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188 Buisiness Inovation Visa

Zari Bowesman

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Hi Pip's

My partner & I have re recently obtained our Visa'a and wondered if anyone can share their experiences with us.  We need to invest in a business and as you can imagine this is a bit of a minefield being in the UK.

Has anyone else gone down this route?  

Would appreciate any advice. 



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I was looking at business/investors visas at one point but backed out because it was impossible for me to show them a business track record.  I suppose you are already better off becoz you got your visas, and now just need to invest.

I know of a successful food court operator who would stake out a location for weeks and look at human traffic flows during breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Then he makes his bid and gets another cash cow under his belt.  So I suppose there is no getting around the ground research.

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My partner has  30 years experience in Management for Buildings Maintenance  and this is what our current visa requires.  But, we have been in contact with the small business  development corporation and this apparently can be changed on application as so we are open to change. 

We would preferably be happy to buy into an existing company that is  Managed.

Up to £450 K.

Thanks for your help & kind regards.





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Sorry I didn't see your reply, that's quite an okay amount to invest, although it may be challenging to buy something that's under management and profitable enough. But you'll have to dit through all businesses to see what opportunities there are.


There are also quite a few business brokers active in Perth. Get in touch with them, explain your situation and what you are looking for and you may get somr contacts.


What worked quite well for me as well is making a list of all businesses you would like to acquire and send them a traiditional snail mail, explaining your are interested in buying a business. I've got high response this way. You have to be in Perth though as you want to meet the sellers.

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