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  1. Perth Clinic is the best private Mental Health Facility in Western Australia. In my HR role in a government dept prior to retirement, I always recommended this facility for residential or day part-time courses to anyone in my care. Also having witnessed a family member being resident in this facility for 5 weeks earlier this year, and observing the care and support my family member had there, I would thoroughly recommend it. During the time my family member was an in patient, I was so impressed with the support that not only they received, but the support the family received also. In my view, being offered a job in this facility would be a feather in a cap!!!
  2. I echo Verystormy and his comments. Work is hard to get in WA at the moment regardless of what area you are searching in. Yes there are some jobs, but the booming state that WA was, is no more, and it seems we are going back to the pre-boom mining times with a vengeance. My son and many of his friends who worked in WA as electricians, plumbers, brickies, mechanics, painters, engineers, geologists etc, and who all worked in the mining arena until it went pearshaped 4 or 5 years ago, have mostly had problems getting employment in Perth. So many of these young men and their families have now relocated to Queensland, NSW and Victoria. So yes there might be jobs advertised in WA, but you need to be very mindful that you need to meet all the criteria required for a position and that you will be up against many local applicants who already have the required licenses and experiences.
  3. As stated above, you will be covered by Medicare for basic health issues once you have registered with them (GP and Emergency), and you are best advised to do so as soon as possible. Whether you decide to take extra travel insurance to cover the first few weeks is of course up to you, but do check the small print of travel policies as I have heard of some that do not cover you if you are a migrant. Once we were finally here and I realised that optical, dental and ambulance were not covered under Medicare, the first thing I did was take out Ancillary cover.... that is the term used for things like Optical, Dental, Chiropractic, Ambulance and many other therapies that Medicare do not cover. There are of course qualifying times before you can claim on things, but at least you are on the way to be able to claim rebates and you can always upgrade your cover once you are settled and have a regular income.
  4. As a retired HR manager with a daughter and a friend on the hunt for jobs, I have been closely involved with resume writing and job application letter writing over the past few weeks. I still have many friends in the HR arena and they are all telling me that there is a slight improvement in genuine job adverts and that across the board, the situation is very slowly improving. However as far as stats go about unemployment... how can you believe them as so many people cannot register for unemployment if they are married or in a live-in relationship and their partner is employed... as is the case with both my family member and friend.... so they are just 2 people that the stats do not capture. Makes you wonder how many others fall into this gap.
  5. Michael173.... please contact Camilla at New Life Downunder as both Ali and Verystormy have suggested. Camilla is a very well respected and efficient Registered Migration Agent and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Also - suggest you ease off on the Caps Lock as it looks like you are shouting at the forum.... not a good look!!
  6. Opticians are also not on Medicare apart from the initial annual eye test, so if you wear glasses or contacts, private health insurance is probably very well worth it. You can take out private health insurance just for ancilliary services (dental, optician, chiro, etc). Also be aware that just one trip in an ambulance can cost in excess of a $1000. I recommend that you research this in detail before you decide whether to go the private health insurance route or not. I have had private health insurance since I came to Australia in 1991 and whilst the premiums keep escalating every year, I have never begrudged paying it and even though i am now retired, I will always find the money to keep it going. Personal choice though of course.
  7. Well done Harry for being a responsible parent... there are many who would have just travelled anyway! Do hope your little one is recovering well.
  8. Hang in there Camilla!
  9. Oh my you poor people..... feeling your stress, but it is best for your daughter to be healthy before you make the flight. Hope your travel insurance came to the party... oh and that daughter gets well quickly. My son had Chicken Pox in his 20's... had all the vacs available as a youngster... was around everyone who had it when he was little, but never got it. But boy was he a sick young man when he did get it.... hospitalised for days... home for 3 weeks before he was well enough to go back to work.... Our whole house was a quarantine centre at one point. We found out afterwards that he got it from a child on a plane when he was flying from Karratha to Perth for Christmas.... child had been diagnosed the day before but parents were desparate to travel so told no-one... Dept of Health involved and 2 other people on that plane were infected. Well done for being up front, and whatever it cost you financially, you made the right decision for your daughter and everyone else she would have come in contact with. And well I can just imagine how awful that flight would have been for you as parents with a sick child.... bad enough to put them through a long haul flight without any illness...... Hope she is OK now.
  10. Unfortunately the wheels of government turn very slowly indeed. So many government departments and employers have given feedback to the Department of Immigration about the skills lists, but it seems to take a very long time before the feedback and concerns are registered. Meanwhile so many people have applied for visas that they qualify for, but there is no work for them when they get here. One of my many "soap boxes" that I keep on about in government ears, but it seems that no-one is listening.
  11. Good old DIBP.... so many changes happening there I think they are drowning in new information and regulations..... surely they should have their website up to date though?
  12. So much is changing now with visas and applications, that those of us who once thought we knew it all have been left with a huge ??????. Hope you can work it out and come back and post so that others gain your knowledge. Good Luck!
  13. A lot of restaurants and hotels have such functions.... suggest you contact them direct to find out what is on offer. A google might help you too. And please let us know what you come up with!
  14. A friend had this happen to her last year. She was in UK visiting from WA - both her daughters came down with Chicken Pox within a day of each other and they were due to fly 6 days later. They were not allowed to fly until for another 2 weeks. Their travel insurance kicked in and as they were staying with family in UK there was no cost, but the insurance paid to change their flights, and they were incredibly lucky to be upgraded to Business Class as the BC cabin was almost empty... they travelled Emirates. Please get the treating GP to give you a written statement of what is happening and contact your airline or travel agent immediately. As an aside, I would be mighty pissed off if someone with such a contagious disease was on a flight that I was travelling on.... expect you would be too if you were an innocent passenger.
  15. Ball point pens are called "Biros" in UK and Oz.... which is a brand too! Red Dot shops are as good as the Reject Shop... agree about some of the $2 shops though.