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Don't know where to start!! Help!!

Guest Jade

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Hi everyone, hoping someone could take the time and lend a little help.

Me, my partner and 2 children have talked and decided we would like to take steps and immigrate to austrailia looking at Perth. My partner is a brick layer .

What sort of visa would we need and where is the best place to look for a job while we are still in the uk?

I have googled and looked but just can't seem to find the relevant info for us,

qny help would be appreciated , even of its just a point in the right direction.

thank you

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Hi there, to be eligible for a skilled visa you or your partner must have an occupation on the Skilled occupation list(SOL) or (CSOL). You will find the list along with other info on www.immi.gov.au

Some people manage to find work before they go out there but most people have to wait until they get there to find work. Most employers want you to have a visa and be in the country already.

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Dont think bricklayer is on wa's skilled occupations list anymore, google wa state migration and it will tell you, im pretty sure its not on the SOl either.


I would Start by reading this link, it is PDF which explains the process.



if the link does not open, google form 1119 it should give you a summery of what to do.


I think Bricklayer may be on the state occupation list for South Australia and the Northern Territory.


There is also a few threads, on Poms in oz and here Perth poms regarding Bricklaying, they may be worth a read.


hope that helps

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Bricklayer is on CSOL, therefore for skilled migration you will need state nomination. The 190 and 489 state nominated provisional visas will be the ones to look at. The only problem this occupation is not on the WA state occupation list. You would need to consider other states.


Your oh will need a positive skills assessment, and be able to pass the points test with may mean will need to sit the IELTS. Trades do not usually find sponsors as many are self employed or the employer won't meet the requirements to become a business sponsor.

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Cocolevi 'painting trades workers' is on the SOL so your hubby could apply for the 189 visa if he can pass the skills assessment and reach the required 60 points. His occupation is on schedule 2 for WA's list so that means you can't get the state sponsorship 190 visa (unless you have a job offer, which is unlikely for trades).

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Thanks for that nikkiwd. We started looking in to moving a few years ago told we could go to Brisbane so did the whole research thing ,then due to circumstances put it on hold, got in touch with the emigration

company and found out we can no longer go to Brisbane try WA. So very frustrated at having to start from scratch again. Things change so quickly:eek:

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