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insuring your shipment to australia help


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Hi there due to my location,where my house is and it being on a busy street etc pretty much no parking available to to it being in town etc,i thought it best move my stuff to a location where its be better for the shippers i hire two containers one pretty much full,and the other to give them a place to pack,this allows me to declutter and sell off and see what i dont want to take and keep,and allows me to be able to do a lot of house jobs around the house before putting in on the market to sell or to rent.

The location of these containers gives the shipper plenty of space to load and there being an extra container for them to wrap and pack inside,its a good idea i thought due to the issues of where im located and the parking etc.

But i have an issue,i was looking at maybe not using the shippers insurance when i get quotes but to get another company mentioned on here and im told they only cover from residence to residence ie house to house.

Surely there has been loads of folk out there who have,sold there house early,and put there stuff in storage,maybe wanted to do jobs around the house and thought best move there stuff and other reasons,so pretty much what i thought was a good idea is not?

has anyone did something like this and what did they do,as i just could not send my stuff not insured,the insurance is from when its packed up from shippers until its gets to the address in oz so why and issue,shippers will be packing and wrapping the goods,so why a problem??

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Speak to the shippers, most will be happy to wrap and pack at your house then load into a normal removal truck to take to their warehouse where they can then load the container. You would be insured from the time they take the goods from your house until you open the boxes at the other end regardless of who insures it !

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