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    Early childhood teacher

    Hi Emma, I've just been through the process of gaining a visa as an Early Childhood teacher and I move to Perth in 3 weeks!!! In the UK I am an Early Years teacher and I teach nursery and reception. My PGCE was specifically in Early Years and KS1 and this was very important to the skills assessment that allowed me to apply for my visa. The skills assessment authority you need to go through as a teacher is AITSL. You must have 4 years worth of university education to get a positive assessment. This is usually a 3 year degree plus a one year PGCE but have heard that a masters will be acceptable too. Within your degree or PGCE you must also have at least 45 days supervised teaching practice and you may need your university to confirm this via a letter as your uni transcript may not have it on (mine didn't). I hope this all makes sense, it's been a loooong process but has definitely been worth it! If you need any help or have anymore questions please ask. Selina x
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    I found you tube videos really helpful especially IELTS Liz. There is a format that the exam markers want to see especially in the writing and I found by watching the videos and practicing the different types of questions really helped and I passed first time. Good Luck x
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    We had bloods, urine, eye test, chest X-ray, weight and height check also a quick physical exam from a doctor. Ours just looked at our hands and pressed on our tummys??!?? All very quick and painless :-) x
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    Today's a good day!!!!

    Fantastic!!! Enjoy the celebrations xx
  5. Takeme2Oz

    Visa grant

    My grant notification popped up randomly in my email inbox. Was a total surprise!! We didn't use an agent though. Hope you hear something soon xx
  6. Takeme2Oz

    Tell us about an aussie adventure!

    We drove from Cairns to Melbourne through NT. Was an amazing adventure but lots of nothingness too. Highlights were Devils marbles, Uluru, Kings Canyon and Coober Peady. The drive along the coast from Adelaide to Melbourne is beautiful and was very much welcome after all the desert of NT XX
  7. Hi, Just wanted to connect with any Early Childhood Teachers who are living and working in Perth. Would love to have a chat about the differences and similarities between the UK and Oz EY curriculum and how you find your working life over there compared to the UK. Thanks, Selina xx
  8. Good luck with the house sale and glad to hear telling your parents went ok. They are bound to be gutted but at least they are being supportive :-) xx
  9. Takeme2Oz

    TRBWA.....for dummies!!

    I've just randomly checked the teacher registration list and my name is on it!!! Woo hoo!!! Feel like another big hurdle has been overcome :-) Sooooo does anyone have any suggestions for my next steps? Any advice on writing a CV and cover letter for the Australian job market? Best agencies? Would love to secure some work before I come over, seems to be a few Early Years jobs in private day care so fingers crossed xx
  10. Takeme2Oz

    Early childhood teacher question

    Thanks @Rossmoyne, I've applied to the TRBWA and am on week 7 since I paid for my application. I'm a bit worried because my degree does not support my PGCE either!! The TRBWA website says 10 weeks wait but looking on old threads it's usually quicker. Fingers crossed for me x
  11. Takeme2Oz

    Early childhood teacher question

    Oooopppss just realised its over a year old.. My bad!!
  12. Takeme2Oz

    Early childhood teacher question

    This is a few weeks old but I've only just come across it. I've had a positive assessment from AITSL as an Early Childhood teacher and my UK PGCE was in Early Years (3-7) x
  13. @louloubelle you are totally right. This type of behaviour just makes it easier to leave!! Just finding it very hard to keep biting my tongue!! X
  14. My inlaws have been a nightmare!! They have all known about us wanting to move over since we got back from our WHV 5 years ago. I think they always thought it was a bit of a pipe dream even though I've completely retrained and changed careers to something that was on the SOL. They just keep asking how we are going to afford it (haven't got an answer to that question) it's just total negativity every time Australia is mentioned and my husbands grandmother just keeps talking about how she won't be here much longer (she's as fit as a fiddle) . My sister in law "can't believe I'm taking her niece and nephew away from her" even though she gets plenty of chance to see them at the moment but just doesn't bother. Feel like it's all going to kick off soon especially since my 5 year old who was all excited about going came back from mother in laws the other day saying "you can go to Australia without me cos grandma said I can stay with her" grrrrrrrrrr
  15. Thought I had to post this on here because no one in the UK will be excited for us (no one wants us to go) but we booked our one way flights today!!! We leave on 30th August!!! Really can't wait but I'm dreading all the things we need to get sorted before then!! Xxxx