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  1. UK Electrician looking for work

    Hey @GeordieSteve Have you had any luck? Which agencies did you sign up to? My partner is an electrical engineer and he's having trouble too. Leah
  2. Moving to Perth.... Help...

    @jorw I think it's pretty normal haggle at the moment with their being so many places empty. A couple of years ago you would have had to offer more!! We booked a place through airbnb.com.au for 4 weeks while we found a place. We booked a granny flat, it had everything we needed while we got set up. You'll only really need realestate.com.au, it's a site that all estate agents use.
  3. Moving to Perth.... Help...

    Hi! We moved out a couple of weeks ago. We love it!! I don't have a great deal of knowledge but what I do know is that's it's very difficult to find a furnished place. We've had to go for an unfurnished, but it's not so bad as Gumtree is amazing over here, you can get great stuff for so cheap. Also, it's a rentals market at the moment, don't take the price that is advertised seriously, definitely offer less. We managed to knock off $30 a week off the asking price! There are so many empty houses at the moment they just want people to move in. We're in East Victoria Park, it's an older suburb and has lots of bars and restaurants. I really like it here and it's only 20 mins on the bus to the city. Lots happening here. Unfortunately I can't recommend anywhere closer to the beach. Good luck with the move
  4. Hi everyone, We made the move 2 weeks ago It's been a crazy couple of weeks, we've bought a car, found a rental and I started work a week ago! We are loving it! I can't explain how amazing it is to wake up every morning knowing it's going to be a lovely day. We're moving in to our rental next week and I'm just wondering if anyone can recommend or tell me how to go about sorting out electricity, gas and broadband? I've heard there aren't many to choose from but any guidance will be appreciated. We're also looking for white goods and a TV if anyone has any for sale. Thanks
  5. Im really trying....

    @mrmrshunter We booked our flights last night for the 24th Feb. Less than 2 weeks! We've booked a short term rental on airbnb for 4 weeks for us to get settled and start looking for something a little more permanent. @pegg We went through an agent, they phoned up and told us. But they received an email.
  6. 190 Visa

    Our wait is over! Our visa was granted yesterday! We plan to make the move in 2 weeks
  7. Im really trying....

    We've just received confirmation that our 190 Visa has been granted!!! So so happy and relieved. The wait is over :)
  8. Im really trying....

    Congratulations @mrmrshunter !! Hopefully we won't be far behind you. We're hoping to fly in 3 weeks as I start my new job in March Getting nervous now x
  9. Waiting Game!!!!

    @Scotty We completed the 80 form, that was submitted back in November too.
  10. Waiting Game!!!!

    Same here.. We submitted everything, completed medicals, Police checks and had a CO assigned at the end of November (190 visa). Still no news. Limbo is really difficult. Fingers crossed for all of us x
  11. IELTS test

    Hi Annie1907, IELTS isn't easy but you don't need to be a uni graduate to get 8's. My partner is an electrician and he managed to get 8's in all but not in the same exam unfortunately . We settled on his final exam scores which were a mixture of 7's and 8's. We decided on going for the state sponsorship visa (190) which gives you the extra points (instead of trying to go for a straight 8). I'm not 100% sure but I have a feeling you need an overall score of 7 to go with state sponsorship. We've heard of so many people doing the test several times because they don't get the marks they want straight away, but they get there in the end.
  12. Im really trying....

    It's horrid @mrmrshunter! But I'm so excited at the same time! We've applied for the 190 visa. We were allocated a CO on 19/11. Fingers crossed..
  13. Im really trying....

    We're waiting for ours too!! Any day now (I HOPE). I'm hoping to start my new job in Perth in March, starting to get a little nervous!
  14. 190 Visa

    Hi Poppet77, We're going for the 190 with 60 points too. Our application was submitted on 20/10, we were allocated a case officer on 19/11 and our medicals and police checks were done on 23/11. We were told it normally takes 3/4 weeks from when we got our medicals. We're in week 4 now, still waiting. Might be slowed town by the Christmas holidays.
  15. I was given these links by our agent. Hope it helps; http://www.budgetapartments.com.au/apartments/ http://www.ozhouserental.com/#cityofperth