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  1. Horsemad1976

    Hot Tub

    Ahhhh ok. Regulations I haven't got my head around yet along with everything else lol. 2.5m x 2.5m x 1m Deep.... We've offered it to the purchasers of our house - fingers crossed they want it!
  2. Horsemad1976

    Hot Tub

    oooohhhhh I don't know about Australian standards.... It's less than 2yrs old & cost quite a few £ks. It's probably going to be too complicated but thought I would ask in case someone had managed to do it (successfully) and if they had would they bother to do it again!
  3. Horsemad1976

    Hot Tub

    Anyone every shipped a hot tub over? We have a full container and are exploring the possibility of shipping our hot tub over in a 'Move Cube' or something similar. Are they any good? Not sure whether to upgrade from 20ft container to 40ft Sole Use just to have space for the hot tub or whether a 'move cube' type thing would work for just the hot tub and stick with the 20ft container...
  4. Horsemad1976

    Golf Clubs & Courses

    Sounds idyllic! We'll be sure to try it out. Thanks
  5. Horsemad1976

    Golf Clubs & Courses

    Thanks @verystormy. He plays off a handicap of 6 & does enjoy a challenge. Travelling to play isn't so much of an issue the home course/courses is whats important for him (or at least so he says). We're heading out in a few weeks (settling in the hills) so we'll take a look at some just wondered if there are particularly good ones or similarly ones to avoid. His clubs have been scrubbed within an inch of their life & all ready to go!! (wish he shared the scrubbing enthusiasm for the sole of all our shoes!!!) At least I'll be a golf widow in the sun! hehehe
  6. Horsemad1976

    Golf Clubs & Courses

    Hi All Hubby is an avid Golf player (he's pretty good at it too) do you have recommendations of courses/clubs he should try before committing to membership? Would it be wise to bring his handicap certificate with him for proof of his level of play? Many thanks
  7. Horsemad1976

    Swimming Lessons

    Thank You. I'm a swimming teacher here in the UK so my question was from a teacher perspective (thinking work for myself) once I am licensed obviously. I have a keen interest in working with SEN/Disability Swimming/Anxious adults; in particular but can coach & teach mainstream/competitive too. Both our children swim competitively so would be looking at finding them a club where their needs can be met (heard great things about Guildford & Kalamunda Club) Anyone know anything about them? Eldest trains for 12/15hrs a week (she's 15 in 2 weeks) and our youngest trains 2hrs a week (she'll be 9 early next year).
  8. Horsemad1976

    Swimming Lessons

    Hi All Wondered what the cost of swimming lessons or swimming club is in/around the Perth Hills area. Do you take your children to lessons within a leisure centre? Do you have a teacher come to your home? Do you go to the teachers house? Do you prefer 1:1 lessons or a group environment? Keen swimming family here in the UK so looking to engage in some form of 'normality' when we arrive. All feedback/links/suggestions gratefully received!
  9. Horsemad1976

    help required

    Have you thought about Ancestry? You can access worldwide records from the UK for a fee.
  10. Horsemad1976

    18 months in and things going well

    Heading to the Perth Hills ourselves very soon. We're staying with my SIL for a while. We've listed previously so know the area and really like its relaxed 'small community' feel but with the city very easily accessible by train. Very excited!!
  11. Horsemad1976

    what to do ?

    Sorry to hear of your sad news. Thinking of you all at this awful time. x
  12. Horsemad1976

    what to do ?

    It's such a hard time for them - I'd hate to be a teenager in todays times! (no internet or mobile phone popularity when I was that age!) it's s struggle to know what to do for the best. I am hoping to get both our girls into a local swimming club (they both swim here) so that they can forge friendships outside of school with likeminded children. Fingers crossed I am find a nice welcoming one & it helps them settle with a degree of continuity for them. IB is worth investigating if you are intending to stay in the UK. Our daughter goes to an EB school are IB's around our area are few & far between. Having said that she'll be heading to an IB school once we've settled in Australia. Our younger daughter (who is will be going to the local primary until there is space at the IB school - less worried about her transition to life in Australia as she's young hasn't got hormones, exams or lifelong friendships formed yet! Is there an active hobby he has expressed an interest in? I know a few children who lack confidence who have flourished studying various forms of martial arts.
  13. Horsemad1976

    what to do ?

    Sorry to hear about your FIL @pegg. Not sure what I can add since we've haven't made the 'big move' yet. We are visiting family over Christmas & there is a fair chance we won't be going home (long story but it involves a TSS & Job) anyhow, I digress. Our daughter will also be sitting her GCSE's in 2020 (Yr 10 currently) if we were staying in the UK. We are lucky, she is excited about the move though (sad to be leaving her friends) but has a small handful of Aussie friends she's kept in touch with since our last visit in 2016. Our daughter is a quiet girl but enjoys 'the great outdoors' and leads an active lifestyle here & will be embracing the warmer climate out there to continue it! Does your son have any hobbies other than gaming?
  14. Horsemad1976

    489 relative sponsored living and working in Perth

    I thought I was but then started to doubt myself!! Thanks for the clarification
  15. Horsemad1976

    489 relative sponsored living and working in Perth

    Quick question re: 489. If the application is Family Sponsored, we've established you and live/work anywhere in WA. However, in order to receive an invite for this visa does: a) The occupation code need to be on the MTSSL generally & not necessarily WA specific? b) If the occupation code is a pro-rata code, I assume the points will still need to be met (i.e. 75 points) so 70 points is unlikely to receive an invitation?