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  1. As I said earlier, the rules for business sponsorship has recently changed drastically. Unless you can offer something that an employer cannot find in Australia, the chances of getting sponsorship are very slim, especially in Western Australia.
  2. Agree with Verystormy that Camilla is very helpful and professional. She lives in Perth too and knows the area well.
  3. Hard to call this one really as the rules around visas are changing daily. Not sure if they will still accept applications that are in the pipeline or whether the changes apply immediately and it affects only new applications.
  4. Without a valid visa to live and work in Australia, you will find it next to impossible to get any employer to show any interest in you, especially if you are coming to Western Australia as there is currently an economic downturn in process and unemployment is high. The visa rules for business sponsorship have changed drastically of late, so if you are hoping for employment through that route, you would be best advised to read through the latest information on the Department of Immigration and Border Protection website.
  5. Not heard that expression before.... it is called "White Out" in WA.
  6. Gosh I remember that! Talk about embarrassed red face the first time I heard it....
  7. If you now have Australian Citizenship, you need an Australian passport to leave and re enter Australia. You cannot travel into and out of Australia on a British Passport any more as your PR visa will have been cancelled when you were issued Australian Citizenship. Your choice whether you renew your British passport as well.... some people do and some people don't.
  8. Ali she will need to apply for any positions advertised on the government website I suggest that she visits any schools she wants to work in and asks to meet the Principal... takes along her Resume and any reports from her Pracs. She also needs to keep in contact with any teachers who were her mentors when she was doing her Pracs, as they will also help her. So many teachers are coming up to retirement, but with the economy in WA as it is, I do wonder how that will go.... but your daughter just needs to be "out there" and promoting herself and I am sure that she will gain a position. Having said that, she might need to consider that teaching in a rural position for a while will be very advantageous for her career. Too many newly trained teachers will not go rural because they want to stay in Perth near family and friends, and I totally get that, but if you are serious about a career, I think you should be open to any opportunity that will give you experience.
  9. First Sunday at home for a while as I have been visiting my son in Queensland for 5 weeks.... daughter in WA and I have had a girlie weekend... lots of chat and looking photos and slothing around the TV with movies..... she has gone home now to her hubbie and I am just sitting at the computer with a glass of vino and catching up on what has been happening on Perth Poms. I logged in now and again over the past few weeks, but my Tablet isn't as good at my laptop so I got totally frustrated at times!
  10. My SIL is a Manager within the logistics industry in WA and he is telling me that work is slowing down majorly for his company and they are laying people off It is good that you are telling it as it is. I have been saying for the past 4 or 5 years that the mining industry was going south in WA and people should be wary of 457 visas, but I was told on this and other forums that I didn't know what I was talking about. Seems I was right though. The economy in WA is not good, and if you are thinking of coming here on a 457 visa then you need to really think it through carefully and be prepared that the job you are coming to could end and you will have to go back to your country of origin within 60 days. Jobs for Australians are getting harder to get and employers still employing are looking for employees with permanent residency. If you have a unique talent or qualification that cannot be provided in Australia, you might be OK, but I would still think very carefully and negotiate your visa and contract with your future employer.
  11. Mosquitos breed where there is water... so you can get them anywhere... some riverside suburbs are marginally worse than those near the beach. Mosquitos will even breed in a pond in a garden.... it is impossible to avoid them totally and it is always adviseable to wear mosquito repellent, especially in the evenings in the summer when outdoors. There are many products on the market too to deter them, such as sandalwood sticks that you burn like incense - mossie zappers that you plug into the mains and it zaps them within a radius - citronella candles etc.
  12. I personally think it is very hard to judge a suburb and area from the internet and other people's comments/recommendations etc. You really need to visit the areas, walk around, go into the shops, visit the schools etc, before you can get a good feel for a suburb. It is hard to choose where to live and I don't envy you on this journey, but whilst researching different areas online and through this forum, have you considered taking a holiday rental for a few weeks and having a really good look around when you get here? Or even renting for 6 months in an area you really like so that you can get a feel for the place? As far as schools go, don't just be led by the NAPLAN scores on a website. Just because a certain number of students scored well in one particular examination on a particular day, does not mean that the school is good. Personally I would be more concerned that the school fitted the needs of my children, which is why I always advocate visiting schools and asking to speak to the Principal.
  13. As schools in WA resource their own relief teachers, a recognised way of joining the group of relief teachers available, is to visit schools that you would be interested in teaching in, asking to meet the person who books the relief teachers, and talking to them about your skills and experience.... also of course leaving your CV with them. You can of course also monitor the Dept of Education website for available positions and apply for these also.
  14. I had a big chuckle at that @Warbro...... Malaga is another one that makes me chuckle too...... Named after the city of Malaga in Spain, it is pronounced Malarga!
  15. I love all the little idiosyncracies of language.... makes life interesting.