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  1. HarryStyles

    Chicken pox 4 days before we are due to fly!!!

    Well we finally got the all clear to fly yesterday and this morning i rebooked our flights for next week. Strangely it was cheaper for us to book a stopover in Abu Dhabi for 2 nights that to just change planes and fly on. So i will now be enjoying a couple of days by the pool in the sunshine to relax and de-stress after the past 3 weeks.
  2. HarryStyles

    Junior Hockey Team wanted

    Ok so whilst I have time on my hands waiting for the spots to disappear the sick child is asking if she will still be able to play hockey in WA? She is 11yrs old and looking for something NOR preferably around Joondalup areas if anyone knows of any TIA
  3. HarryStyles

    Anyone live in Yanchep?

    shiny new and not much else was what worried me! I haven't been any further north than Jindalee. many thanks
  4. HarryStyles

    Anyone live in Yanchep?

    Just wondering how long it would realistically take to drive from Yanchep to Mindarie/Peter Moyes area during the school run times? We hadn't considered this far north but having done some online research this weekend it looks pretty nice, i realise decisions cant be made from the internet but the driving times will either rule it in or out
  5. HarryStyles

    We are finally here!

    Coming from Scotland it should be a walk in the park for us. I don't think I even have any flip flops in suitcases, sure they went in the container as i didn't think i would need them. Beginning to wonder if i should have packed wellies! We will be NOR as family up that way. will be looking to secure a rental around Mindarie/Quinns/Clarkson areas and hopefully fairly quickly one so long you can live with family.
  6. HarryStyles

    We are finally here!

    I should have been there by now but my youngest cherub came down with chickenpox 4 days before we were due to fly so we are now looking at the first week in August and it cant come soon enough. Scottish summers suck!!! 14C very wet and windy today so a Perth winter seems manageable. In the last week we have purchased some hot water bottles and big fleece throws to snuggle into at nights. Even noticed some winter ranges in the shops today so big fluffy slipper boots all round were purchased. any other suggestions to help us get through the cold winter nights?
  7. HarryStyles

    Chicken pox 4 days before we are due to fly!!!

    Absolutely. from reading some of the responses i didn't think my post sounded like i was asking for advice of wether to travel or not i was just wondering if anyone else had such bad luck. Was beginning to see the funny side of it by the time i posted lol
  8. HarryStyles

    Chicken pox 4 days before we are due to fly!!!

    We cancelled our flights the same day as the spots arrived and have already been given a letter from GP which has been forwarded to our travel insurance company here so no issues with that. We shall wait until the spots are all crusted before we even look at rebooking the flights. Luckily we were staying with family on arrival and i hadn't booked a hire car yet anyway so financially we are pretty much ok. And no I wouldn't have considered boarding a flight with her. 24hrs in a plane is bad enough with children never mind an ill one!
  9. HarryStyles

    what are you doing at this moment

    Thank you but no amount of clothes was going to hide that spotty little face lol. Although I do remember my mum sent my to school in a turtle neck in mid summer covered in spots as it was a trip to the zoo!!!
  10. HarryStyles

    what are you doing at this moment

    I have been unpacking clothes for us to wear for the next 2 weeks whilst we wait out my daughters chicken pox should have left the UK yesterday on the plus side at least is summer here and will mean 2 weeks less of winter when we do finally arrive
  11. HarryStyles

    There in 2 months time....arghhh

    i am looking forward to the TV not being on as much. I am sure my Hubby just has it on for the sake of it! But i do agree with Jen78 it is pretty dire in comparison to the UK and we don't bother with pay for service here. The one thing i could never understand is why the Ozzies cant just have the programmes start at 7pm or 7:30pm why is it always 27 minutes past or 58 minutes past???
  12. Did anyone else had a child come down with chicken pox 4 days before they were due to fly???? or am I just really unlucky I must admit after the initial cursing, crying and shouting (not at the child) I have now sat down with great friends and enjoyed a lovely impromptu night round the fire pit with a glass of fizz.
  13. HarryStyles

    Quinns Baptist College

    Does anyone on here have children who attend Quinns Baptist College? TIA
  14. HarryStyles

    Orthodontists & Braces

    Can anyone recommend a good orthodontist NOR preferably around the Joondalup area?
  15. HarryStyles

    Orthodontists & Braces

    Thanks for that. My preference should be to get them fitted here and then have them tightened out there if i can find an orthodontist who will do this. I don't mind paying if it can be done in instalments but not sure i want to be paying $6000 up front when we have so many other things to purchase when we first arrive