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Would like to know how to obtain a PR in Australia

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Hi everyone! My name is Sathya From Singapore. My wife and I have been to Perth for vacation and we absolutely love alot of things about it. Like how most shops closed by 5pm compared to Singapore as this means there is work-life balance. Which is something I would really want! 


I have been reading alot but it seems almost impossible to apply for PR due to my work experience as I do not qualify for any skills but willing to take up if any. Im more of a hands on and dont like rigid 9-5 office jobs. However, my wife is a social worker with two degrees in Early Childhood and Psychology. She also has Grad Dip in Social Work. We were hoping that maybe my wife can apply as a skilled worker and bring me over.


I would like to ask for my wife and I to apply for PR, what can we do in our situation to migrate? My wife is 30years old this year and im 29.


Any advice would be appreciated much! Please let me know if you need more infromation.


Much thanks in advance!

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  1. You need to check which list the occupation of social worker is currently on. Look here. Homeaffairs.gov.au

If it is on the long term list, then she may be eligible for a 189 visa. This is an independent skilled permanent visa. The issue though is that she will need to carefully calculate points. This is where many people have an issue. Although the technical minimum requirement is 65, in reality, nobody is getting invited with less than 80. This can be very hard to get. If she can, then she needs to obtain a positive skills assessment for her occupation. She will need ILETS and will probably need a maximum score. However, the points system is being tweaked in November. As a result I would stronBly recommend you speak to a good registered migration agent to discuss the options. 

Camilla who runs http://www.newlifedownunder.com.au/ is very good

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