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  1. p85 form

    Hi, we were both working full time until we arrived last January. We filled in the forms and received our tax refund in to our uk bank account as we had overpaid for the financial year. Don't know if or how this would affect your pension. Is it tax free? You would have to declare it as an income on your tax return here. Maybe fill it in to be on the safe side? Jen
  2. Hi Darren Thanks for the info. I have a 15 yr old daughter looking for a job on Sundays. Your description however says you are looking for lads. Is that because it's heavy lifting? Or currently an all male environment? We are in Willetton so very local. Thanks Jen
  3. Friends :)

    Hi, Whereabouts are you? I'm Willetton SOR but willing to drive. I'm 39 hubby 42. I'm not working so free most days for a coffee / lunch. Got kids until Feb (2 well behaved teen and tween girls) then free every day. Looking to make new friends as its our second year here and need to do more socialising. Pm me if you fancy meeting up Jen x
  4. 11th Aussiversary

    Hi Ali, It’s Very reassuring to read this, we’ve been here pretty much a year and have made some friends but still feel like it’s just the four of us most of the time. That’s fine while the girls are at school, but they are getting very bored and lonely with not many friends to play with in the holidays. I’m happy to give it time for the close friendships to form but it’s still a bit hard some days, especially with me not working yet. We’re excited for what the future holds and more than willing to work at it. I’m not afraid to put myself out there so hopefully our ‘fuller’ more social life will emerge gradually. We’re not homesick either and are lucky that both sets of parents have managed to come out to see us already. Although I will be missing the birth of my nephew in February and my cousins baby and wedding towards the end of this year which will be hard. The early signs are good and we are loving it here so far, we just need to build on our foundations. Hope your next 11 yrs are as good as your first 11. Jen x
  5. New to WA

    Hi Liz, hope you’ve settled in to your rental and had a good Christmas and New Year. It was strange for us being our first one as well but we went to the beach and had a really good day. We’re looking forward to more exploring this year and building on our foundations we laid down last year. We’ve been here a year on Thursday and it’s been the best decision we’ve made, but I would like to make more friends. We live in Willetton which is south of the river, but I’m happy to drive up to Hillary’s if you fancy meeting up? I’m not working and have 2 daughters 15 and 11 who are feeling a bit lonely and bored, and need to get out and about a bit more! I’ll send you a pm...Jen xx
  6. Recommendations for good cafes SOR

    Tiny Tuckshop also in Willetton is lovely and has had great reviews. As the name suggests, it's tiny so bookings recommended for dinner.
  7. Christmas Day lunch.

    After many years slaving over a roast dinner I'm making chicken and cranberry sauce batches to take to the beach! First one here and no family has made us want to do something completely different. For dinner were having cold chicken and stuffing with potato salad and salad. I have made a frozen Xmas pudding dessert though so I have put some effort in!! Merry Christmas all, Jen xx
  8. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone xx
  9. First Christmas in Oz what to do?

    Welcome, we are SOR and its our first Xmas too. We're going to the beach to give us something to do as we're used to spending it with family. Merry Christmas, Jen x
  10. First Time Buyers in Oz

    How exciting! Best wishes for your move and making your new house a home. We've just signed our lease agreement for another year but hopefully will be able to buy in 2019/20. Jen
  11. Customs clearance for container

    Hi, it was less than a week, a few days if I remember rightly. Quicker than we expected, 7 weeks door to door.
  12. Hi all, I was thinking back to when we were planning on making the move, and keeping an eye on the forum for the stories from people who had made the move recently to get an idea of what it would feel like and how it had gone. I used to love reading about everyones experiences, so I thought I'd do one. I still can't believe weve done it! So much planning for a whole year and then suddenly youre here starting a new life. Sometimes I still get a bit overwhelmed by the fact that we're here, but only because of how amazing it is. Things are just about beginning to feel normal, we're pretty much settled and going about our daily routines, just in nicer surroundings! We (me, hubby, 2 daughters 14 and 10) left a cold Manchester on 10th Jan and landed in a very warm Perth on 11th, tired but glad to have landed safely. Myself and my eldest daughter cried upon touchdown at the enormity of what we'd just done. In the taxi to the apartment in Como we had for 2.5 weeks we were quite qiuet, just looking out of the window at the palm trees and blue sky. The first couple of weeks in the apartment are a blur now, we went to the zoo, beach, Kings Park, Fremantle, and went into Perth twice. Even though we had days out and afternoons by the pool it didnt feel like we were on holiday, it just felt like we were easing our way to our new surroundings and starting a new life. I can remember a very odd feeling of feeling as though I was walking on water for about the first week, physically I felt really unsteady on my feet. Think it was jet lag and possibly a bit of vertigo from the flight, but it went soon enough, as did the waking up bright as a button at 2.30 in the morning! We bought a car after the fist 2 weeks, but the most important thing was to find a house to rent. We wanted to be south of the river within a certain radius of the city as hubby managed to get himself a job before we came, and he wanted to cycle to work. Research and asking questions about schools in the forum led me towards Willetton, Rossmoyne, Leeming and Shelley. We looked on the propery websites and visited 2 agents to make appointments to view. We saw 4 or 5 in the end and only liked one - the only one without a pool! This really bothered me at first but I'm ok with it now. It is a 4x2 in Willetton on the top of a hill with a view of the trees and rooftops from the garden. It was newly renovated and we are the first tenants so we've been really lucky. We got accepted as tenants and picked up the keys 4 days before we left the apartment which gave us time to buy furniture and appliances etc. We had shipped our stuff from the UK but we have a couple of extra rooms here so we had to by more stuff to put in them! Also, the obligatory bbq and outdoor dining suite was a must! That all got delivered by the time we moved in so we had beds to sleep on, sofa to sit on, bbq to cook on fridge and washing machine, and a tv to watch! In the end, our container only took 7 weeks door to door so we had all our own possessions a few weeks after moving in which was great, really made it feel like home. Once we could prove that we lived in the catchment area for the schools we had to enrol for the start of the school year on 1st Feb, we found this to be very straightforward and easy process for both primary and high school. Apart from having to equip eldest daughter with an Apple macbook because all the children have to take their own laptop in and the school's system is an apple one, not pc! Eldest daughter met some girls on day 1 and got invited to sit with them for lunch, she is now part of their friendship group and has made a best friend whom she has a closer bond with than she had with any of her old friends in the UK, it is wonderful to see her so happy. BTW - If you have teenagers who stay in their room on I pads all evening / weekends - dont think that because you move over here they will suddenly become sport loving outdoors people with a basketball under one arm and a surfboard under the other! Most nights we only see her at feeding time, but she has been playing her ukelele more, drawing and chatting to her new bestie online. We try to get out at the weekends at least one day and as long as her homework is done, I dont have a problem with it, she is who she is. She is doing ok at school, we've just had parents evening and last term, predictably her grades weren't where they were when we left the UK, but I'm confident they will pick up as she gets more used to their way of working and gains more confidence. Youngest took a little while longer to settle in, the classful of new faces were a bit much for her to deal with but gradually week by week she got there. We have had 3 friends round for tea, and she has been round to 2 friends houses, she feels like she belongs now and is fitting in well. She just had yr6 camp and had a fantastic time raft building and crate tower climbing and orienteering etc. We didn't realise, but in yr6 over here they have leavers uniforms that are different to the standard school uniform so she turned up in the uniform we had bought from the uniform shop (including wide brimmed hat - so cute!) and everyone else is wearing the leavers uniforms. We felt gutted for her, but she didnt seem to mind that much. Luckily there was a re order of the leavers uniforms and she now has a shirt and jacket, it even has her name on the back as they did a re print of everyone's names, she was made up when she got it at the start of this term after Easter. She started Taekwondo in February and has her first grading for her yellow belt in June eek! After the girls started school, we concentrated on registering at centrelink for medicare and family assistance (means tested child benefit equivalent) and our drivers licences. We have since had the girls first dental appointments and doctors visit, its all really straightforward once you understand the system. I asked friends for recommendations and advice, which was really helpful. We're also sorting out our private health insurance this weekend which I think is the last piece of the puzzle in setting up over here. Hubby is settling well in to work, he didn't start until 3rd April and is just starting to find his feet, he's enjoying the cycling, ezpecially in this weather! He's going on a cycling hoiday to Margaret River with his cycling club in November! And so to me - I'm not working which is giving me plenty of time to do lots of other things! I have joined the primary school committee, I volunteer in the school canteen once a week, I help out with garden and kitchen class a couple of times a term. I have made a few friends from this forum, been out for coffess, lunch, and had bbqs and cinema, I've made friends with eldest daughters bestie's mum and went kayaking on anzac day! I'm developing friendships with a couple of the mums at school, going out for coffee, bbqs, karaoke, quiz night etc. I go for walks along the river and take a picnic for 1 and a book, so peaceful. I've restarted my hobbies of line dancing, and baking, and am enjoying having more time, having gone from working full time and not feeling that I had any. I can cook nicer meals and enjoy the weekends relaxing rather than catching up with the housework. There's lots more choice of chocolate over here, Cadburys tastes the same to me, and they have my brand of cosmetics which was a concern. Overall, life IS much better than what we had in the UK, we are not any worse off even on one wage, we have laughed and smiled more together here, the weather is incredible, blue skies nearly every day. Its nearly winter and I walked youngest to school in a t shirt and sunglasses (and trousers lo!). I acknowledge that we have been extremely fortunate with hubby getting a job and that our rental is really nice compared to the others we saw. But everything else has been of our making, the social life, the places we've visited and the friends we've made have all been by us getting ourselves out there and taking every opportunity, its there for the taking, we definitely feel more carefree and relaxed. We came out here for a fesh start and, yes, for a better life and so far it has more than delivered for all of us. We sometimes feel like weve been here longer than we have because of how quickly we feel that we've got a fuller, more satisfying life, but we can still count it in weeks! We don't know whats going to happen over the next 12 months, whether we'll be able to buy a house, or if I will have to get a job, how youngest will cope with going to high school, but thats all part of our continuing adventure. We're looking forward to exploring our new home and to whatever the rest of our lives have in store for us. Oh, and we haven't seen any spiders bigger than the average uk ones, and theres only been about 4 of them, they're not lurking under every toilet seat and in every corner!...Although we have had a lizard in the living room, and a couple of cocroaches lol! Sorry it's been a long one, if you've stuck with me till the end - thank you! If anyone has any questions about how we dealt with certain things or about anything to do with the move or setting up over here, pease ask away. Also, has anyone else got any updates after making your move,? I would love to hear your stories too. Jen xx
  13. Hi, So, my parents, who arrive in 2 weeks time went to a branch of our UK bank to put money into our account so we can transfer it over here as their spends. Turns out our account is blocked, but after speaking to the manager the bank lady overrides the system to allow the deposit. We haven't changed our address with the bank despite moving in Jan - perhaps we should have. Our mail was on a divert to my parents house for 12 months. However, mail has been returned to the bank with 'not known at this address'. The bank have therefore blocked the account which means that we cannot transfer my parents' money. I now have to ring the bank in the UK from my oz mobile to see what they can do re unblocking the account. At least with the time difference I can call the 24 hr line in the middle of the night UK time and (hopefully) get straight through. Not happy, as my parents should have been prevented from depositing funds if the bank knew we wouldn't be able to access them, (my parents told them we were in Australia). Also, Royal Mail obviously not honouring the postal divert. Grrrrrr!
  14. UK bank account trouble :(

    It all got sorted pretty quickly in they end thankfully. We downloaded the change of address form, filled it in and emailed it to my mum. Luckily she was in Chester and popped into the bank, they took the details from the emailed form, checked security details about us, changed our address and unblocked the account all within 10 minutes! They said there's no issue with us having the account open and being here so we are keeping it open as it's easier for parents to put money in for Xmas/ Bdays etc.
  15. UK bank account trouble :(

    Hi Ali, Yes, I understand that, my issue is that a) mail shouldnt have been returned as we still have a re- direct in place, and b) if they knew the account was blocked, they shouldnt have allowed the deposit. So frustrating, and also it reminds you how far away you are when its not straightforward to sort out. Their suggestion to my mum was that I went in with my id and proof of new address...erm, thats not going to happen!
  16. Emigrating next year with 15 yr old

    Great, that was the most stressful bit for us! We were lucky to have a cash buyer who let us stay in until after Christmas. Our container left on the Friday, we completed on the Monday and flew on the Tuesday. We checked the bank account in Abu Dhabi airport to make sure the money had gone in! Best of luck, do you know where you're thinking of heading to yet?
  17. Emigrating next year with 15 yr old

    Hi, We came over in Jan. Our 14 year old daughter had completed 1 term of yr 9 and started it again here in February. School yr is beg of Feb to mid Dec. This was not an issue as it is completely different over here and gave her time to settle in and nothing was repeated. If you get here before the end of the school year 2018 which will still be yr 10 here, your daughter will have time to get her bearings and choose her electives for the exam subjects she would want to do in years 11 and 12. Even though the academic year runs Feb to Dec, the age cut offs are roughly the same as uk, July to June. which is a bit odd. She is in the same year as my daughter who will be 15 in Dec, just before the end of yr 9. Therefore, over here, your daughter would start yr 11 Feb 2019. Hope that makes sense! Jen x
  18. Harrisdale people

    Hi, you're quite close to us. We are closer to 40s (eek!) 14 and 11 yr old girls, how old are your children?
  19. Declaring items at customs

    Hi Sue, Those items would go in the container and the shipping company will tell you what's allowed and what's not. Wood and wicker are allowed if they are treated, we just gave our picnic basket and the cane furniture an obvious coat of varnish. All other wood is ok as long as treated. We were told no candles, no dried flowers -I had to leave my dried, pressed and framed wedding bouquet with my mum, gutted! We brought wooden kitchen implements and photo frames, ornaments etc, we were given a form by the shipping company to fill in and we listed all the wooden items on there. We had no issues with customs. Hope this helps, Jen xx

    I'm thinking of trying spud shed to see what its like.
  21. does anyone fancy meeting up?

    Hi Jo, I could manage Hillarys. Only been twice, I could find my way to the boat harbour. Next week I am free Wed. Free most days the week after. Pm me if you fancy it. Jen x
  22. Good cafes around Perth

    Twig and Sparrow is fab, also a fan of Jamaica Blue even though its a chain. Six Willows in Willetton is also nice.

    Sorry, I'm lazy and get it all from Coles, unless we have kebabs, I use the butcher at Southlands, for them.
  24. Dairy products and water

    We find the tap water here fine, as with the milk, and hubby loves the yoghurt here. No difference really, not as much choice yoghurt wise though.
  25. 4 months in, our story so far...

    Made a few friends through making contact with local members of this site, made friends with my daughter's best friend from school's mum, and a couple through the p&c meetings at school. It's enough for us.