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  1. Jo1977

    dog walking meet up?

    hi this is probably a bit late but Booragoon is great for dogs. There is a big group that meets around the aquatic centre. You also have wireless hill and the applecross foreshore isn't far. Piney lakes is great too :-)
  2. Jo1977

    Visiting Perth in June

    the evenings are already chilly so a a light jacket maybe good!
  3. Jo1977

    Relocating so getting rid of our stuff.

    Haha good idea!! We are in Booragoon SOR :smile:
  4. Hi guys we are relocating to the East coast and will have some stuff to get rid of. Some free and some paid for. We have a variety of things, some of which will be available at the end of May, some now. Please message me for further info: Some stuff: Fridge/freezer- old but full working order $30 Dishwasher $ 120 Washing Machine $200 Queen Mattress and base: $140 2 big comfy arm chairs $20 each Blu-ray DVD player - LG - $50 2 seater sofa $30 Coffee table $40 2 x 2 seater sofas - large $free - these are tired but we have throws on them, they are very comfy. TV - LG - free - this comes up with a symbol that says the tube is soon to need replacing. This has come up since we got it 8 months ago and it still works fine. Small TV - free Aus DVD player & seperate speakers - free A collection of crockery/utensils/pots/pans/toaster/kettle/storage tubs/clock/christmas tree & accessories for various small costs. Thanks, Jo
  5. Jo1977


    I thought I'd be brave so I went to a korean salon where they spoke a little english and had the best cut that I have had in a long time and it only cost $38. It was in the CBD though..
  6. Thank you :-) maybe I shall investigate further! Mary my hand is still stiff and sore but am having brilliant hand therapy by a sadist! You should get someone to check your foot, you'd probably only need a couple of sessions. If we were nearer we'd do it for you! xx
  7. Hi guys I am a uk trained physio who also does sports/remedial massage which is not just for sporty people..it is a deep massage that can be equally effective in preventing problems, treating problems and just plain old relaxation. I'm thinking about setting up a mobile service and wondered if anyone had any opinions on whether this would be a service people would be interested in or not? I'm not seeking clients, just wondering if this is something worth pursuing... any advice greatly received, thanks!! JO:biggrin:
  8. Jo1977

    Spiders an cobwebs and flies - how to get rid of!??

    i haven't seen any flies..only one red back Spider!
  9. Hi Tony & Co My partner and I have been here for nearly a month. Initially we were trying to understand what the 'hype' was about Perth but over the days we have definitely started to enjoy it more, even more now that we have secured a rental. We are 34 & 45, if you fancy meeting up sometime we'd be more than happy. We have no children but quite happy to meet people that do! Jo & Ellis
  10. Jo1977

    Areas to live

    i've driven through duncraig and thought it looked really nice! not very helpful sorry!
  11. Jo1977

    Containter Arriving Soon - Home Items for sale!

    hiya what prices are you selling all these items at?
  12. Jo1977

    Just secured our rental!!! yey!!

    Hi Mary we are going to be in Booragoon. Not quite where we had imagined but it's near the river, has a lake and good for CBD and beach. We drove down to Warnbro a couple of weeks back to view a car..we would have loved to have been between there and Rockingham but have a small social connection up here. Once we are in, fancy a coffee down your end? Hope your foot is ok. Joxx
  13. Jo1977

    Just secured our rental!!! yey!!

    Hi Jak For us the experience was fine. We found this one on gumtree. We viewed 3 off gumtree and got offered all 3. I think it really helps if you meet the landlord. We saw a couple of horrors through agencies, ones which would be condemned in the UK! The ones we viewed in Freo had about 10 - 15 couples attending, we weren't ready to move out of our short term so didn't put offers in. The other thing to note is that with the agencies, if you apply you may have to pay a fee. If you are not successful the fee is fully refunded. If you are successful they keep it. It means that you can't really apply for more than one property at a time, as if you change your mind once successful, you will still lose your money. I think the main thing is not to stress to much about it. Depending on the areas you are looking at,there are quite a few properties going. When you get here start looking at gumtree, ask your short term people to write you a reference and if you can, get a reference from work and a character reference. Good luck, shout if you have any questions! Jo
  14. Just to say we have just secured our rental. Very excited and we move in in 2 weeks!! They will even allow us to get a dog woooo hoooo!!
  15. Jo1977

    Horses - NOR

    Where does she go Jamesw...we are SOR and keen to ride!