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  1. 489 relative sponsored living and working in Perth

    Wow, congrats Ringocole! Yours is certainly a case of making the right decisions on risks and trade-offs that leads to a path to PR. Sad that the 189 is no longer a viable option for people struggling on 60/65 points. Welcome to Fortress Australia.
  2. what are you doing at this moment

    Sleepless in Seattle, seriously...and plotting my way back to Perth
  3. We have finally arrived!

    JobyJo, I feel sorry and sad for you to read about this. I am sure you are a competent nurse but this is ridiculous, just smacks full of industry protectionism and daylight robbery. At least they didn't keep you out with unreasonable academic IELTS scores, which I believe my industry did.
  4. IELTS

    IELTS is bogus! Yes, I am frustrated.
  5. Places to eat -Italian in Perth

    We did Solo Pizza in Como and Ciao Italia in Mill Point, near where we stayed. Solo impresses me till this day, with its pizza sauces and baked in an electric oven, no wood fire, and still getting fantastic taste.
  6. Excess baggage and assistance with bags at airport

    A word of advice from our recent experience. It will be prudent NOT to do anything that would result in giving Customs a reason to inspect ALL your bags, such as declaring you have restricted food or medicines, or even excess currency. We did that for the latter and had to lug 10+ bags onto the Xray conveyor belt even though we showed them all our currency. Leave all contrabands at home so you can answer coolly, "Nothing to declare"!
  7. perth to london direct and vice versa people!
  8. 3 years after getting our 189 grant....we're coming

    Hi spangley i made my move but not to Perth unfortunately, so i can't advise you on the local stuff. But I can share with you my perspectives on moving stuff. Why not take this as a chance to have a long hard look at all your stuff. Do you really need all of it? How often do you use or need it? Are there substitutes? Can you get back the same or similar stuff at the other side? Anything that could be converted to electronic form? We sold most of our stuff before we flew and maxed out the luggage allowances of everyone in the family, including the kids. You'll be surprised at how much you can stuff into a large luggage case and how much you find you won't need. Never regretted my chance to start afresh without clutter! Not having a container alone is great savings. Good luck!
  9. Aussie Gov money making racket!!

    From our perspective, the whole system is a money making racket. It starts with IELTS. You can get screwed over and over in the writing & speaking tests, which are bloody subjective and you are at the mercy of the assessors. I'm talking about the Academic IELTS which accountants & other unfortunate trades have to take, as mandated by their professional assessment bodies. What's the bloody difference between a '7.0' & a '6.5'? Since when has linguistic ability had such an impact on balancing the books? Just a line in the sand which the CPA bodies won't talk to you about skills assessment until you cross it. Assuming you get past IELTS, you now have to deal with one of the three accounting bodies, or VETASSESS if you are in Internal Audit. Can't understand why VETASSESS is overseeing I.A. Our opinion is they know nuts about it which is how we (the Mrs & I are both accountants) didn't get the assessments we needed. And kudos to our migration agent for recommending this route which was a total waste of our money & time. We felt we were scammed by IELTS, skills assessment & migration agents, and never made it to EOI. Both of us are now over the age & can't recover from the 15 point deficit. I am now buying the lottery & PowerBall & hoping for the best, Lol