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  1. Accountants in Perth

    I meant to say good on you
  2. Accountants in Perth

    Thanks Alison 13, and on you for getting that job.
  3. Accountants in Perth

    No I don't think so. I'm he will find something soon, but he needs to be open for anything and then he can move into something that he likes.
  4. Accountants in Perth

    Thanks Lou8670.
  5. Accountants in Perth

    An update from my last posting on this thread. I finally found a permanent position with an accounting firm. Yes it has taken a full year......The key is never to give up. There will be one agent that will take notice of what you have to offer and put you forward. Once you get the chance of meeting the company, you just have to make sure that you stand out even if you don't have local experience and they will hire you. Good luck to those that are still searching.
  6. Accountants in Perth

    Yes I have and the response is that the market is slow. ...
  7. Accountants in Perth

    My previous job before moving here was that of Finance Manager and prior to that I worked as a Management Accountant. I'm looking for any accounting/finance job just to get my foot in the door. I'm willing to go pro bono.
  8. Accountants in Perth

    I agree with you Lou8670, I have been here since April and I apply every day for jobs on Seek. All I get are regrets despite having both ACCA and CIMA.
  9. pickfords

    I have contracted them and I must say that I'm not happy. We have been here 3 months and the container has not left Johannesburg yet. When I email them, they don't bother to reply at all.
  10. Hi, sorry I haven't been on the forum for a while. I'm an accountant but I'm not able to help at the moment as I just moved here last month and I'm still finding my feet. Regards
    1. Hi I see u like my comment? Can you help!? Cheers jony001
      1. Is it the Aussie culture

        Thanks so much for the responses, much appreciated.
      2. Is it the Aussie culture

        Yeah we have not choice but to do the waiting....
      3. Hi, I'm finding it hard to understand the pace at which things are done in Australia, a company calls and says that we have short listed you for an interview but we will communicate later for the interview date. Weeks go by without any news and when you call them, they don't answer the phone, you leave a voice message no one even bothers to return the call. Things are really done at a snails pace, what does one do in this situation?
      4. Health and Fitness

        Any virgin active gyms?