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Hi All,

We immigrated from South Africa to Wales then to Australia.

We got Victoria state sponsorship so waiting for the 2 year period to go by then we will be moving to Perth Nov 2020.

We have 2 high school and 1 primary school kiddies and hubby loves playing golf.

I was looking at the following areas if you can give your input that would be awesome!:








Also looking for recommendations for a Gymnastics school and Orthodontist.

Hope to hear from you soon.



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Pretty good areas. Most of them definitely more expensive. Hillarys at the top of the list, followed by Woodvale and duncraig (and Carine I think, I don't know carine that well) then followed by the rest. Depends on what you want. Hillarys is the closest to the ocean, but the most expensive. We have friends in Woodvale who paid 150k more for a house, just because it is in Woodvale, making their kids fall in the catchment area for the woodvale high school.


edit: compared to Melbourne, all RE is probably cheap.

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Am in Padbury, its an older suburb but I like older places anyway so suits us.  Also much bigger blocks, what is happening though is quite a few people are splitting blocks and building 2 houses on one block.

Is a good location, along with Duncraig, Hillarys, Kingsley, Greenwood.  We have access to the freeway at both ends of the suburb, Heburn Ave and Whitfords Ave, 2 train stations again Heburn and Whitfords, 5 minutes drive or walking distance from some parts of the suburb.  Whitfords Shopping Centre, Hillarys Boat Harbour, and only around 20 minutes drive to the city in normal traffic, like everywhere else takes longer in peak times.  I moved over here from Melbourne a few years ago, Melbourne was so much cheaper than Perth, at that time now it is the opposite.  We rented a huge 4x2 new build in Melbourne for $375, came over here and and 4x2 was $600,now WA is the cheaper.  Dont know about orthodontist, but there is a gymnastics club in Wangara,about 15 minutes from here which is good, think there is also one in Balcatta,

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