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Anyone in Halls Head Advice re Schooling


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Hi we are looking at flights for 8th June, so will now be looking at schools. My cousin has a house in Halls Head, which she has bought as an investment, so we have an option to rent this from her (she's having a house built at the moment so we can move into the Halls Head house with her in the meantime). So, if we can get jobs in the area (as we are on 489 regional visa) we will be looking for schools.


I'm not being lazy, I've looked at a few of the schools in the area, but would love to hear from anyone who has direct experience of the local schools. I have a 10 year old boy who will be 11 on 2nd July, so assuming he will go into the last year of Primary School, and my daughter who was 13 in February, so will be looking at a secondary school.


Any advice on the local schools would be most welcome and obviously direct experiences are best, can anyone help???


Thanks in advance

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Halls Head primary school is not good at all. My child has been attending it for last 1.5 years and believe me it has been waste of her learning years. They have not tought much since she left Pinjarra primary. The older teachers are relatively good at teaching, but the newer / younger ones are the recruited by favouritism on part of the school management and they do not teach or they do not know how to teach. Big politics with in school and the worst you can't see a review tab under google because they know what their school stands up to. I am taking my child out of this school as soon as I can. 

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