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Job demand in Perth


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Hi Me and my family including 3 children are on the move from the UK to Perth this year. We have chosen Perth as our destination My husband is a qualified welder 10+ years experience and is currently working as an engineer on the railway, I was wondering how the job market in Perth is looking at the moment in both the Rail and welding? obviously we are nervous to be leaving his well paid job at the moment to chance it and see what happens and if Perth is the best place for us to start. We are always on the look out on the job vacancies but any other advice of someone living here in the situation would be much appreciated.:)

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Hi, thought i'd reply, I can't help with your specific job but in general the jobs market seems to be slightly picking up. I have heard that some of the mines are starting to pick up and recruit more staff, theres been an advert on the radio for Rio Tinto looking for staff.The mines all have a knock on effect for the rest  of the labour market which is always good. Ive never fancied the mines as being away from home defeats the idea of coming here but lots of people do and of course the money is good. 

Have you tried SEEK and INDEED for jobs? Also look at the Transperth website, i dont suppose that transperth maintain their own track but it might give you an insight into who does and maybe a quick email to them might prove fruitful.


Good luck 

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Working for a mining company doesn’t necessarily mean working at the mines themselves. BHP and Rio Tinto Both  have large offices in the city and bhp have recently a advertised for work management planners at the centre of excellence in Perth.  This is how hubby got his first job, and he said that they welcomed applications, and had people starting there from all different backgrounds, as long as you pass the psychometric tests and the video interviews etc, are good with computers and can organise.  May be worth a look.

Best of luck

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