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  1. cammie

    safety bay

    hi elfie as you probably have read we were let down with the rental in wavelea street but weve managed to secure a rental in rockingham and move in on weds so will pm you when were settled and we can go and have that coffee and a natter at long last lol x
  2. cammie

    landed today

    thank you everyone for the lovely welcome .Just getting over the jetlag and went to perth zoo friday afternoon .Hubby bought a ute friday morning so at least weve got some wheels now though found the cat buses very reliable to get around the cbd but you deffo need a map lol . headache regarding the medicare as even though i am australian i need loads of address confirmations to register but hubby doesnt and hes blooming british !! go figure . Bank accounts sorted out just needed to show i.d. so that was easy enough . Cant transfer licences till weve got lease agreement and cus weve been let down with the house we were supposed to be leasing from tuesday it looks like those will have to wait but trouble is hubby is a delivery driver so cant get a job till his licence is transferred so stuck between the devil and deep blue sea at the minute .Yes im feeling alittle despondent cus i thought being australian i would have no problem sorting my stuff out but i was wrong big style . Dont get me wrong i didnt think for 1 minute it would be easy for me but i didnt think i would have more trouble than hubby getting my stuff sorted out and to top it all im feeling homesick so not good at the moment but im sure it will get better .
  3. cammie

    landed today

    hi peeps well we landed today still cant believe im actually here at last i keep pinching myself .Gotta lot to do tomorrow like sorting medicare tfn bank accounts and transferring our driving licences so we are having an early night catch you all soon
  4. cammie

    can we claim any tax back ?

    hi pegg yes you can claim any tax back that you have paid you do it online you fill in a p85 but make sure you have the details from your p45 when you left your job in the uk .
  5. cammie

    we're on our way - visas granted!

    hi jen78 we are arriving in perth 4th october and will be living in safety bay as weve already secured a rental property there. We havent got any young children , grandchildren yes but at 50 and hubby is 49 we are too old now lol but if you fancy a chat when you get here just give us a holler and congrats welcome to the club x
  6. cammie

    Visas Granted!!

    congrats on the job louloubelle well done .I am super excited now only 11 days left before we depart just doing some last minute packing and taking the rest to the local charity shop x
  7. cammie

    One way flights in November 2016

    hi fleurise hubby and i are flying 2nd october to perth with garuda indonesia only 1 stop and baggage allowance is 30kg each for £549 each one way hope this helps x
  8. cammie

    Visas Granted!!

    congratulations . we fly out in 13 days and cant wait
  9. cammie

    safety bay

    hi elfie i cant wait for either the dolphin swim or the natter x
  10. cammie

    safety bay

    hi elfie we dont really know much about safety bay but im sure we will find out lol the rental is 3 streets from the beach so quite close and its furnished aswell so thats a great help to begin with .I have i can fulfill my lifelong ambition to swim with dolphins in safety bay so looking forward to that .It will be great to meet up and have a natter over a coffee so thank you
  11. cammie

    safety bay

    will do deb thank you
  12. cammie

    safety bay

    hi sisheharr i joined a facebook group perth poms and a very nice lady was looking for someone to rent her lovely home for 12mnths while they visited the uk so i pm her my details and weve been skyping ever since
  13. cammie

    safety bay

    hiya peeps weve finally got our rental secured for 12mnths and its in safety bay so if anybody lives sor and would like to meet up after 4th october just give us a shout , we are young 50yr olds and still like to have a natter and a laugh
  14. cammie


    hi john i booked a deal and went through the process yesterday but the money i am transferring is still in my uk account is this nrmal please ?
  15. cammie

    validation run ?

    great thank you i can breath easy again