check out local Facebook groups. You can either post there or look at posts of others as they sometimes tell you if there are available jobs.
  3. FOL

    cashless welfare card ?

    @pegg assuming it is a cashless wellfare card, what is the problem with it?
  4. FOL

    Moving to WA

    I can't imagine an experienced salea manager having trouble finding work. As a marketing freelancer I am flat out and refusing work.
  5. FOL

    are folks still emigrating ?

    No need for the passive aggressiveness. I'm in not in one industry either, but again, I don't notice the downturn at all, except from what I read from the news.
  6. FOL

    Newbie on this forum

    Pretty good areas. Most of them definitely more expensive. Hillarys at the top of the list, followed by Woodvale and duncraig (and Carine I think, I don't know carine that well) then followed by the rest. Depends on what you want. Hillarys is the closest to the ocean, but the most expensive. We have friends in Woodvale who paid 150k more for a house, just because it is in Woodvale, making their kids fall in the catchment area for the woodvale high school. edit: compared to Melbourne, all RE is probably cheap.
  7. FOL

    are folks still emigrating ?

    I guess it's who you have in your network. I am not in construction professionally and in my personal network I don't know a lot of people who are in construction. For you it's probably the opposite, hence you experience so many stories. Not perse... We've got some quotes from cabinet makers for example and they seemed to be doing fine. Often inflated prices and a few weeks of waiting.
  8. FOL

    are folks still emigrating ?

    It's also depends on the market and your experience. I seem to be getting plenty of referral work for marketing and friends of mine who are in web development can't keep up with the work either. That said both of us also work for international clients, but get local clients as well. Wifey works for government, so stable job. To be honest, I don't know anyone personally who has trouble having work (although no one switched in the last 3 or so years), ranging from swimming teachers to IT people to marketing, marketing & sales, social worker. But I see stories online that it is difficult from people trying to get a job. That's sad... I cannot see how you can enjoy life when you have heaps of financial worries.
  9. Like stormy says, plenty of of natives who are either not passing or not getting full points for it. Says enough about the test imho, but hey it is how it is. All the best with your next test.
  10. I was having some personal problems resulting in not being able to settle anywhere. Had to come in peace with myself so to speak. Costly? Oh yes... Did we hurt family and old friends by leaving again? Oh yes... Still a good decision? I think so, I needed those two moves to get everything straight. But for my wife it would have been better if we didn't. So it depends on the person I guess.
  11. Speak to your moving company and hear what they say. We scheduled it in such a way we wanted to have our sruff 4 weeks after landing in Perth. They said 6 weeks (if I recall correctly! Including clearance at the border). So we shipped it 2 weeks before we left
  12. Check gumtree for whitegoods when you are here in December. Can't help with the school question
  13. It takes 10-12 weeks to ship?! Only took us 6 weeks (the 3 times we've done it)
  14. FOL

    New to Perth... looking to make friends! :)

    You probably need to have at least 5 or 10 posts before you can send private messages
  15. FOL

    ocean reef development

    Limely to be impacted. Sand moves along the coast creating banks that crrate surfable waves. Marinas block that. Some ideas about artificial reefs were initially accepted but slowly removed from the final plan. Not enough profit compared to boating.