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EOI Help!!


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Hi there guys, Im wondering if anyone has the answer to this one!


I put in my EOI a few days ago (Next round of invites Monday 22nd) and put on there 7yrs experience as a midwife as ANMAC assessed me as having that.... BUT most of that time was on 22.5hrs and ANMAC did know that as thats what my HR letter told them..... so when I went through the documentation checklist for the visa just now in preparation for any invite it says


Skilled employment: evidence of working full-time in skilled employment in the 10 years before you were invited to apply, such as:


  • employment references
  • contracts, pay slips, tax returns, group certificates
  • evidence that you have been self-employed
  • any other documents that you provided to the relevant assessing authority to obtain your skills assessment, including any documents relating to your employment history.


BUT ive never worked full time! Eeek what do I do?! Edit the EOI? How do I work out my years experience? My hours have been up and down over the past 8 years and I have no clue when that happened. The HR department wont be open until Monday and that the invite day... but also the evidence wont match my ANMAC which says 7 years experienced.


Confused and under pressure! This is one of the moments I reeeaaaallly wish we had an agent.


Thanks in advance anyone who may know the answer. I dont want to claim for points we dont have and the whole process be held up.


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