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When people comment on the job market here they usually mean mining, oil and gas as the resources sector is such a massive employer. Of course, any slow down in resources has a knock on effect elsewhere and whilst I can't comment on your chosen professions I now a lot of people who comment that it's quieter or more difficult than it was a couple of years ago.


The thing is, it's a little like the UK harping back to the boom of the eighties and that being the benchmark for prosperity without understanding how vulnerable and unsustainable that period was. It's unlikely that Perth will see growth as it has in the past but that's not necessarily a bad thing.


The only way you'll know whether it's going to work for you is to come, whether that's a holiday or moving lock stock and taking a gamble. There are jobs here. They might not all pay the mythical six figures in "the mines" any more but if you're prepared to adapt and get out there you will find an income.

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Guest guest9824

We have heard the job market in Perth has slowed down, is this true?


I am a secretary and my hubby is a plasterer/tiler


Would appreciate any knowledge you have


What Porty says is right, a few years ago people could move from job to job for another dollar, that would include anything in the city linked to oil and gas and beyond. Now it's very different, there are jobs out there, but it's harder to chop and change, and admittedly the Mining has slowed considerably, but there is more than that out there. There has just been another announcement from the State Government confirming more public sector jobs will be lost so they can try to balance their books, and infrastructure plans are likely to be shelved again, not sure what has been done with all the money made from the boom that took place, but we won't go there, they have obviously got bigger fish (sharks) to fry than to worry about the man on the street.


As has been said, some come here take the plunge and land a job very quickly, others are not so lucky. Good luck.



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Thanks for your replies and advice. I guess that kind of boom couldn't last forever but hopefully there is a better choice of jobs out there for us and hopefully for our kids when it's their turn, which is obviously one of the major considerations for making such a big move. I suppose we won't know until we get there and are lucky enough to find work. Let's face it, it can't be worse than the uk! I just hope the oz government are learning from our mistakes....

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