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    Electrical log book

    Hi I am just coming to the end of completing my E profiling (Log book). I'm doing mine in WA. If you can average about 40 to 45 hours a week, it will take you between 8 and 10 months. If you can get more than that a week, then obviously less again. When completed, book in for your capstone final exam. The whole process works out quite expensive and can take not far off 12 months to finally complete everything and eventually receive your full license. Hope that helps.
  2. Hi all... I have enrolled at CET in Balcatta to do my Context gap training. Would anyone have a copy of the books; AS/NZS 3000:2007 Wiring rules and Electrotechnology practices and Electrical trade principles by Jeffery Hampson? Apparently I need them for the course, I would be willing to buy or loan them off someone. I am in Stirling in WA, but would be willing to travel to pick them up. Thanks!
  3. Hi mate, is this every saturday?
  4. whaleshark

    TRA/VETASSESS Help Please :(

    Arrived here two days ago mate. Not done anything yet though, still trying to adjust to the heat!
  5. whaleshark

    TRA/VETASSESS Help Please :(

    It depends on the Rto's.They do them up and down the country at different times of the year. Theory is very basic stuff, volt drop calcs etc..then a few on basic circuits like adding resitors in parralel etc. I got a elec calcs book off ebay and worked through that it was easy. Prac is okay, 2 way lighting, ringmain, and test it. I had to wire a direct online starter with a remote start stop so revise that if you're not familiar with it. No regs involved, just had to brush up on testing readings to decide whether what you measured was acceptable. I used Future Skills and the assessor was sound.
  6. whaleshark

    TRA/VETASSESS Help Please :(

    Hi, I've not needed to go through TRA for the skills migration thing , however I have had to go through TRA to get my skills assessed and obtain an OTSR for work purposes , which is what you will need to do anyway. TRA are the governing body (based in Aus) of recognising overseas qualifications. You will need to get yourself and your certs accessed by getting an OTSR (Ofshore technical skills record). TRA use a couple of there own RTO'S (registered training organisations) to do this. I went through an RTO called Future Skills international to get my OTSR, another RTO is called Vetaccess. You fill in all their forms, send off all your photocopied certs etc, then send them a rather large fee. Then you go and do a full day somewhere at one of there trainning places in the UK. A written exam in morning, practical in the afternoon. If all being well you will be issued an OTSR, which you can then use to apply for a provisional license to work in Australia, from a company called Energy safety. The OTSR also allows you to enrole on the two week context gap training course in Aus. After this course you will be given a log book to fill in on jobs. When it is full you will be eligible for an A grade license. Hope this helps.
  7. whaleshark

    Musicians? Perth/Scarborough

    I play Guitar mainly, and vocals too. I'm bringing my acoustic with me, and will be looking for a new electric guitar once over there. I've got a couple of nice one's here but I'm reluctant to ship them over, you know how it is! Prob ship my amp and stuff over at a later date. Be good to put something together once things have settled, It's good to keep playing. What do you play?
  8. Alright... My missus and I will be arriving in Scarborough 14th feb, wondered if there's anyone around the area who'd be up for putting a band together at some point. A covers band to do weddings and clubs and earn a bit of cash. Maybe some original stuff too. Prob wont be able to jump on it straight away, ( got to get set up and find a job and that first). But just wondered if there was any interest!
  9. whaleshark

    Any musicians out there??

    I will be arriving mid Jan next year, if any of you are still about then, I'd be up for a jam!
  10. whaleshark

    Any musicians out there??

    You still looking? Anyone up for anything like that? What is the band/music scene like over there? Coming over very soon.
  11. whaleshark

    Decent Music/Guitar shops in Perth??

    This is all great to hear, me and my GF are emigrating to Perth just before Christmas and it would be good to get back involved in playing and recording! Wasn't there a little guitar shop in Mosman park on the main road?
  12. Hi all... We'v been planning to our move to Aus for about a year now. My GF got her visa granted the other day, and I have PR, so it's all go. I'm not really asking a question , just sharing a few jitters and general worries about it. We are looking forward to moving out to Perth, but there is so much to do beforehand... get a fixed morgage deal in place so we can then rent out the house, get as much money together as possible, decide on a suburb to stay in, worry about employment etc... It's all good, but a bit stressful, time to put on our rose tinted glasses and get on with it! Seriously though, it will be fun and we are looking forward to it!
  13. whaleshark

    !!are we crazy!!

    Why not...? It would be awesome! ;-)
  14. That would be great mate, thanks. I'll PM you. I'll start work on the facial hair too, but I'll have to fashion some sort of wig for the dred's I reckon ;-)
  15. Hey mate, Loved Bussleton when I was there. Coming over to Perth from U.k soon, If I could find electrical work in Bussleton I'd go there straight away!