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  1. Meet new friends

    Hi Jenny, We’re close to the city too, are you north or south? I love meeting new people and have made quite a few friends now i’m happy to say 😀. Happy to meet up, I’m free most days at the moment. Maybe we could do a group meet up? Who would be in? Jen
  2. Meet new friends

    Hi Sue, whereabouts are you? We've been here a year. Our eldest daughter is 15 too. We are in Willetton SOR. Jen
  3. Debt advice needed - Urgent plz !

    Hi Pegg, Glad it’s all sorted and your son is feeling better. Don’t beat yourself up about it, anyone in the same position would have been exactly the same, at least you’ve been responsible enough to do something about it as soon as you realised there was a problem. I’m so sorry things didn’t work out for you over here, but you gave it a shot and therefore won’t have to live with the ‘what if’ regret Keep on looking after your family, you sound like a nice positive person, keep on looking forwards and maybe pop over for a holiday when you’re all ready. Sending you some sun ☀️ ☀️ ☀️. Jen x
  4. Thoughts on SAD/depression

    Hi, not sure if we actually had SAD but the constant grey, drizzle, wind, cold, no real summer etc definitely affected our moods in the UK and we felt permanently very fed up and down about things. I can honestly say that we have felt so much better since moving, it been to do with a lot of things - the whole life and lifestyle change but the weather has definitely had something to do with it as it means you can do more, be outside more, and everywhere’s bright and beautiful. Winter can be a bit cold/rainy/windy but it soon passes and you still get some really nice sunny days and can still be outisde as much as you want to. However, it’s not the be alll and end all, you have to factor in the homesickness, missing family and friends, how willing you are to go out and about, and to meet new people, your job prospects etc. As if these don’t happen, the weather alone will not make a person happy. I’ve heard that there are some good mental health charities out here, but I don’t know if any of them specialise in SAD, may be worth a google. Jen
  5. Train Driver/ Gas Fitter

    Please don’t let reasearch or other people’s experiences put you off moving if it’s what you want to do. We were 41 and 39 when we arrived last year, with a 14 and 10 year old in tow. I would say we moved at the right time for us, but only you can determine when’s best if it is something you want to do. We have been extremely lucky and have made a very positive move which is giving us so far everything we wanted. We didn’t let the economic downturn or loss of jobs in mining etc put us off. Your life is what you make it, it definitely check out the visa situation first, if gas fitter is on the skills shortage list, they usually need more recent experience than 4 years ago, and there may be different qualifications / registrations that you need to do. You might be able to get in with your wife’s qualifications, but I don’t know if it’s on the list. Best of luck Jen
  6. Recommendations for good cafes SOR

    Also, if you like Devonshire teas, there is a place called secret garden in falcon south of Mandurah. Booking is essential and they make the scones fresh especially for you 10 mins before your booking time. Set in a beautiful garden with proper China, looks amazing x
  7. Recommendations for good cafes SOR

    Was on travels today dropping CVS in at 13 schools trying to get some relief office work. I came across tribute cafe on tribute street next to Shelley Primary School. I mentioned it to a friend and they said food was really nice. May be worth a try. Jen x
  8. p85 form

    Hi, we were both working full time until we arrived last January. We filled in the forms and received our tax refund in to our uk bank account as we had overpaid for the financial year. Don't know if or how this would affect your pension. Is it tax free? You would have to declare it as an income on your tax return here. Maybe fill it in to be on the safe side? Jen
  9. Hi Darren Thanks for the info. I have a 15 yr old daughter looking for a job on Sundays. Your description however says you are looking for lads. Is that because it's heavy lifting? Or currently an all male environment? We are in Willetton so very local. Thanks Jen
  10. Friends :)

    Hi, Whereabouts are you? I'm Willetton SOR but willing to drive. I'm 39 hubby 42. I'm not working so free most days for a coffee / lunch. Got kids until Feb (2 well behaved teen and tween girls) then free every day. Looking to make new friends as its our second year here and need to do more socialising. Pm me if you fancy meeting up Jen x
  11. 11th Aussiversary

    Hi Ali, It’s Very reassuring to read this, we’ve been here pretty much a year and have made some friends but still feel like it’s just the four of us most of the time. That’s fine while the girls are at school, but they are getting very bored and lonely with not many friends to play with in the holidays. I’m happy to give it time for the close friendships to form but it’s still a bit hard some days, especially with me not working yet. We’re excited for what the future holds and more than willing to work at it. I’m not afraid to put myself out there so hopefully our ‘fuller’ more social life will emerge gradually. We’re not homesick either and are lucky that both sets of parents have managed to come out to see us already. Although I will be missing the birth of my nephew in February and my cousins baby and wedding towards the end of this year which will be hard. The early signs are good and we are loving it here so far, we just need to build on our foundations. Hope your next 11 yrs are as good as your first 11. Jen x
  12. New to WA

    Hi Liz, hope you’ve settled in to your rental and had a good Christmas and New Year. It was strange for us being our first one as well but we went to the beach and had a really good day. We’re looking forward to more exploring this year and building on our foundations we laid down last year. We’ve been here a year on Thursday and it’s been the best decision we’ve made, but I would like to make more friends. We live in Willetton which is south of the river, but I’m happy to drive up to Hillary’s if you fancy meeting up? I’m not working and have 2 daughters 15 and 11 who are feeling a bit lonely and bored, and need to get out and about a bit more! I’ll send you a pm...Jen xx
  13. Recommendations for good cafes SOR

    Tiny Tuckshop also in Willetton is lovely and has had great reviews. As the name suggests, it's tiny so bookings recommended for dinner.
  14. Christmas Day lunch.

    After many years slaving over a roast dinner I'm making chicken and cranberry sauce batches to take to the beach! First one here and no family has made us want to do something completely different. For dinner were having cold chicken and stuffing with potato salad and salad. I have made a frozen Xmas pudding dessert though so I have put some effort in!! Merry Christmas all, Jen xx
  15. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone xx