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UK Government worker - what to do in Perth??

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We are due to arrive at the end of Nov. Hubby is an Electrician so will hopefully have options when he arrives, although I know it's not easy getting a job!!


I have 19 years experience working for the UK Government. I've worked my notice and am now looking for similar work when we arrive in Australia. Can anyone help or suggest where I might look for jobs like this??



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This is the link to government jobs http://search.jobs.wa.gov.au/page.php?pageID=215 Federal government unfortunately put hiring freeze on recruitment earlier this year. State government have just lifted their recruitment freeze I think (been on and off this year). Wont be much going in local government as most will be amalgamating shortly. Good luck!

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Also, he needs to ensure he researches what will be required to obtain his licence. It isn't straight forward. He will need to work as a trade assistant for a while as his current qualifications and experience don't mean much. So it is a bit like going back to being an apprentice. It takes some time to gain his licence - there are some threads on this.

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