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Schools near Guildford

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We will be moving to South Guildford next year and I'm trying to do a bit of research on schools. We have a 2 year old and one on the way currently.

We will be in the catchment for Guildford Primary and Woodbridge Primary as public schools, but I know there are a few private options dotted around. Just wondered if anyone had experiences of the public offerings? We wouldn't be looking into sending them to a religious school, which I know counts out many private ones given they are mostly catholic!

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Swan Christian College in midland... not too far is a k-12 option. A lot cheaper than Guildford  Grammar. Guildford Grammar now takes girls k-12 too. 

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      Hi a quick question, if you get your house in the school catchment area will you most likely get your child at that school.
      Also do the schools in Perth accept children mid through an academic year? 
      We are making our move in September, the plan is to get them enrolled and start in October after school holidays.
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