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  1. Comet Bay College vs Baldives Secondary College

    quick update, my eldest daughter starts at South Coast Baptist next week, we have had enough of the lackadaisical approach there, we have a discount for a second child but I think it would be $6k/annum, she is looking forward to starting there. My son has gone from being a typical boy who cant be bothered to self imposed study and passing all exams and wants to do well, that's the up-to-date feedbaxk...

    I agree, sometimes the fruit isn't great at times, generally though if you have a good look around its fine. you cant get everything there but what you can get is way cheaper, Heinz baked beans are 79c a can at the moment for instance and the bottled water is always the cheapest...
  3. Private schools close to Rockingham

    My son is at South coast Baptist in Waikiki, pretty much in the middle of your area.

    Spudshed in Badivis, very cheap and pretty good quality
  5. Comet Bay College vs Baldives Secondary College

    Yes Rockingham play at Larkhill which is basically in Secret Harbour
  6. Comet Bay College vs Baldives Secondary College

    We don't pay any but think around$8,000/annum
  7. Comet Bay College vs Baldives Secondary College

    This a difficult one, my son (12) went for a week and hated it, if he is into soccer look elsewhere as they don't do much, its all about AFL there, my Daughter (16) likes it there and has made some good friends so it horses for courses. Dont know anything about Baldivis College sorry. If he is at a high level of soccer then look up South Coast Baptist college (Waikiki), my son just got a 3 year full scholarship for the football programme and is thriving there. As for how much is going on I cant really comment as we haven't been here that long but we really like Secret Harbour. If you want to know anymore just shout out. Dan
  8. Weather in Oct & favourite airline?

    I've not been here at that time of year either but its 20's at the moment and we came over on Etihad and seemed to be the easiest way when we researched as well as the most keenly priced if that helps, its not a great journey unless you go Business class, hope that's of some help.
  9. We are finally here!

    Yes we are, we lived in Ashford, I have a girl finishing off year 10 and a boy finishing off year 7. The feedback from day 1 was, wasn't too bad, the kids didn't seem very smart and the teachers were really friendly and welcoming and that a lot of kids were English or Kiwi...
  10. What's for dinner tonight?

    We had bolognaise, the minced beef is very good here and actually quite cheap we have found...
  11. Anyone in/near Secret Harbour?

    Yes we did and we preferred the area around Comet Bay, Lacie starts there tomorrow, she is very excited. We are still in a holiday rental, 3 bedrooms, perfectly decent but not long term (Happy to share the contact details). We just signed up for a long term rental while we decide what we want to do, it has a pool and air con so the kids are pleased, we move next Monday. We moved over from Kent. Everyone we have met so far has been very welcoming and friendly, the staff in the bank here have been very helpful!!
  12. Anyone in/near Secret Harbour?

    We've been here in Secret Harbour a week, feel free to ask away, we have a 5 year old starting at Comet Bay Primary and our older ones start at the College this week.
  13. We are finally here!

    We arrived a week ago and our 12 and 16 year olds start at Comet Bay college this week, I went to the interviews and was actually quite impressed by the staffs attitude. I will let you know after a few weeks
  14. 2016 Tiguan- ship it or not?

    It will of course depend on the replacemnet cost v's what it will cost you to ship/pay off etc etc. Its a difficult one but personally I wouldnt do it as its a bit of a pain and the time you will be without a car, depends how much you love the car really. we will be carless when we arrive but my research says that we can buy fairly well comparitively and there are loads of cars about so not too concerned. Good luck!!
  15. We are finally here!

    We move to Secret Harbour in the second week of August, will have to catch-up for a coffee, we are sending our 16 year old to Comet Bay College and our 5 year old to secret Harbour primary...