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  1. Rossmoyne

    Mystery road

    I have only seen the first episode and tend to agree, but I will watch it all. I actually think that Aaron Pederson was so good as the lead in Mystery Road, that it would be hard to have a follow on series. However this is the story leading up to the real Mystery Road, so I am hoping that some of the history will be explained.
  2. I second Movecube too.
  3. Don't get me started on masks! A good friend of mine died suddenly in February this year from wearing a mask all day at work for weeks. She was a chronic asthmatic and had dispensation from her GP not to wear a mask, and didn't when out and about with exemption form in her bag. However her employer refused to allow her to work unless she wore one, and being a single Mum of 2, she wore the mask for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. One the Sunday evening she had a major asthma attack whilst in the house on her own. Her teenage children came back from spending the day with their Dad to find her dead on the lounge floor. She was 39 years old. So so sad. On a lighter note, she was a woman with a wonderful sense of humour, and when she and I were out shopping a few weeks before she passed away, I had a mask on and she didn't. A bloke walked up to her and shouted at her "No Mask!"...... she quipped back "No nickers either"! I will never forget the look on his face, and that will always be the lasting memory of my dear friend.
  4. Thanks I will look into this. I was at the Perth Rally yesterday as I had to go to the city anyway and decided to trot along to Forrest Place to see what was happening. I was blown away by the huge crowds... so many more than the 10,000 the msm say were there, and when I got home and did some research, the numbers were estimated at 50,000 plus. The crowds were not as the media state, "full of redneck anti-vaxers and antifa bullies", but were just ordinary Aussie Mums and Dads of all ages and enthnicities. The whole thing was very orderly and well behaved. People were polite to each other, and towards the end the Police were even joining in. I spoke to a few people who were standing on the side like me, and some were medical professionals who opposed the vax because they had seen the vaccine damaged in their wards and A and E's... and they were telling me stories that align exactly with what you have been saying. Some people were saying they had taken the vax purely to keep their job and feed their families, so hated the coercion and mandatory issue. Others were unvaxed and were prepared to stay that way with no job.... . One theme that ran through all the conversations I had, was that it wasn't until earlier this year that a lot of people starting to get suspicious of the official rhetoric and starting putting their critical thinking hats on and investigating/researching the whole situation. Which is me too actually. I have to say that I admired the stance of these people really standing up to what they believe in, and for doing it in a respectful manner.
  5. At last a voice of reason about this whole covid thing! Over the past 18 months, being a critical thinker and a person who has Doctors and Nurses as friends in UK, Oz and NZ, who tell me what you have, I have really started to look into this so much more. I am deeply concerned about what is going on and where it is all going. I don't talk about this now apart from with my family, as I am sick of being called a conspiracy theorist or anti vaxer, and told to take my tin foil hat off! But slowly over the past months, friends are beginning to say to me that they now agree with me because they have started to look into what is happening. Thank you @pegg for posting your last two posts. Although I expect we will both be "cancelled" for daring to think outside the box and be critical thinkers instead of sheep. And yes I guess both your posts and mine will be deleted. Which is a shame because that just goes to show that free speech and thought is just not allowed anymore in the world. Keep well. Rossy
  6. How condescending of you to assume my understanding of lockdowns. I am well aware of why they happen. I have obeyed the rules each time to do my bit to keep everyone safe, so please read my comments again with that in mind. I just stated what is happening on the ground here in answer to the question posed by the poster. At no time did I say that I opposed vaccination. However, there are people who for health reasons cannot be vaccinated, and to deny them medical care of any description as you stated, is totally wrong and selfish, let alone your offensive comment about removing "the stupid from the gene pool". There are a lot of people in Australia who are vaccine hesitant because of the bad press about Astrazenica, and I am sure that is partly because we have fared much better here than other countries, and they either don't see the need for it, or are perhaps scared of the new technology involved in the making the these MRNA vaccines. I blame the government for a large part in this as the whole rollout of the vaccine has been a shambles in organisation and with nowhere enough vaccine available for those who want it. The constant media and government push is wearing very thin, and if you know anything of peoples attitudes, when being pushed into something, they dig their feet in.
  7. I have family in Victoria and Queensland (that I haven't seen for 20 months), and I can tell you it isn't too good over there at the moment. The "rules" seem to change daily, the fines are ludicrous, and the people are beginning to get mightily cheesed off. I think that one of the issues is that each state premier has a different slant on how to deal with it, and do so according to their ego and power play,. Last weekend there were Freedom Rallies in every capital city around Australia. All were well attended and peaceful, with the exception of NSW and Victoria. NSW stopped all transport into the city and flooded Sydney with police and fining everyone for being out in public. Victorian police rocked up part way through the rally dressed in full riot gear and firing rubber bullets and tear gas! There is plenty of video evidence on the internet to show that the Melbourne Rally was peaceful until the police appeared, and the whole situation is just inflaming the general population. Behind a lot of this is the coercion to bring in mandatory vaccination and vaccine passports to even leave your own state to travel within Australia. Many people are against forced vaccination believing "my body, my choice" and I totally agree with that as I think we should have the final say over what we do to our bodies, as per our Constitution, but I think the government have gone about the whole thing too forcefully and with bad planning, so there are lots of rumblings of discontent among the population. WA so far has been lucky that we haven't been inundated with cases, but it is only a matter of time, and like very many other people around the world, I think we just have to learn to live with it. What scares me most though is that the police in Victoria would turn on a peaceful rally with such a show of force..... not sure where that will end, but I don't think it will be good for any of us.
  8. Woops sorry forgot you aren't an old fart like me with time to wander during the day!! Worth a visit for brekkie on a Saturday though.
  9. In Willetton just off Rostrata Avenue. There is a small shopping centre next to a medical centre/pharmacy. Local family own it and it is good for brekkie, lunch and just coffee and cake. Small place, but great food and atmosphere. Have you been to Ruby's Bakehouse on Beasley Ave in Leeming? That is good too for brekkie, lunch etc. they also have an outside area under cover and allow dogs.
  10. Rossmoyne

    Mystery road

    Great isn't it. Apart from the scenery being amazing, it really brings home a lot of the issues that are in outback Australia with all the issues of races and cultures, and how they are as opposed to how they could be, if only people weren't so bigoted.
  11. I am always on the lookout for a good cafe for brekkie, brunch, lunch, and recently I have been taken to 2 establishments in the southern suburbs. The Roastery in Canning Vale roasts and sells coffee beans, and their coffee (takeout and dine in) is yum. The cafe menu is varied, and the daily specials are always a bit different. It is a warehouse feel with cement floors and no matching furniture, and a great place for a brunch or lunch. 6 Willows Cafe in Willetton. They are a small local business that cater to the breakfast and lunch crowd, and have amazing cakes for morning tea. Their menu is small, but there are daily specials that are always a bit different. Both of these businesses are family owned and run, and I like to support them because of that.
  12. I loved Roleys on the Ridge, but havent been for a while.... enjoy it's new reincarnation and let us know what you think.
  13. Rossmoyne

    Mystery road

    It is on Netflix, which is where I watched it. Absolutely brilliant!
  14. Rossmoyne

    Mystery road

    Yes it was a good series. It started as a standalone movie in 2013 and then became a series until 2018. Some very good actors in it. Aaron Pedersen, Hugo Weaving and Jack Thompson, to name a few. I like Aaron Pedersen and watched him recently in the Jack Irish movies.
  15. Yes they are. They also own Deebo Burger on South Street.
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