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  1. Nikkis2000

    11th Aussiversary

    Wow I came back at the right time. Congrats on 11 Year’s Ali!!! We’ve just ticked over 4 and have to say I’m with you on so much of what you said. DH has been back once, unfortunately a funeral, and I am due to go back for the first time in a few weeks for my Dads 90th. If it wasn’t for that I wouldn’t be going back! We’ve also been lucky in that both our families and some very good friends have come to visit. We’ve been extremely lucky in that we have a lot of family here (his side) but we’ve made some amazing friends some of which I met on this very site!! Perth offers some awesome opportunities but you are so right, it’s not the UK with sunshine. If I were to offer one piece of advice it would be to not assume that we are culturally alike. We may speak the same language but culturally there are still massive differences to adjust to. For example Aussies are blunt, seriously blunt (still lovely though,they just say it how it is and tough if you don’t like it ?) and that can take some getting used to for the unsuspecting Pom! I wouldn’t change what we’ve done for the world. It can be hard at times but I love this place!!!
  2. And so I’m back!! 4 years in and probably been away from here for 3 of those just cos life ended up happening and I had less and less to offer. So Hi again to everyone old and new! So I’m back with a query because it’s time for us to apply for citizenship and boy had I forgotten the pain of immigration forms. Everything was going swimmingly until I noticed some small print stating you can’t scan certified copies of birth/marriage certificates as part of the application. Given that 90% of the population don’t have an original birth certificate what the heck are you supposed to do? I have certified copies left over from the visa process but these now aren’t valid for some reason?? We used an agent for PR so just did what we were told and in typical gov.au fashion there’s no FAQs! I‘ve looked at the UK gov site and they only do certified copies so I’m at a bit of a loss. What have others done? Thanks and looking forward to catching up with you guys. Nikki x
  3. Nikkis2000

    Any runners on here?

    There's a regular park run at Carine Open space.
  4. Nikkis2000

    House Building Queries - Open Thread

    Ah that's good to hear!
  5. Nikkis2000

    House Building Queries - Open Thread

    Hey Stormy I really haven't been around at all - where did you get to on the job front and possibly having to sell your place just after you'd finished it?!
  6. Nikkis2000

    House Building Queries - Open Thread

    Haha thanks Stormy and Rossy. It's nice to know I have such classy company [emoji8]
  7. Nikkis2000

    House Building Queries - Open Thread

    Hi Rossy! I'm still alive but don't find myself on here very much any more. We actually had PCI yesterday and are expecting keys in two weeks or maybe less!! We're very excited. Your daughter must be well and truly settled in their place by now? Here are a few pictures of our place
  8. Nikkis2000

    House Building Queries - Open Thread

    Great news Rossy! It's a long old process that's for sure. It can certainly feel like a slog. Sounds like you've had a fab time as well! I Haven't been on for ages either. House building and a rough old time at work had kept me away. However our roof completed this week and the site supervisor reckons we're 3 weeks away from lockup.
  9. Nikkis2000

    IT Job Market in Perth

    Yep two genuine companies not just agencies. Roles are mid level IT PM but I have seen quite a few at either end (junior - senior) as well. The toughest thing I find here is specific industry experience ie you might be the best PM, engineer, etc but you don't get a look in unless you've worked in oil and gas, health or whatever . It can limit what is worth applying for.
  10. Nikkis2000

    IT Job Market in Perth

    It is quiet at the moment. I have been looking since just before Easter and have maybe applied for 4 or 5 jobs (I am being picky I hasten to add). Having said that I have had two interviews both through recruitment agents from jobs advertaised on Seek. So contrary to popular belief applying through there can work.
  11. Nikkis2000

    Perth Poms business owners.

    My husband is a partner in a water carting business based on the edge of the metro/wheatbelt area. He delivers scheme water to residents in the area, mainly filling up rain-water tanks when they run low. However they also do swimming pool fills, dust control, and other civil engineering works that may require large quantities of water. It was OH's dream to get out of the rat race when we came here and he's certainly done that! Just waiting for him to make us millionaires so I can be a lady what lunches (yeah right, dream on!)
  12. Nikkis2000

    self build question ???

    There can be restrictions around finance too so make sure you get a good broker.
  13. Nikkis2000

    my first week

    Bindoon Bakery had a visit from Prince Harry today!!!
  14. Nikkis2000

    my first week

    Sounds like you are settling down to life here just fine Odies!! If you find yourself missing the countryside just come in land a bit. The hills area, Great Northern Corridor (Walyunga/Avon Valley) and Chittering Valley all have some beautiful countryside. There are some lovely walks through the national parks (the Railway Heritage Trail through John Forrest is a lovely easy walk, with a tavern in the middle for refreshement!). Chittering is particularly lovely in spring when all the wild flowers come up, and the Bindoon Bakery is well worth the scenic drive through the valley. More than happy to be a guide if you ever want to pop over for a cuppa! x
  15. Nikkis2000

    winters on route

    Yep - I'm wearing a cardie on the way in to work most mornings now! Also if we go out in the evening I make sure I have something with me. It's deceptive as it's still lovely during the day and I've been caught out a couple of times! 3 weeks Odies - EEK!!