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    are folks still emigrating ?

    One of the major pointers to an economic downturn is house prices. Unfortunately house prices in Perth have definitely dropped in the past 4 years, as all the real estate websites show. Great time to buy of course, especially as mortgage rates are so low at the moment. Bottom line though is that most people are affected... some not apparently... but most are in some way or another. Even a government job is no protection these days either, as a friend who is a level 8 WA government employee found out last year when she and her whole team of 35 were made redundant. Having said all that, I am currently in Queensland staying with my son and his partner, and things are beginning to boom here again after a long recession. Lots of building, lots of new cafes and other businesses, lots of new jobs, and property prices are on the upward trend. Utility prices and petrol are still stupidly excessive though, just like all around Australia. I paid $1.79 a litre for petrol today and nearly had a heartattack!!!
  2. Thanks for letting us know Sharon. It is looking more positive for you. You will have to request the Uni to do an assessment for Recognised Prior Learning, and it is more than likely that you will then be exempt from certain units. Keep us posted please!
  3. Rossmoyne

    are folks still emigrating ?

    You are so right @ali
  4. Rossmoyne

    Just arrived in WA! Need advice

    @DoctorMum.... I was just going through some old posts and wondered how you were and what you decided to do living wise. I hope you are enjoying WA.
  5. Rossmoyne

    are folks still emigrating ?

    Hi Pegg. WA is very much in a financial recession at the moment. The mining downturn has really hit hard now and many people who were FIFO on the mines and with good incomes, are either unemployed, working for average wage in a job elsewhere in WA, or people who moved to WA from the eastern states have returned to their home states. Utility prices, rates etc have gone through the roof in WA too, and the knock on effect is that people just don't have the disposable income they used to and so are scared to spend anything apart from living expenses and the occasional night out, and in some cases are only just getting through the month financially and living from pay to pay. This situation has of course seen many small shops, cafes, businesses close down, and there are empty commercial premises everywhere. 6 or 7 years ago if you applied for a rental property, there would have been another 20 people applying for the same property. These days rental properties are sitting empty for weeks before being leased out again. The job situation is pretty dire in many areas. Employers are hesitant to take on new staff and often do not replace people who leave, so everyone is just picking up the slack and are grateful to have a job. This whole situation has really hit my family. My son, who is an Engineer, was working FIFO for Rio Tinto in the Pilbara, but was made redundant at the very beginning of the downturn about 8 years ago when they closed down a mine with an hour's notice. He found work FIFO in Kalgoorlie, but after a year, that company folded totally and he was made redundant again. He worked briefly in Perth in temporary roles, but was eventually headhunted and moved to Queensland for a job. He now works on a coal mine in Central Queensland, FIFO from the Gold Coast. He has been there 6 years now, has put roots down with buying a house and finding a beautiful partner, and I doubt he will ever move back to WA, sadly. So to answer your question, people are not emigrating to WA in the numbers they once were, and many are leaving as they are unable to find work. What annoys me though is that the official unemployment stats are not reflecting what is really happening. In Oz you can't apply for the dole (Newstart as it is called here) if you have a partner who is working. You only have to be working 1 hour a week, and that is classed as "employed"! The WA government would have us believe that unemployment is lowering, but along with so many people, I think it is one of those smokes and mirrors tricks, as I know so many people who have been made redundant through businesses closing and being unable to gain employment anywhere. And yes the forum is quiet now. We do try to keep it ticking along, and hope that things will improve, but I guess that with less people wanting to emigrate and posting on the forum, those who are already here are losing interest in being helpful and posting. I just read my comment back before I posted it, and it sounds all doom and gloom! That certainly wasn't my intention... just trying to tell it as it is. Yes there are some people doing so well and coining it in, but there are so many more who are struggling.
  6. Rossmoyne

    Has anyone applied for citizenship lately?

    Brilliant! So many people have been waiting so much longer than that, so you did well.
  7. Rossmoyne

    Sending boxes from UK to WA

    Following the death of a family member in UK, I have to ship some boxes of personal effects (and possibly an antique desk), from London to Perth. Does anyone have any recommendations on who to use to facilitate this please?
  8. Rossmoyne

    Sending boxes from UK to WA

    Boxes are now in storage as our family can't bring ourselves to open them yet..... Let you know the condition of stuff when I get over to Queensland in November. However as a family we are very happy with the service that PSS provide.
  9. Rossmoyne

    Residents return visa

    Ali is correct. If you apply for a visitor visa and you hold PR for Australia, you will cancel your PR visa. Your only option is to apply for a RRV. But it might be in your best interest to consult a Registered Migration Agent to discuss this. "New Life Down Under" who posts on this forum is a Registered Migration Agent that we recommend as she lives in Perth and is very efficient and knowledgeable.
  10. No you cannot apply for another WHV visa with another passport. YOU are the person applying, not your passport.
  11. I have been out of the social "Brunch and Lunch" circle for over a year now and really need to try some new venues. So can anyone suggest anywhere they have enjoyed recently?
  12. Rossmoyne

    Cafes for Brunch and Lunch South of the River

    Thanks. But can I ask you to share your comments on our forum too and not just refer us to your blog.
  13. Rossmoyne

    190 visa registered nurse confusion

    As Ali has said above, the rules change, usually in July each year. So if you are working towards a specific goal, you need to be aware of this as others have been caught out.
  14. Rossmoyne

    ocean reef development

    Lots of locals are not happy about it, especially the those concerned about the environment.
  15. I have lived in Australia for almost 30 years, been a Citizen for 27 of those years, so I have voted many times. However this time W have no idea who I vote for. It seems to me that all the major parties are tossers who lie and cheat... and then there are so many other small parties and independents (who mostly have issues that tie them in with major parties). Who on earth do you vote for so that the Australia you know and love, continues the same!?
  16. Rossmoyne

    VOTING - anyone a Citizen and voting?

    Welcome back Elfie.
  17. Rossmoyne

    Cafes for Brunch and Lunch South of the River

    I like Grill'd too - tried it for the first time recently at Carousel.
  18. Rossmoyne

    LCHF Cafes

    Does anyone follow a Low Carb / Healthy Fat (LCHF) lifestyle and know of cafes in Perth apart from "Health Freak Cafe" who cater for this?
  19. Rossmoyne

    LCHF Cafes

    Thanks FOL. Will check out some of these.
  20. Rossmoyne

    Sending boxes from UK to WA

    Well boxes have arrived in Brisbane. They are in Customs etc and once cleared will be delivered to the Gold Coast to my son. Seemed easier to send them direct London to Brisbane instead of London to Perth and then me getting it over to the Goldie. So far we are very impressed with PSS from the beginning up until now. Let you know when unpacked how it all travelled.
  21. Rossmoyne

    Just arrived in WA! Need advice

    I agree with Baggytrousers (gotta love that name!), most of West Perth is offices, private medical establishments, and very few residential properties, but just moving up the rail line one suburb to Subiaco gives you so many options. As the economy here is still very much on a downer, there seem to be a lot of rentals around, so hopefully you can pick up something easily. Subiaco PS also has a very good reputation. Let us know how you go.
  22. Rossmoyne

    Recommendations for a shipping company

    We have just shipped some inherited personal items from London to Queensland with PSS and cannot fault them.
  23. Rossmoyne

    Has anyone applied for citizenship lately?

    Well whether you think there is a cash grab or not, at least the Citizenship came through. Just get that Aussie passport asap!!
  24. As I understand it, if you over assess the points you have, your application is automatically rejected. So be very careful.
  25. Rossmoyne

    Renovating... help!!

    We bought our house 28 years ago when we moved to Perth from UK. It was a very basic house but in a good street and suburb. So we renovated and we have loved living here. Our kids have grown up here and were schooled here. But life has majorly changed for us over the last couple of years and we seriously thought about selling up and moving on to Queensland to join family. However we now realise that Perth is where we want to be. So we need to renovate. We have a serious kitchen/family area reno happening in the next few weeks, but we are now looking at bathroom and whole house reno. Does anyone have any recommendations for bathroom/ laundry renovators/Decorators etc.