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  1. Rossmoyne

    Places to Eat - Recommendations

    I am always on the lookout for a good cafe for brekkie, brunch, lunch, and recently I have been taken to 2 establishments in the southern suburbs. The Roastery in Canning Vale roasts and sells coffee beans, and their coffee (takeout and dine in) is yum. The cafe menu is varied, and the daily specials are always a bit different. It is a warehouse feel with cement floors and no matching furniture, and a great place for a brunch or lunch. 6 Willows Cafe in Willetton. They are a small local business that cater to the breakfast and lunch crowd, and have amazing cakes for morning tea. Their menu is small, but there are daily specials that are always a bit different. Both of these businesses are family owned and run, and I like to support them because of that.
  2. Rossmoyne

    Places to Eat - Recommendations

    I loved Roleys on the Ridge, but havent been for a while.... enjoy it's new reincarnation and let us know what you think.
  3. Rossmoyne

    Mystery road

    It is on Netflix, which is where I watched it. Absolutely brilliant!
  4. Rossmoyne

    Mystery road

    Yes it was a good series. It started as a standalone movie in 2013 and then became a series until 2018. Some very good actors in it. Aaron Pedersen, Hugo Weaving and Jack Thompson, to name a few. I like Aaron Pedersen and watched him recently in the Jack Irish movies.
  5. Rossmoyne

    Places to Eat - Recommendations

    Yes they are. They also own Deebo Burger on South Street.
  6. Rossmoyne

    Places to Eat - Recommendations

    I have been to the Riverton Bar and Grill quite a few times of late, and can thoroughly recommend it. The family who own it are Thai/Australian, so the menu reflects this. They have two eating areas, the general Cafe style area and the Sports Bar area, and if you are into Sports, they have big screen tv's that show all the big matches etc. Prices are pretty much average compared to other places, and the food is good quality and well cooked.
  7. Rossmoyne

    Bricklayer - White Card?

    From personal experience of trying to find a handyman to come and do various jobs that are beyond me now I am an old fart, I know for certain that there is a huge lack of tradies who are prepared to do small jobs. Anything from hanging doors, installing skirting, relaying a patio, building brick retaining walls in a garden, replacing rusted gutters, plastering over exposed brick, knocking down part walls and making good.... and the list is endless.... all smallish jobs, but finding someone to even come and quote for such things these days can be pretty hard. So perhaps consider looking at not the big picture of total renovations, but picking up small jobs from people who want to do some of the work themselves, but need a tradie to perform the serious bits. Just a thought!
  8. Rossmoyne

    Private Schools in Perth

    There are many small private schools in Perth and most are religion specific. Once they know when and where they will be living, I suggest they post here and research from there so we can give more help.
  9. Rossmoyne

    Past sailing schedules

    Perhaps the State Library of Western Australia might be able to help you. They have a separate unit within the Library called "The Battye Library", and they hold a tremendous amount of historical information about the state, so the information you are looking for might be stored there. Please let us know how you go with this.....
  10. Rossmoyne


    Very strange feel to Australia Day this year as no Skyworks in Perth and so much dissension on whether it should be called "Invasion Day". However in our family we celebrate Australia Day proudly and loudly, and the pool will get a good workout this afternoon after a BBQ lunch. Happy Australia Day to you all!
  11. Rossmoyne

    Wow, Perth-London direct come Mar '18!

    My son flew this route in March 2019 London to Perth and was impressed with the level of comfort and the time the flight took start to finish. My son lives in Queensland and usually travels to UK from Brisbane, often travelling Singapore Air or Qantas. However this time he had to stay longer in London to bury his father, and was unable to get a flight to Brisbane when he tried to rebook, so opted for the London, Perth, Brisbane route. He said the whole journey was a lot easier, less stressful and felt shorter, even though he had 4 hours in Perth between flights. I was about to book a flight on this route when all the covid rubbish started too, as a few friends also who have travelled on this flight and recommend it. Not sure when it will be up and running again though.
  12. Rossmoyne

    Registering as a teacher in WA

    Did you apply for full registration and have your qualifications assessed? It can take up to 10 weeks sometimes for registration to come through, especially if you have gained your qualifications out of Australia. A Limited Authority to Teach (LAT) is unusual and would only be issued if a school had offered you a position as they could find no-one else for the role. Schools don't like the extra work involved in applying for a LAT, so they would have to be desperate before they go that route. Having said that it is worth a try, but you would have to approach schools direct and ask the question. What do you teach, are you primary or secondary trained?
  13. Rossmoyne

    Where to buy hamper?

    Agree Ali. For friends I send hampers to, I know them well enough to know what they like and do not. So as most hamper companies on line only give you a limited choice that you cannot change, I make a few different online orders for home delivery from different providers, for the friends I want to receive stuff. It is easy to order wine online for delivery; to order various foods and nibbles from local grocery stores for home delivery. I just let my friends know and send them the link to the online delivery app so they know when it is coming. OK it isn't packaged pretty, but it is what they like and that is what it is all about.
  14. Rossmoyne

    Parent Visas

    Hi Pegg I have only just seen your comment above about Camilla at New Life Downunder, and have to say that I am extremely surprised that this was your perception of her and her service. I know a lot of people who have used her (one of whom is my daughter in law), and everyone speaks so highly of her. I do hope that you will contact her as she asks in her reply to you, as I feel there might have been some misunderstanding along the way that needs to be sorted out.
  15. Rossmoyne

    Covid 19 Impact

    Not sure if you are aware Aaron, but there are practice tests for PTE on the internet. I couldn't find the link just now, but google PTE practice tests and you should find them OK. You aren't alone as an English native speaker, not doing too well in English tests as many find the same thing. Practice though and I am sure that you will do much better next time.