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I think I broke my toe!


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I kicked the metal leg of our dining chair and my toe is blue and burning. I did it just before I picked the kids up from school and it was fine while we were at Adventure World but it's now blue and burning like a female parent engaged in coitus.


Wine most definitely helps the healing process as far as I can tell, can we get Shiraz on prescription?


No response necessary, just thought I'd share.

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I did the same thing a few years ago. The little toe on my right foot was sticking out at a funny angle!


There's not much you can do other than tape your toes up and drink through the pain.


It was a little wonky but I pulled it back and it's looking a little better now. The Shiraz is wonders working and everyfink is really loveleee and oh look my glasssss had red stuff but now nuffink. Waiter!

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