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We are moving to a rental in Willetton on Monday and we cannot wait. We have fallen in love with the area.


Does anyone have any recommendations for restaurants, shops etc. We have been to Southlands to look at the Woolies and Gilbert's Markets and Hoyts.


I notice that there is a UK Lolly Shop nearby as well. Not been in there, but looks good.


We drove up to Willetton one Sat evening and drove round to see if we could see any "unsavouries" hanging about or Hoons, but it was dead quiet at 9pm.


TIA Lorraine

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Good to hear you're liking it.

We lived in Willetton for a few weeks but didn't like it, it was just too quiet for us.

The Asian supermarkets just across the freeway in Market City are great and there's a Cantonese restaurant in the corner where the service is the most surly and unwelcoming I've ever experienced but the food is great.

There's a lovely little cafe on Fern Road overlooking the river that's nice and the best biltong in WA from the SA store on Augusta Street

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The Burrendah at Southlands is nice. We like the Roxby in O'Connor, Campari in Leeming, Nicholsons in Canning Vale (always think of this as a pub type dinner - big portions), The Gate isn't too far away. Samsons Jolly good Indian (near the lolly shop) was good but heard mixed reports since we last ate there.,

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We live currentky in Willetton and just love it. I think it's a v nice suburb esp for families. Lots of parks, walks, green belts. Southlands is good. Carousel not far away while the best of them is Garden City, 10 min drive from here. Riverton is next door and has a shopping centre with some food outlets on the front.

Overall g8 place to live....

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