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  1. Murrayfamily

    We have finally arrived!

    Thank you Jen, that's really helpful. We are in the Mandurah area. When we registered for Medicare they sent an email saying that it can take 6 weeks for our number to come through, so hopefully it will not be that long as we will need a GP for medication. Jane.
  2. Murrayfamily

    We have finally arrived!

    Hi we arrived 2/9 like you guys very busy. Have car sorted and long term rental, registered for medi care. one question...how do you register with GP? Jane.
  3. Murrayfamily

    Health care on arrival

    Thank you, yes we will definitely buy extra cover, we will not be working initially whilst we look for jobs, was just wondering if it's best to purchase travel insurance for first month until we have a permanent address etc?.
  4. Murrayfamily

    Health care on arrival

    Hi All, we are due to arrive next month on 489 visa's, what do we need to put into place regarding health care, should we buy travel insurance to cover us?
  5. Murrayfamily

    Teaching in Perth

    Hi the same thing has happened to me! We are all ready to arrive on 1st September but will now need to top up before I can also work. What is the best way to complete the Diploma I have looked at the open college? I have a MA so used too studying and will complete this extra qualification if that's the rules!
  6. Murrayfamily

    Secret Harbour schooling

    Hi we are also coming over to regional WA in August, was thinking of Mandurah?. We have a teenager with us so do not want to be too remote, any suggestions?
  7. Murrayfamily

    489 granted

    We we are heading south west, looking at Bunbury area.
  8. Murrayfamily

    489 granted

    Hi all, we are new to this site. After 12 months of preparation our visa's were granted this week. what happens next in terms of arriving in Perth? We have to arrive before Oct and stay in regional area that was the only conditions listed. Question: Can we just arrive, we were planning for end of summer or do we need to enter activated visa's and leave again?