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  1. Dog transportation

    Hi peeches, We have just been looking into all the pet transfer requirements and getting prices. We were advised by Pet Air it's 1800 AUD for quarantine and have just been quoted just over £600 to fly our dog to Perth. All the info we have had from Pet air has been good and best prices compared with Airpets and Jet Pets. Hope this helps. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. It's only taken 10 years!

    Thanks verystormy for your reply. I appreciate there's an economic downturn at the moment and all the main IT hubs are over the east. My husband is an IT contractor here and does system testing and I work more on the infrastructure side. Once we have dates finalised we may try and line work up ahead of coming out. Looking at various jobs sites there are plenty we can both apply for so hopefully we will be fine. With regards to the shipping it was Anglo Pacific that discussed reclaiming VAT back on any new items we may decide to buy if we were to try and fill a container. We will need to look into that further. Thanks for the advice on rentals. We only have the one dog and she is well trained so hopefully that will help when looking for places. I have looked into petair and they have been very good so far and better price wise than others. We are just trying to clarify our dog's rabies vaccine requirements as I believe we have been wrongly advised by our vets which we are very annoyed about but our vet is getting in touch with pet air tomorrow to discuss this. I suspect our vet is to blame and this will delay our pet transfer date :-( Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. It's only taken 10 years!

    Hi, Just wanted to say hello and thanks for this little place to chat and find useful info! We applied for visas back in 2008 and almost 10 years later, 1 dog and 2 kids we are finally getting ready to make the move! Hoping to get there before the schools close so we have time to look round a few but we are just about to get our house up for sale so depends how long that takes. My daughter is only 6 but is already worrying about making new friends so thought if she is able to see some schools before we enroll her it may help. We are looking at northern suburbs at the moment more likely a bit further out but with easy access to transport links. Both my husband and I work in IT and plan to get jobs once we get there (slightly risky I know). With regards to childcare, my son is in private nursery here but wondering if we may be best looking for an au pair or childminder. We have no family in Perth and although our niece may be coming to stay and can child mind I thought this may be an easier option whilst we set our life up from scratch. Anyone got any info on these types of services? We are also still deciding on how much to ship. Most of our belongings are inexpensive and need replaced but do wonder if we should buy some things here first and fill a container. Has anyone done this and reclaimed the VAT on items and was this cost effective? I also worry that if we don't take enough we will spend too much time dragging the kids round shops buying things instead of enjoying the lifestyle we are moving there for. We are looking at various rentals initially but do find that we are sometimes limited on ones that accept pets in an area we like. Does anyone have advice on pet transfers? We have just had a couple of quotes but way more expensive than we realised, probably because last time we looked was years ago and Perth quarantine maybe still existed then! Any advice on areas that are nice for young families but also dog friendly would be good. Thanks K Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk