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Mandurah 28 hubby 31 with 2/3 year old son like to meet friends


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Hi i am in Mandurah 28 years old my husband is 31 we have a 2 year old son. Been here 4 weeks now my husband been here 3 months working. Would really like to meet some couples or women who are free and fancy a coffee, trip to the beach, evenings out or something :-) finding it hard being on my own so much now!


dee :-)

Please PM

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No personal numbers please
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Hi im Carla (31) and hubby (32) we're in secret Harbour and been here 8 months now. Iv got 3 boys ages 7, 3 and 23 months. Im always free for coffee and a night out! :0)


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Hey Carla I'll message uou now if I can figure out how! Maybe catch up in the week if you fancy it?

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Hi girls,

we are looking into moving to mandurah or secret harbour I'm actually going to look at some houses today down there, we now live north up in butler but really like it down that end. I'm 32 and other half is 34 and we have 3 boys 13-9 and 5 we've been in Perth 4 and half yr and still not met a lot of people so we would be more then happy to meet up

hope to hear back soon

carly x

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Yeah ok where and what time? Please message me


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Sorry Carla, i have deleated you telephone number as we have had members have issues when they have posted their number - though i am guessing that as you have alreasy had a reply, they now have it. VS

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