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  1. Someone needs a flag or a balloon. I'm not bringing my '40' balloon though!
  2. kerry267


    I find that drivers here are less likely to wave a thank you for letting them in when there is a line of traffic. Although generally customer service in shops is very good and I'm always wished a good day. We too bring our children up to say please and thank you as its important to us. My 2.5 year od had her immunisations this week which made her cry but through her tears she managed a 'thank you' to the nurse. Its ingrained in her already!
  3. kerry267

    Anyone moving from UK want to swap child car seats?

    I have a Britax 0-4 car seat that I brought over with me as I didn't realise I couldn't use it. I would swap for one of yours? PM me if you want more details.
  4. kerry267

    Antenatal groups NOR

    If you look on Playgroup WA website you can search playgroups in a specific area and by age group. I'm sure there will be plenty around with children the same age as your son.
  5. kerry267

    To get a pool or not???

    We have just had our first summer here and we don't have a pool. As we arrived last winter it wasn't at the top of the list at the time. However once our lease is up this winter we are looking to move rental and a pool is top of the list! Along with aircon throughout...
  6. kerry267


    Its raining in Woodvale
  7. kerry267

    Moving back to the UK

    I'm interested to know this too!
  8. kerry267

    457 Visa approved

    Congratulations! We too are here on a 457 and it all moved very quickly. We used John Mason back in July and had no troubles. Nothing broken and it was the cheapest quote too.
  9. kerry267

    Tesco Sainsbury Asda

    I've seen McVities Digestives in Coles and I hear that IGA have a good range of British produce. I'm yet to investigate. I try not to go down that route as its so expensive..well ok, maybe Bisto!
  10. kerry267

    Missing UK

    I can identify with how you feel as the first thing I missed was the food I was used to getting in a British supermarket. I think its all about familiarity and although I arrived wanting to be in a different country (rather than the UK with sunshine) it still takes some getting used to. A few other things grated on me around the same time..driving, strong Aussie accents even but it passed very quickly and I haven't felt so strongly since. We are 7 months in. I think I have just got used to the food here and have stopped comparing! Hang in there and I'm sure it will be fine in a short while.
  11. kerry267

    Things that make you smilie

    My 2 year old daughter's take on the world.. While playing hide and seek with my 14 year old.. 'one, two, three, four, five, six... ready or not, here comes me!!' My 14 year old daughter's take on the world.. 'Those lemon biscuits I made are healthy really because they contain lemon and lemon is a vegetable.' Hmmm..more schooling I think but it makes me smile!
  12. Hi Helen,I have sent a PM with my number, let me know if you want to meet up. Kerry
  13. kerry267

    School Fees - Voluntary Approved Requests?

    Thanks for the advice, I think I will contact them
  14. I can only reflect what everyone else has said. We moved last July and have a now 14 year old who was very happy in the UK but prepared to make a go of it here too. She was petrified on her first day of school but now after a few months has settled in so well. She has a nice group of fiends and spends her days at the beach or in the pool. What a life! She has also said she doesn't want to go back to the UK. I'm not sure where you are un the US so I'm not sure how the lifestyle in Perth compares to there. My daughter attends the state school in Woodvale which we have been impressed with, they have a soccer program there and I know that this is for girls too. I think there is generally a greater emphasis placed on sport here anyway. Good luck with the move, I'm sure they will settle in well.
  15. Hi Allie, Keep in touch and we can definitely meet up when you get here. I'm sure you will love it, we've found it such a great place to be with kids and it has been very easy to make friends so don't worry about that. As for Woodvale, we are only renting here but I can recommend it as a suburb. We would love to stay here when we eventually buy a house, if we can afford it! I'll PM you. Kerry