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    hay fever tablets

    I tried an accupressure band for morning sickness and it didn’t work, thanks for the suggestion but we’ll stick to the tabs, parents over in Sept with half a suitcase full !!
  2. Jen78

    hay fever tablets

    Yes, definitely, it’s the thing we ask parents to bring to most of over when they come to visit as we all suffer!
  3. https://thewest.com.au/news/wa/bhp-announce-new-47-billion-iron-ore-mine-in-the-pilbara-highlighting-jobs-growth-in-wa-ng-b88866100z Jobs to be created in construction and mining. Positive news
  4. Jen78

    Construction industry

    https://thewest.com.au/news/wa/bhp-announce-new-47-billion-iron-ore-mine-in-the-pilbara-highlighting-jobs-growth-in-wa-ng-b88866100z Announced today, in case you didn’t see it on the new thread.
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    Hi again, We arrived about 16 months ago with no family or friends. We wanted to be within a certain radius of the city where there were good schools. We came with 3 high schools in mind - Willetton, Rossmoyne and Leeming. My eldest was due to start yr 9 and my youngest yr 6. We looked at houses in suburbs in catchment areas for these 3 schools and whichever house we liked the best - that's where they went! Eldest ended up at Willetton and youngest at Rostrata - she's now also at Willetton SHS. Rental costs aren't astronomical, ($550 pw for a 4x2 in Willetton) but it's a different story when it comes to buying. This didn't bother us as we're open to renting for a few years and then seeing what happens. I work at a popular, sought after and successful primary school in Willetton, although for primary I'd stick my neck out and say they're much of a muchness really and I'd concentrate on a area for a good high school - if schools are you're priority - which they were for us. In Willetton / Rossmoyne area they're all pretty good anyway. Harrisdale SHS is very new (2017) and currently only has yrs 8 and 7 with a year group enrolling annually until the 2017 yr 7s graduate. Therefore, your older children will not be able to go there. The principle and deputy are the former principle an deputy from Rossmoyne when Rossmoyne SHS was leading the WA league tables for public school a few years ago, so indications are that it is going to be a good school, my colleague was certainly impressed when she went for the parent information night for next yr yr7s. We are not ruling out moving there and moving my youngest there but that will be a couple of years off still. If you're considering Harrisdale then their primary school has only been open for 2 years and is very big with over 1000 children - and it's still growing. I think the local High school would be Canning Vale College but it doesn't enjoy the reputation of Willetton or Rossmoyne. From what I've gathered and heard is that Rossmoyne is more focussed on academic achievement whereas Willetton, although does extremely well academically has a more caring approach to students and offers more vocational courses for those so inclined. We are certainly very happy with it. The booklists, school fees and uniforms are pretty standard in pricing I think, you can google the school's websites and have a look for the fees page, that will tell you what to expect. There is one uniform shop in Willetton that caters for most schools in the area http://www.nellgray.com.au/Uniform-Concepts/Willetton-Super-Store If you look at the schools and the order forms you can see the prices. It was a bit of a shock to go to this from buying a job lot from George at Asda!! The school age cut off dates are pretty much the same as UK even though the school year is Feb - Dec. They are 01 July - 30 June so chances are your son would still be in year 10 here in October. He will have to choose his subjects for his 2 year exam courses to start in Feb of yr 11 with exams a the end of yr 12. Again, you can have a look at the courses available to all high school students on the schools websites as from yr 7 they get to choose 6 courses (electives) a year (3 per semester up to year 9, and 3 for the whole year in year 10) in addition to their core subjects. Sorry if I've bombarded you with info! If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask. Jen
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    Hi, I work in a school office. If you live in the catchment area you will get a place. You can enrol at any time. You will need a lease agreement and 2 proofs of address, Passports and visas for children and parents. They need immunisation records but we only accept them as printed off medicare. Bring your records, once you have registered for medicare, you will have to take them to a gp for them to copy and send to the Australian immunisation register. You can then print them off once you get your centrelink account linked to your my gov account online It sounds complicated but its really easy. Not having this at enrolment won't stop you from enrolling. Whereabouts are you thinking of moving to? Jen
  7. Hi, my daughters are in yrs10 and 7 at Willetton. It is a good school and they are both happy there it is very well resourced and I am pleased with the opportunities they have there. My eldest said it is much better than the high school she went to in the UK. I suppose the only downside is the prices of properties in areas with good schools. We can not afford to buy a house in Willetton, and it is an area where a lot of people rent in order to get their children into the school. There are 2 new housing estates being built here which are in the catchment area for Willetton which will push numbers up even more, not sure how this will effect resources and class numbers in the future. The higher the numbers, the more money the school receives but a large influx at the same time is bound to cause some issues. There has just been a funding cut to Rossmoyne and Willetton SHS too. If your child can enter under gifted and talented or through a specialised program for any school you don’t have to live in the catchment area, this only applies to yr7 admissions though. At the moment they are saying that you can keep your place if after a couple of years you move area but with the increasing numbers overall, they may re think this. From what I can gather, and heard, Rossmoyne strive for better academic achievement, whereas Willetton, although it did ever so slightly better in the league tables last year care more about the welfare of the students whether they be academic or not so much, there are a lot of courses for student who need to take a more vocational path. Obvioulsy I only have experience of Willetton, but have friends whose children go to Rossmoyne, and they are equally happy with that school. It depends on your child. We didn’t necessarily choose Willetton SHS, we knew the 4 or 5 areas we wanted to live in based on them having good schools, and it all got decided by what houses were avavilable to rent and the house we liked the best, and what catchment area it happened to be in was where they went! Another thing to bear in mind, if you’re thinking of this area is Harrisdale SHS, it has been open for 3 years now and is a bit further inland from Willetton but only about 20 mins away in the new development of Harrisdale and Southern River. The principle and deputy principle are the prevous principle and deputy from Rossmoyne SHS from the years when Rossmoyne was doing much better then Willetton. My colleague went to a parents info meeting for next yr 7 and was very impressed. If you have a look at the website and research the accolades that the deputy and priciple af amassed between them, its quite an impressive read. So much so we could consider moving our youngest there if we decide to move. I have no info or knowledge anout Shenton College. I hope this helps. Jen
  8. Jen78

    Commutable Suburbs

    Wattle Grove primary school is up and running on a new site in a new housing development. It has won awards recently. You can see the hills in the distance. I had an interview there a few weeks ago and was quite impressed. Young leadership team and the principle was very nice.
  9. Jen78

    Commutable Suburbs

    I would have suggested Canning Vale as parts look nice, just not too sure about the reputation of Canning Vale College? If you're considering renting then I would look at Leeming and Willetton. Expensive to buy, but OK to rent and both have good schools and are nice suburbs.
  10. Jen78

    Commutable Suburbs

    Hi, We've been here 15 months and only just starting to think about where we want or can afford to buy. I would definitely say rent first. Check out the commuter routes either by car or bus/ train and prices to rent and buy of houses, and quality of schools in a certain radius from work and narrow it down from there. The freeway going towards the city is very busy in rush hour in the morning, and again in the afternoon going away from it, so factor this in to journey time if required. Lots of new houses going up by us in harrisdale and southern river on new estates with new schools which have good leadership and therefore potential for good results. Smaller plots though with not much outside space. It depends on what you want really. Jen
  11. Jen78

    Job demand in Perth

    Go for it! You never know
  12. Jen78

    Two years in and the Unthinkable happened!!

    So sorry to read you’ve gone through this at the start of your new life here, must have been devaststing especially with being so far from home. Glad you’ve got great neighbours, wishing your wife a speedy and full recovery. Glad you’re still positive about the lifestyle and everything that life has to offer here. We wouldn’t be without the private healthcare, I’ve had 4 wisdom teeth out and hubby has had an op. All seen extremely quickly and most of the fees paid for, and 3 of us have had new glasses. I know we pay monthly for the cover but it is giving us peace of mind that we’re covered and can be seen quickly if required. Best wishes to you and your family.
  13. Jen78

    Job demand in Perth

    Working for a mining company doesn’t necessarily mean working at the mines themselves. BHP and Rio Tinto Both have large offices in the city and bhp have recently a advertised for work management planners at the centre of excellence in Perth. This is how hubby got his first job, and he said that they welcomed applications, and had people starting there from all different backgrounds, as long as you pass the psychometric tests and the video interviews etc, are good with computers and can organise. May be worth a look. Best of luck
  14. Jen78

    Subjects for year 10

    Hi, I’m well thanks, how are you? Yes, still at WSHS, eldest is in yr 10 and youngest now in yr 7 and having her first NAPLAN soon. I’ve had a quick look online and have found the following link https://www.subjectcoach.com/blog/past-years-naplan-test-papers-with-answers/ If you google naplan past papers, you will find more. The stationery shops such as officeworks will have practice paper books as well to help to prepare, you will be able to look for these online too. Hope this helps. Jen
  15. Jen78

    Transferring visa to new passport

    That’s good, just renewed 2 child passports, need to transfer the visas, sounds quite straightforward.
  16. Jen78

    Canning vale or Harrisdale areas

    Hi, we're in Willetton just next door! Actually researching canning vale, Harrisdale and Southern river to move to in a couple of years time. Early 40s and turning 40 for us with 2 girls 15 and 11. Both working full time but happy to meet up one weekend or in the easter hols as I get the hols off. Been here just over a year and loving it. Pm me if you fancy meeting and we'll go from there. Jen
  17. Jen78


    How exciting! Hope you don't have to wait too long. Jen
  18. Hi All, Myself, Jen 39 (for a bit longer at least!) and hubby Andy 43, and 2 daughters Megan 15 and Keira 11 and another family from Perth Poms are having a beach afternoon and sunset picnic at the beach part of Hillarys boat harbour by the boardwalk. We would like to extend an invitation to anyone who would like to join us. We will be there from 3.30pm - 4pm onwards. We have been in Perth SOR for just over a year and are loving it and everything living over here has to offer us. We love meeting new people and getting out and about at the weekends. Hope to see a few of you there, if you fancy joining us can you please let me know underneath so we know to look out for you! Jen
  19. It would have been lovely to meet you Pegg Sorry about your winter, have some sun Hope things are going a bit better for you now. Jen x
  20. It was just ourselves and the other family from this site this time. The other family had invited another couple who came along, and it was nice to meet them. It was lovely to have a picnic and a chat as the sun went down. Would have been good to meet more people though . Thanks for asking Jen x
  21. Hi, is anyone joining us? Would be great to see you there, and a fab way to meeet some new people. Jen x
  22. Jen78

    Meet new friends

    Hi all, I’ve done a seperate new topic post about this but wanted to make sure that no one missed it so posted it here as well. Hope you can make it. Myself, Jen 39 (for a bit longer at least!) and hubby Andy 43, and 2 daughters Megan 15 and Keira 11 and another family from Perth Poms are having a beach afternoon and sunset picnic at the beach part of Hillarys boat harbour by the boardwalk this Sunday March 11th. We would like to extend an invitation to anyone who would like to join us. We will be there from 3.30pm - 4pm onwards. We have been in Perth SOR for just over a year and are loving it and everything living over here has to offer us. We love meeting new people and getting out and about at the weekends. Hope to see a few of you there, if you fancy joining us can you please let me know underneath so we know to look out for you! Jen
  23. Jen78

    Finding your Feet - Movie

    I agree, lovely scenes of a cosy Christmas and the lights in London warmed the soul.
  24. Jen78

    One month in!!

    Hi, what a lovely post. So glad to hear that things have gone smoothly and you are all happy. Reaching out to the P&C was a great idea. If you want to make friends and get involved through volunteering, the P&C is a great place to start. I went along to the meetings, got involved in discos and volunteering in the school canteen and helping out in classes, and it was great for giving me a sense of purpose, meeting people and getting out of the house. It has even led to a job in the school office! I didn’t hit a low till about 7/8 months that lasted for a few weeks, but you get through it the best way you can. It soon passed and things are great. Have you both got jobs? Well done on such a positive start, enjoy the ride Jen x
  25. Jen78

    Meet new friends

    Unfortunately I’m unavailable now in the week due to working full time until middle of May, and our weekends are pretty full. Would be great if a few of you took the plunge to meet up, I’ve done it several times and made some very good friends, it’s a bit unnerving at first but very worthwhile. I’m off in the Easter hols so we could arrange something for then...