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Meet up December in Hillary's?


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Hi guys, My name's Emma, husband Mark and we have two boys aged 14 & 12. We are moving to Perth early in the New year.....we are flying out on the 2nd of December for a week for a bit of a mini holiday (organising ourselves). We are staying in Hillarys and would love to meet up with some North Perth Poms! We would really like to meet people who have made the move, if anyone's around for a friendly meet then that would be fab!

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Hi Emma, we are moving over to Perth and fly out 3rd December. Hilary’s primary is on our shortlist to visit and we would be happy meeting up if there’s time. It’s going to be quite hectic when we first arrive as we need to sort schools, rental, car etc but would be lovely to speak to someone who’s making the big move too. Fee free to PM me.

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Hi there, wow you sound really busy!!!! We would love to meet up. I will message you closer the time to see how you guys are getting on, and see whether you can spare a few hours, that'll be really nice. Thanks for your kind gesture:) Em x Good luck with the big moving day, you must be thrilled!

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