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  1. Car Insurance

    I second Arwen's comment above. I have tried a few insurance companies in the 26 years I have lived in WA, but about 15 years ago, I changed all my insurance to RACWA and am very impressed with both their fees and the service. I also like that they are not a company with shareholders to please, and that all money raised by them goes back into WA to further road safety and other issues.
  2. Registering to teach in WA

    Good advice here... just be advised that to be registered to teach in Australia in any state, you must have a 4 year degree.
  3. autism school -WA-Perth

    Until your child is enrolled in a school, you cannot apply for funds to support your child at the school, as the school has to be involved in the application. It can be a long drawn out process for some reason, so be prepared for a wait. This is the link to the Dept of Education information. Info here about an organisation that supports children with Autism. I am not aware of any specific schools that cater just for children on the Autism Spectrum. Most students seem to be assimilated into mainstream schools, except in severe cases where they attend a special education school that caters for all disabilities.
  4. Who will want to sponsor 457 or 186 applicants next year???

    Good advice Camilla, thanks.
  5. Congratulations..... and good luck with the job hunting!
  6. what are you doing at this moment

    Having a hot strong coffee before starting to redecorate the bathroom. Been working up to this for months and today is the day!
  7. British Passport for our baby born in Oz

    As your baby was born in Australia, it has Australian Citizenship, and as such has to hold an Australian passport to leave and re-enter Australia. Friends had this situation recently and the evidence of Citizenship was dealt with quickly and passport issued within a 5 weeks timeframe. I would advise that you set the wheels in motion asap.
  8. Bumping for you Camilla

    It isn't far from you either..... let us know what you think of it.

    I have shopped in their Jandakot store at times and whilst I found their prices good, I wasn't too impressed overall with the quality of fresh produce. Some was good, some wasn't. I guess if you are a big family and buying large quantities, Spudshed would be the way to go. I only shop for one so Spudshed is a bit overkill for me, but totally get why families shop there.

    I visited friends in Carramar yesterday and they needed to food shop so we ended up at Drovers on Waneroo Road. OH MY! The fruit and veg there was good value, as was the bakers, but then we went into the butcher section...... I was blown away at the quality, choice and price of meat....!!! I will be back with an eski next time I visit this end of town... so amazing. I bought a few odd things that I could use but the prices were amazing and I wish I lived closer to this place.
  12. Dairy products and water

    Lots of choice with both really. I drink tap water and the majority of the time it is OK, although I do use a Brita Filter Jug now and again when it begins to taste a bit metalic. I also buy sparkling mineral water as I like a bit of phizz now and again. Milk wise, I hate all those psuedo skimmed and semi milk products and will only use the full cream natural stuff. I am also a bit anal about using WA home produced products, so I only ever buy Bannister Downs Milk products as they are a West Australian Family Dairy and their milk tastes just as it used to years ago. So many of the milk companies in WA and Australia now have foreign ownership, and I like to keep my money in WA where it is earned and support family business.
  13. If you are travelling to Bull Creek Station from either Bateman, Bull Creek,Brentwood, Rossmoyne or Willetton, bear in mind that the carparks at Bull Creek and South St Stations will be full up by 7.30am, so you might need to consider walking or using bus transport to catch your train. There are of course routes through these suburbs that do not touch Leach Highway, South St or the Freeway. Google maps doesn't always get it right, so you might like to have a look at an old fashioned road directory to work out a route.
  14. Carine Senior High

    Sorry I have no personal experience of the school and have no contacts whose children have attended the school.
  15. IELTS

    Also have a look at the Pearson test as I understand that is more user friendly.