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  1. We have finally arrived!

    We did ours at a centrelink and got our numbers there and then on a temporary print out and had to wait for our cards in the post. Maybe you could find out from a centrelink what your numbers are quicker if you need them?
  2. We have finally arrived!

    Hi, and welcome. If you go to you can search for a gp in your area, some have reviews. Once you've found one, just go in and ask to register and they'll give you a form to fill in. You'll need your medicare number. You don't have to do it in advance, you can register when you go in for your first appointment, and you can see different GPS at different practices. You'd just need to fill out a new form. There may be a Facebook community group for your suburb, you could ask for recommendations on there. Hope this helps Jen x
  3. What's for dinner tonight?

    Sounds yum, especially the snooze part! I've just made pizza dough for home made multi topping pizza with home made garlic bread, salad and new potatoes cooked in olive oil, herbs, garlic, salt and pepper.
  4. We have finally arrived!

    We're in Willetton, so quite a way from you. If you ever fancy a meet up for a coffee and natter, wander round the shops, perhaps Perth would be an idea? Pm me if interested x Having all your belongings around will make it feel like home, its a great feeling unpacking everything. A bit surreal to begin with though! Have fun exploring your new home Jen x
  5. In laws have arrived!

    So, we have our first house guests, in laws arrived this afternoon after almost no food as in flight meals were very disappointing and virtually no sleep! They loved seeing the girls after school and are looking forward to seeing all the sights and places we have come to love. A fun filled 2 weeks is planned and hopefully the weather for the next week wont be too bad! Looking forward to being a tourist again as we're also going to places weve never been to. Very happy 😊
  6. We have finally arrived!

    Yay! Welcome to Perth, where is your rental? Well done to hubby on successful interview, takes some pressure off. Your first couple of weeks sound like ours, pretty full on but very productive and exciting. Here's to your new life in Oz, enjoy! Xx
  7. Schooling Information

    Hi, you need to prove that you live in the catchment area, so tenancy agreement and 2 proofs, eg utilities. Passports and visas for parents and children stamped with date of entry to Australia, immunisation records. You can enrol at any time during the school term.
  8. Just before Crimbo

    All good thanks, don't know where the road is where the car got dumped and he stole the next one from. Just glad it wasn't ours!
  9. Just before Crimbo

    ...although we were at the centre of a crime spree yesterday that made the news! Youngest's school went into lockdown, they had to hide under desks and turn the lights off - all precautionary though. Made the day a bit more interesting!
  10. 4 months in, our story so far...

    Hi, I'm just about ready for a job now, been 8 months and am looking and applying and enquiring about training courses so fingers crossed! With my girls not being sporty, and hubby being a bit of a loner we don't have much of a social life, but we go out together most weekends and I tend to meet my friends every couple of weeks or so. This seems to suit us though so were perfectly happy. Got a couple of holidays planned so plenty to look forward to In laws arrive next Thurs so super excited to show them around. So glad its spring now, makes such a difference. Primary school sports carnival today so off to make a sign to wave around! Jen xx
  11. Just before Crimbo

    Hi, hubby works in CBD and we chose Willetton. Its a lovely suburb and the high school and Rostrata primary school are both very good. Yes, house prices are high but we enjoy living so close to the city, beaches, hills and Fremantle. We are renting for the foreseeable until we can either afford to buy here or until the youngest has finished school and we can buy somewhere cheaper. If you are considering living further away think carefully about whether you would enjoy the longer commute on a busy train in the high 30s if your planning on getting the train in.
  12. Just before Crimbo

    Exciting times ahead Be prepared for a hot one! Whereabouts are you headed?
  13. Almost a year in

    Glad to hear things are going so well for you. Well done on finding jobs and buying a house, really makes it feel like home and that you've started a new life in full. Glad the children have settled well, it really helps when you see them so happy. Here's to the next year, enjoy your holiday. Planning to go there ourselves next year. X
  14. Case officer appointed

    Congratulations, its very exciting isn't it! We got our Visa approx 4 weeks after the date of the medical if memory serves. Best of luck x
  15. Bites already!

    Thanks all, think it was ants. Keeping an eye on the worst one, put some more antiseptic cream on it today. It's pretty swollen. Blistered and still oozing. Hoping it will go down in the next few days. Will deffo prepare for the summer with the recommended products x