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  1. Western Australia is in a huge downturn. I know lots of people who have left to go interstate or back to the UK because they cannot find work of any description. Hundreds of applicants applying for one job. Not a great time to be moving to Perth unfortunately.
  2. dxboz

    Odd things I've noticed since moving!

    When I first came to Australia - quite a few years ago sticky tape or sellotape was called durex. Was quite an eye opener first time in the office here and someone said pass the durex lol
  3. dxboz

    Thank You Moneycorp and Our Members

    Thanks John! Was a lovely afternoon and thanks Ktee for coming all the way from Queensland - was lovely to see you again x
  4. dxboz

    Perks of the job

    Beautiful photo - beautiful place. I know it is cold there at the moment but vistas like this more than make up for the cold. I am now homesick! Are you based in Scotland now VS?
  5. dxboz

    Perth Meet Up - 9th April 2017

    Love to! Missed the last one unfortunately - first one was great. Look forward to seeing you Ktee - thank you John! 2 please
  6. dxboz

    UK to perth

    Hi Dave this is a little confusing - do you have a job to come to and the interviews are for your partner?
  7. dxboz

    UK to perth

    Hi Dave a 457 is a temporary visa - no guarantee of staying if you lose your job - think you have 90 days to leave the country if you cannot find another sponsor. Great visa if you want an adventure and nothing else. Having said that I know lots of people who came on a 457 and managed to get PR but it is definitely not guaranteed - it is what it is - a temporary visa
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    Would love to do this
  9. dxboz

    To move or not to move.... ?

    Hi Shauny my advice would be get a job before you come. Perth unemployment rate is the highest in Australia and not looking like getting better any time soon. I know lots of people who have left Perth as they lost their job and could not find work. As VS said mining is in the doldrums and construction is just as bad - good luck with whatever you do
  10. dxboz

    Bali Weddings

    Having said that - it is not close to anything else - approx 45 minutes drive to closest place. Unless you have got your heart set on Bali I think there are more beautiful and exotic places in Australia (particularly FNQ). A lot of places in Bali are heavily congested with traffic and not many areas would be ideal for a wedding unless you mainly stay in the hotel.
  11. dxboz

    Bali Weddings

    Here are a few ideas for you https://indonesia.tripcanvas.co/bali/unique-wedding-places-bali/. I am just back from Bali and think that the temples at Tanah Lot would make a stunning setting for a wedding - Pan Pacific https://www.panpacific.com/en/hotels-resorts/indonesia/nirwana-bali-resort/celebrate/venues.html.
  12. Now is not a good time to come -more people leaving Perth than coming in and there is a reason for that. Economy is dire at the moment. Everyone I work with has a family member having been made or about to be made redundant. Holding off coming for a while would be a better idea if possible.
  13. Fremantle would be the only place I can think of that would tick all your boxes. I live here - wouldn't live anywhere else in Perth. Lots going on - heaps of festivals/events/concerts - gorgeous beaches and lots of bars/restaurants. Perth CBD only a 20 min train ride away. Lots of community spirit in Freo also.
  14. dxboz

    Cost of Living in Perth

    Just want to reiterate what flatpack said rego only includes third party damage to people not other car- no fire or theft included either
  15. dxboz

    What internet provider to use?

    Hi Tom I live in South Freo. I have Vivid Wireless. I didn't want a contract so just bought a hot spot (you can run I think 5 devices from it) for $79 then pay $79 a month for unlimited. It has worked really well although it is not fast enough to stream movies - downloading no probs just not streaming