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Private Health Insurance

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I am a bit confused about the following situation. We are PRs h visa 190 since last year. We were in Perth in September 2014 to activate our visas and so. Medicare cards were also issued. So, obviously - after a year we are forced :-) to make also and Private insurance. Otherwise, we have to pay additional 2% over for every year above 30.



Due to some circumstances we are still overseas. My project will be finished in the next couple of weeks and then we will move permanently in Australia. Unfortunately, this will be after the one year border.



My questions are as follow:



1. Do I really need an additional Private Health Insurance, in case that we are still outside from AU?

2. In case that I have to make a Private .... shall I make only for me and my wife? I believe so, due to the fact that our children are still far away from 18.

3. In my research I discover this one: http://www.privatehealth.gov.au/dynamic/download.ashx?id=HCF/I20/WILW20 This is from HCF insurance company and the monthly price for two adults is 21.20 AUD. Sounds reasonable for me, in case that this will be just waste of money ... until we are out, but have to follow the rules.



Any information about this topic will be deeply appreciated.



Thank you.


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It depends on earnings. If you earn over a certain amount you will get hit with the medicare levy and so it is worth it for that.


Other than that, having private is largely a personal choice. I have had it for 7 years, but recently dropped it and wish I had dropped it earlier.


The only insurance I recommend you do take is what is often called extras cover. This is basically dental and ambulance. Both are private here and very expensive

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Thank you verystormy,



I do not have any income in Australia ( since I am still abroad), except a small amount in the bank. This is also one of the reasons to ask my self do I really need this private insurance. I want to make everything according to the rules in Australia, that is why I am confused about the letter from the Government for this additional mandatory private insurance.


I sent an email to Medicare to ask about this issue, but obviously they are too busy and I still do not have an answer.


One think is clear - I will follow your advice about the extras cover, especially for the dental issues.


Thank you for your help verystormy.





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