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English Tea


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To all those you posted back to me earlier this week about English tea .......we did our first Aussie supermarket shop yesterday and I found ....... Yorkshire tea ! They only had 1 packet but I'm going to go back and stock up soon!


Incidentaly, where does everyone shop? We got supermarket meat but in the uk we went to a local farm shop for our meat and fruit/veg. Can anyone recommend anywhere near to kingsley/ woodvale areas? At the moment this is where we are looking at renting


thanks !

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Hi there,


Theres a british shop just of winton road in jondulop that you can get tea bags from (they have been on offer in there recently) I do my main shop in coles, pickup my specials in IGA and woollies. Fruit and veg and also meat I get in the drovers market on wanaroo road. We live in Tapping so its just down the road for me. Spud shed is meant to be very good too that's in wanagra.



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We use Spud Shed in Jandakot (nearest to us). We have used the Wangara one and also Drovers. Both excellent.


I tend to buy meat and veg in Spud Shed in bulk and freeze it and then do bits and pieces in Woolies. I use Woolies for the fuel voucher too.


Just for interest, I am finding that the Reject Shop is cheaper for cleaning products than Woolies.

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I love drovers, great quality and prices. Drovers also give away something free, it changes every week, eg. 1 kg carrots, a pumpkin, sweetcorn x 6 per family.


we bpught yorkshire tea in the supermarket and its pretty good and half the price of the imported stuff, so if you cant tell the difference then dont waste your money. We tried the nerada tea and it was really horrible! I am not a huge tea drinker but even i knew it tasted awful.


mostly shop at coles for all the cupboard stuff, i think its cheaper than woolies generally, but i pop into woolies first and get whatever is on offer thats on my list.

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