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If there was a psychological assessment for migrants...


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...would you take it?


If there was a credible, evidence based assessment that revealed to you how you might cope with the stress, whether your reasoning for emigrating was sound and provide you with a prediction as to whether you would be 'successful', would you take it?


If the outcome from it was the recommendation that you don't emigrate, would you still do so?

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If it wasn't an arm and leg job to do then out of curiosity, yes I probably would take it. Would I pay that much attention to the results, especially if they said we shouldn't do it, probably not! So potentially a perfect waste of time and money! (and on that basis I can pretty much guarantee that my hubby wouldn't let me do it anyway) we had an itch that we needed to scratch or spend forever wondering what if, so I don't think there would have been much that would have stopped us from giving it a go. :biggrin:

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Yes I'd do the test, but I think a lot of them depend on how you're feeling that day. I'm not sure that it would sway me personally, I'm not a massive risk taker so tend to have considered lots of possibilities and scenarios ... but If I was uncertain about the move - it might reinforce reasons not to give it a go.

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