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  1. Chardy

    Are there any cat curfews in WA?

    It is advised (not law) to keep them in at night and we do ours to protect them and the wildlife. We fall under Rockingham council too. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Chardy

    What internet provider to use?

    I work on ADSL faults around East Freo and iiNet or internode are good as the same parent company and use the same DSLAMs at the exchange
  3. Chardy

    family new to Baldivis

    Hi, we are in Baldivis, have been for just over a year of our 2 and a half years in Perth. Have 2 girls 11 and 6 and a 10 year old boy. Happy to catch up sometime, feel free to private message Justin
  4. Chardy

    Shipping Costs Help

    Insure your move or Letton Percival will insure for a lot less
  5. Chardy

    Arriving in Perth on 4th October!

    You have 3 months to get your driving licence and will need to wait for some ID etc to be able to apply. As VS says TFN is the very first. So many don't bother with the Skilled Migration registration, I didn't (get round to it) and my 2 year commitment is almost over now !
  6. Chardy

    Electricity and Gas connections

    Synergy are the only electricity supplier in WA. We changed to Kleenheat but Alinta offered a cash discount per bill which worked out better than the 10% deal so switched back ! Mind you we do have gas boosted solar hot water so our gas use is low.
  7. Chardy

    Some pics!

    Cape Leeuwin lighthouse Glenn Forrest tavern
  8. Shale grey comes out lighter than the colourbond when painted on !
  9. Chardy

    what car do you drive?

    How funny, I have one too, same colour, easy to find in the car park !
  10. Chardy

    Stupid question!

    You can stack the dryer on the washer with a rubber pad between them from the DIY stores. We've used our dryer maybe 10 times in 18 months just because sometimes we can't wait the 2 days stuff takes to dry inside in the winter.
  11. Chardy


    Central heating isn't like the UK with a boiler and rads. It's usually a ducted aircon unit with electric heater built in. I'm loving ours after last winter in a rental with NO heating. No wall insulation and single glazing is not good though ! WA really needs to move away from double brick construction as thermal mass simply doesn't work well in this climate (apart from the very Southern areas.
  12. Chardy

    Some pics!

    Saturdays' sunrise from Baldivis
  13. Chardy

    Count down to launch date

    Only crazy people sunbathe here. Without sunscreen you will burn VERY quickly regardless of skin type, shade is a good thing ;-)
  14. Mossies are bad all around Mandurah thanks to the estuary especially in the warmer months, we lived in Lakelands for a year and it stopped us eating outside a lot. Now in Baldivis and see none. Just budget for repellent in your shopping and you'll be fine ! We have dramatic storms in the autumn winter all across the state but rarely severe enough to cause major damage fortunately.
  15. Love our included Daikin 7 zone, 10 outlet aircon. So much better than the evap we've had in rentals.