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As some of you know I am sitting on a ticking clock with regards timeframe to get a visa- I have commenced the ANMAC process and booked IELTS to ensure I am doing as much as I can to put myself in the best position for either a 186 or 190. My question is, should/ could I apply to APHRA without going through ANMAC first? and if I did would this allow me to submit an EOI for ENS or RENS that employers could see?


thankyou anyone who can shed light on this for me :err:

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Nothing to stop you applying for AHPRA but it does not provide you the ASCO code required for a PR visa - you need that from the ANMAC who are the skills assessors. The ANMAC will pass on your file to the AHPRA office of your choice I believe so that you don't have to duplicate all the documentation. Our health service e.g. would not offer ENS PR sponsorship in the first instance, you would be offered a 457 (temp visa) if applicable.

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