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Teenage boys tapping area


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Hi all. We recently moved to tapping from Newcastle and are settling in great. My only concern is our 15 year old son. He’s made friends at school (Wanneroo) but none of them seem to do anything after school or weekends and the last thing he wants to do is hang round with Mam and Dad coz that’s not cool ?. 

He loves his PC and PS4 games and anything army and flying related. He’s not big on sports but doesn’t mind football and is quite good at it too but doesn’t want to play for a team. 

If anyone has similar aged kids in our area I’d love to hear from you. He’s going to join either army cadets or RAF cadets next week but could really do with some mates to show him around and go to movies with or just hang out together. 

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crikey this was our problem .... every kid at shool didnt want to come out afetr school or weekends .... summer hols was a nightmare due to friends just spending time with there family - aunty / uncles etc !

We tried to get our son into a club - and i think second time round , we will try to force this a little more. 

Anyhow good luck and i hope all goes well 

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Hi @Amanda we are also in tapping and I know what you mean you don’t see kids playing out like you did back in the uk. Saying that my daughter is 12 and I never see her, always out with her School friends, maybe it’s different for girls. My 10 year old son will often spend time with his friends at the local park or in each other’s houses in the pool/trampoline, again maybe different due tho their ages. Also we are well engaged with sporting activities, running club etc 

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