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New visa changes! HELP :-0


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Hi everyone, I am writing this just hoping that someone can offer me/us some advice/glimmer of hope that we still stand a chance of moving to WA now that all the new changes have come into force?

I am 41 years old (42 in Oct), I am a qualified adult nurse ?‍⚕️ (qualified in Sept 17), I have a husband who is the same age and is a Plumber (qualified 1 year 6mths). We have 3 children - one has just turned 19 years old (currently in full time education). We have tried to ensure that we meet all catergories but are now concerned about the new points changes from 60-65, as i only make 60 points due to my age and lack of years experience- this is even if i achieve superior in ielts and inc partner skills. I have a sister that has lived in Perth now for 3 years and we was really hoping on migrating there to join them and my sister was more than happy to sponsor us to help increase our points but that option dosent appear to be there  anymore either?

Is anyone able to offer us some advice or know what our options would be as we feel at a loss and that our dream is slipping away.


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On ‎04‎/‎07‎/‎2018 at 05:17, verystormy said:

Can you post the breakdown of your points? 

Hi yes of course;

Age = 15 points 

Superior English (hopefully) = 20 points

Skilled employment - less than 3 yrs = 0 points

Qualifications - Bachelor degree =15 points

Partner skills = 5 points

Other 5 points would have been from my sister sponsoring us

Thanks for your help Verystormy : -) any advice would be greatly appreciated


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On ‎10‎/‎07‎/‎2018 at 04:56, verystormy said:

I am afraid, I can't see any other points you might be able to get based on that, which isn't going to be enough. But, I would run it past a good agent such as Camilla from New Life Down Under to get a professional opinion. 

Ok thanks for your advice, i will do that. Is she on facebook? Do you know her contact details?

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