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Wicker baskets


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we move in under 2weeks to perth. It is mega hectic, so many forms and things to do.....anyway, I wondered whether there are any issues about taking wicker baskets? They are the kind bought from a uk supermarket, so have a varnish coat or are painted.


also, is it ok to ship toiletries and make up? Just getting quite paranoid about Ozzie customs the nearer we get to leaving.



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Wicker is classed as an 'Item of Quarantine Concern' - http://www.daff.gov.au/aqis/travel/e...rsonal_effects

If it's lacquered, varnished, waxed, oiled etc, then it *may* be ok, if it's bare untreated wicker then if may have to be treated(fumigation etc) which would incur a sizeable fee (or the alternative is to have it destroyed, which they still charge you around $60 for I believe).

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Bring all that! You just cant bring wicker, edibles or untreated wood items, so if you have an ikea shelf unit for example that is bare wood, whitewash it or varnish it. I aso bought my shells ive collected whilst on holiday which treated with Jeys fluid was fine, but couldnt bring my dried roses or potpourri. Hth

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Hi, we arrived in Perth 8 weeks ago and I brought my wicker baskets which have just arrived with no problems - they were from Morrisons - just normal wicker, may have some sort of varnish on them. We were told we could not pack twigs we had in a varse or pot pourrie


I also brought all my fancy toiletries and again no problems.

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