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  1. UK bank account trouble :(

    It all got sorted pretty quickly in they end thankfully. We downloaded the change of address form, filled it in and emailed it to my mum. Luckily she was in Chester and popped into the bank, they took the details from the emailed form, checked security details about us, changed our address and unblocked the account all within 10 minutes! They said there's no issue with us having the account open and being here so we are keeping it open as it's easier for parents to put money in for Xmas/ Bdays etc.
  2. UK bank account trouble :(

    Hi Ali, Yes, I understand that, my issue is that a) mail shouldnt have been returned as we still have a re- direct in place, and b) if they knew the account was blocked, they shouldnt have allowed the deposit. So frustrating, and also it reminds you how far away you are when its not straightforward to sort out. Their suggestion to my mum was that I went in with my id and proof of new address...erm, thats not going to happen!
  3. Hi, So, my parents, who arrive in 2 weeks time went to a branch of our UK bank to put money into our account so we can transfer it over here as their spends. Turns out our account is blocked, but after speaking to the manager the bank lady overrides the system to allow the deposit. We haven't changed our address with the bank despite moving in Jan - perhaps we should have. Our mail was on a divert to my parents house for 12 months. However, mail has been returned to the bank with 'not known at this address'. The bank have therefore blocked the account which means that we cannot transfer my parents' money. I now have to ring the bank in the UK from my oz mobile to see what they can do re unblocking the account. At least with the time difference I can call the 24 hr line in the middle of the night UK time and (hopefully) get straight through. Not happy, as my parents should have been prevented from depositing funds if the bank knew we wouldn't be able to access them, (my parents told them we were in Australia). Also, Royal Mail obviously not honouring the postal divert. Grrrrrr!
  4. Emigrating next year with 15 yr old

    Great, that was the most stressful bit for us! We were lucky to have a cash buyer who let us stay in until after Christmas. Our container left on the Friday, we completed on the Monday and flew on the Tuesday. We checked the bank account in Abu Dhabi airport to make sure the money had gone in! Best of luck, do you know where you're thinking of heading to yet?
  5. Emigrating next year with 15 yr old

    Hi, We came over in Jan. Our 14 year old daughter had completed 1 term of yr 9 and started it again here in February. School yr is beg of Feb to mid Dec. This was not an issue as it is completely different over here and gave her time to settle in and nothing was repeated. If you get here before the end of the school year 2018 which will still be yr 10 here, your daughter will have time to get her bearings and choose her electives for the exam subjects she would want to do in years 11 and 12. Even though the academic year runs Feb to Dec, the age cut offs are roughly the same as uk, July to June. which is a bit odd. She is in the same year as my daughter who will be 15 in Dec, just before the end of yr 9. Therefore, over here, your daughter would start yr 11 Feb 2019. Hope that makes sense! Jen x
  6. Harrisdale people

    Hi, you're quite close to us. We are closer to 40s (eek!) 14 and 11 yr old girls, how old are your children?
  7. Declaring items at customs

    Hi Sue, Those items would go in the container and the shipping company will tell you what's allowed and what's not. Wood and wicker are allowed if they are treated, we just gave our picnic basket and the cane furniture an obvious coat of varnish. All other wood is ok as long as treated. We were told no candles, no dried flowers -I had to leave my dried, pressed and framed wedding bouquet with my mum, gutted! We brought wooden kitchen implements and photo frames, ornaments etc, we were given a form by the shipping company to fill in and we listed all the wooden items on there. We had no issues with customs. Hope this helps, Jen xx

    I'm thinking of trying spud shed to see what its like.
  9. does anyone fancy meeting up?

    Hi Jo, I could manage Hillarys. Only been twice, I could find my way to the boat harbour. Next week I am free Wed. Free most days the week after. Pm me if you fancy it. Jen x
  10. Good cafes around Perth

    Twig and Sparrow is fab, also a fan of Jamaica Blue even though its a chain. Six Willows in Willetton is also nice.

    Sorry, I'm lazy and get it all from Coles, unless we have kebabs, I use the butcher at Southlands, for them.
  12. Dairy products and water

    We find the tap water here fine, as with the milk, and hubby loves the yoghurt here. No difference really, not as much choice yoghurt wise though.
  13. 4 months in, our story so far...

    Made a few friends through making contact with local members of this site, made friends with my daughter's best friend from school's mum, and a couple through the p&c meetings at school. It's enough for us.
  14. In laws have arrived!

    So far it's been a bit damp here too! Managed Fremantle, Hillary's, Shelley, Bibra Lake and Kent street. Sunnier next week so we're hoping for Cottesloe Beach, Kings Park, Perth on Mon and maybe Caversham Wildlife Park. BBQ hotdogs tonight, yum!
  15. We have finally arrived!

    We did ours at a centrelink and got our numbers there and then on a temporary print out and had to wait for our cards in the post. Maybe you could find out from a centrelink what your numbers are quicker if you need them?