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    Halls Head primary schools- help!

    Hi @Monkey2645 that would be fab!! Let me know how you get on, we could meet up, would be great for the kids to make friends before they start! Fingers crossed for you!! It's a great area and school, everyone's been so helpful and friendly so far! Xxx
  2. Bouncy

    Halls Head primary schools- help!

    Hi there, we've just moved to seascapes and my son will be starting pre primary in February at ssh! I've heard nothing but good reports about the school from parents! Hope your kids like it!! Xx
  3. Bouncy

    13 days in ....our update

    Hi there, great update! We've been here 4 weeks now and just moved into seascapes 2 weeks ago! It's a lovely area! You have chosen well!! Xx
  4. Bouncy

    Flexible working in Nursing

    @LoopyLauren, our kids are similar ages! We'll have to get them all together once we are all there!! I've spoken with a few people who are out there in similar situations and they have found the wrap around care to be great, we've never needed it here so it's good to know how it works out there! Child care is my major concern! That and finding a house!!!!!
  5. Bouncy

    Meet mums Port Kennedy area

    Hi there! We are moving out end of August and looking to move around port Kennedy/ secret harbour and the surrounding areas! I've got two boys! Will be great to meet up with other mums once we arrive!! We are from Newcastle, my hubby is from Bury Lancashire originally! How are you finding it there @Rebecca Newell ?
  6. Bouncy

    Flexible working in Nursing

    Hi all, we are moving over in August too, also a nurse with two children. I'm also worried about the whole flexible working thing!! It makes me very nervous! A lot of people must be in a similar position though so I'd like to think (hope) that workplaces have to be flexible to some degree!
  7. Bouncy

    Visa application help needed

    That was my thinking too! Good luck with it all xx
  8. Bouncy

    Visa application help needed

    Hi there, I remember having the same stress about that question! I asked others and it seemed half said no and half said yes and added husbands name. I put yes and put my hubby down and as he was on the application also I thought common sense would make this ok!! It was and I got my 189 visa no problem! I think it would only be a prob if parents were split and one not included in visa!! Hope this helps!! X
  9. Bouncy

    UK BABY Car seats???

    Yes I e wondered about this too, it's are brittax ant maximising and weren't cheap. I think we will sell outs here and buy new there as wee illness them straight away and won't want to wait til container arrives! At least then I'll know the new ones are up to the Aussie standards.
  10. Bouncy


    Ooooh, we will be going just before that @LoopyLauren. When I pluck up the courage to book that is!!
  11. Bouncy


    In not bringing ours but then I don't like them either so happy to ditch! If I liked them I would take them! When are you going again @LoopyLauren?
  12. Congratulations!! What a relief I bet!! X
  13. Bouncy

    Flights booked finally!

    @LoopyLauren, my kids are 2 and 4 and we are looking to come out end of August, my heads spinning with all the planning!! I'm looking for holiday lets but there's not much unless your a family of 8 with a hefty budget!! @jo and scott we have the same do list! Feels like a mountain to climb at the moment! Oh and I'm petrified ha!!! (Nervous laugh) ;-)
  14. Bouncy

    Flights booked finally!

    This is really exciting! I'm at this point too, need to book flights but I'm petrified!!!!!! Ha! How old are your kids? Where in Perth you headed? We may need to share that park bench!!! oh and AHPRA don seem to know their ar$e from their elbow ;-)
  15. Bouncy

    Nurse time-scale

    Hi there! I'm a nurse! My ANMAC assessment took 14 weeks, ahpra reg took 8 weeks and visa took 11 weeks!! So if your paperwork is sorted to do each step straight after the other it might be quicker than a year!