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I have a list of removal companies here,which ones did you use,how recent and what was your quote for 20ft and 40ft container,why 20ft and 40ft dont they do 30ft?With the removal companies listed below who do they use over in oz to finish the job and are they any good,i sometimes here some companies are great this side but not over in oz and other way around here is who i have listed:


Angio pacific

john mason uses wridgeways in oz







white and co


clark and rose uses wridgeways


I also have heard on a forum that the shipping is going to go up 25% is there any true in this as im looking to ship my stuff in may and this is not very good news if true

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hi there, we arent at that stage yet but someone posted on here before about using a freight forwarder instead of a removal company which was supposed to be cheaper, i think you either pack yourself or some offer a packing service as well. maybe worth a google?

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We used Doree Bonner. All was good at both ends. But we went groupage rather than a full container.

And the reason they're only 20 or 40 foot is that them's the dimensions of the "standard" containers that are stacked on ships/trains/lorries. Having 30ft ones would be extraordinarily expensive to implement.

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