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  1. Young single mums

    Sad that you have had no replies alana rose. Where are you living? What ages are your children? sorry for the inquisition but trying to help with suggestions etc.
  2. I hope people turned up Jen. So many people on this forum wanting to meet up and make friends, but there are so few replies to report back, so we don't know if anything eventuated. With so many people really wanting to make friends, I hope that you all do meet up and relationships are formed. As Mods/Admin, we rarely hear if this has happened, so it would be good to have some feedback. We have all been in your position of being the newbies on the block and just want to help everyone settle into their new lives.
  3. Homesick

    How sad that you think Perth is superficial and uncultured. Perhaps this is your view because you came from a close family and lived in a major city in the UK with so much on your doorstep. The pleasures of Perth are myriad. It is remote from any other big city in the world, so it has developed a character all of it's own that is a bit laid back, very spread out geographically, a bit country town grown big, some incredible scenery (both inland and on the coast), and a good melting pot of different nationalities all coming together. Whilst WA doesn't have international stars visiting every day, we have some amazing venues for concerts and attract all the big names. We have a world class Ballet Company (WA Ballet), a world class Symphony Orchestra (WASO), just to name a few. But apart from that, there are so many amateur dramatic groups, music groups, art clubs etc, scattered all over our spread out metro area. Is this the sort of "culture" that you are missing? No way is Perth superficial. It is a country town grown big too quick, but it is no way superficial. I actually think you might be living in a suburb that you don't feel comfortable in. If so, have you considered moving elsewhere? It is very hard to make a new life when you first emigrate, and it took me a couple of years to feel that I was comfortable in my new "place", so I totally understand how you must be feeling. Are you working or are you stuck at home all day after your children go to school? Homesickness is terrible - it is a physical hurting as much as a mental one. We have all been there and I hope you can find a way through this.
  4. Investor Retirement visa (subclass 405)

    Just bear in mind that visas and their conditions are reviewed annually and can change in an instant. July is the time the new changes usually take place, but not always! It is a minefield, so be vigilant!
  5. Running the retirement planning race

    All good advice Andrew... Thanks!
  6. I totally agree with Verystormy on his comments. Also Camilla at newlifedownunder is an amazing Migration Agent. I hope it works out for you.
  7. OK guys.... I need some new cafes to trial... South of the River please.... My fave was Low Quay in Wilson but in the last few months they have lost the plot and I refuse to pay their inflated prices for mediocre food and coffee. Twig and Sparrow in Willetton are brilliant, but I need to spread my custom around, so help me find some good places for brekkie, lunch, coffee.......
  8. Recommendations for good cafes SOR

    Another little gem I have found is on Riley Road in Riverton in a small shopping centre that has a fish and chip shop, a brilliant Italian cafe/restaurant, a hairdressers, newsagent, and Celebrations booze shop. But the best part of this little centre is Rustico. The centre is an "L" shape and Rustico are right where the "L" joins and you think it is going to be a small little coffee place, but when you get in there it is a gourmet grocer heaven! The coffee is good, the food they serve is all made on the premises, and the food in the large grocer section is excellent. Brilliant deli section, amazing cheeses and cold meats, pre-made meals/salads (made on the premises), lots of very different grocery items and the freshest of fruit and veg that is predominantly West Australian/Australian. I travel past this place many times during a week as it is on the route to see my Mum, and I call in often to pick up a takeaway coffee and any fresh items I need. Well worth a visit if you are Riverton way.
  9. Recommendations for good cafes SOR

    I have discovered Kelly's Cafe in Canning Vale.... a delightful cafe set in amongst a nursery and gift shop. Good coffee, good food, and some very different gift items as well. Oh and the nursery was small but had lots of plants. Will be going back.
  10. Thoughts on SAD/depression

    I suffered from SAD when living in UK, but not at all since living in Western Australia, and we have been here for 27 years now. I do make sure that I am outside in the sunshine every day, but in the winter I also take a Vitamin D supplement. I took Vit D in UK too, but it just didn't cut it for me.
  11. We had certified copies too, but that was years ago. At one time Immigration used to accept scanned colour copies of original documents. Is that not the case now?
  12. Transferring visa to new passport

    Absolutely no idea how long it takes or how you do it on line. I have always suggested a personal visit to the Immigration office was the best option.
  13. 2 weeks left to lodge 457s/ENS/RSMS

    Good advice Camilla.... thank you.
  14. 11th Aussiversary

    Congratulations on 11 years in this wonderful country Ali and family. I actually could have written that, as your journey has been very much my families experience too. With the exception that I was a newly divorced Mum of two, and was coming to my only relatives, my parents and brother. We have been here 26 years now and whilst it can be a challenge who to support when England and Oz play sports, we feel very much Australian. Australia is what it is, and it most certainly is not UK in the sun. I love the way so many nationalities live side by side and have created this very different place to live. Here's to your next 11 years Ali!!
  15. Recommendations for good cafes SOR

    Thanks Jen. I had brunch at 6 Willows yesterday, which is next to Tiny Tuckshop. Will try that next time.
  16. WA Forestry Industry?

    I have absolutely no idea about the Forestry Industry in WA as I live in Perth, but have you tried a google to see what that pops up? Bear in mind that WA is in an economic downturn at present too. Are you in WA and do you have a visa that allows you to work?
  17. At a turning point - Not sure what the future holds

    Your situation is one that we hear about often, and usually at this time of year as it is only natural that you miss family and friends at Christmas. It isn't easy to uproot a family and expect it to settle into a new life straight away on the other side of the world from everything you have known, but part of the adventure is to explore other avenues and try new things etc. Have your family been down to Albany and spent any time there? It is a beautiful part of WA and a thriving community, and it might be worth giving it a go down there as a family for a while. Do remember that as adults, you and your wife make the family decisions and rules, so don't let an adolescent over-rule you. By all means take into account their comments and wishes, but don't let your family be hostage to a decision a teenager has made for the whole family. Talking with my "experience" hat on here! As far as making friends is concerned, you have to remember that a lot of your friends in UK you probably made from school, uni, work, neighbours etc. You can't expect to replicate that network quickly or easily, but you can do things to meet people. If you are into sport in any way, join a club - volunteer for a charity - invite your neighbours in for a coffee - chat to people at work..... It does take time to make friends, but it does happen (as the ad says!) Workwise you have to realise that things are done differently in Australia, and in WA particularly for some reason, so you have to step back a bit at times, and I personally found that very hard. One of the worst things you can do is to harp on about how things are done in UK. You don't live in UK now, and people you work with will get a bit cheesed off, and I learned that one the hard way! However, if you really feel that things are not being done well for safety reasons, or perhaps there is a better way financially, you can always couch your comments in such a way that you are suggesting perhaps things might have a better outcome for everyone if XYZ was considered. I feel very much for you and your family and totally understand where you are coming from as this was me at the beginning of my migrant journey 26 years ago. By the time the second year was well under way, I finally began to think that it would all work for us.... and it has. So take a deep breath and keep trying things and just embrace the adventure. No shame on you though if it doesn't work out.
  18. Christmas Day lunch.

    Enjoy your first Ozzie Christmas Jen and family.
  19. Christmas Day lunch.

    Your Christmas Day sounds like mine will Stormy... good company... good food... all spread out ... Happy Christmas to you and Mrs Stormy and the little fluffball.
  20. Christmas Day lunch.

    For the first time for a very long time, I am not cooking Christmas Dinner... but my Son In Law who is a Jamie Oliver clone, is in charge! My son who lives in Queensland cannot get here as he is working over Christmas.... so my SIL decided he would be the Chef de Christmas!!!! This guy is so good in the kitchen and I am happy that he is taking over from me for Christmas dinner. Guessing I might be chief bottle washer though!!!! SIL has Turkey and vegies organised, but I have been requested to provide my stuffing balls as apparently they are the best!!!
  21. GPs on 457 apply for PR ASAP

    Thanks Camilla.... I hope you and your family have a very happy Christmas. Rossy
  22. GPs on 457 apply for PR ASAP

    Thanks for the advice to our members Camilla.
  23. Car Insurance

    I second Arwen's comment above. I have tried a few insurance companies in the 26 years I have lived in WA, but about 15 years ago, I changed all my insurance to RACWA and am very impressed with both their fees and the service. I also like that they are not a company with shareholders to please, and that all money raised by them goes back into WA to further road safety and other issues.
  24. So where do you buy your fruit and veg, dairy, meat? Do you just do one big shop at Coles or Woollies, or do you have some local independent greengrocer or butcher that you use? I am blessed to have a Gilberts store at Southlands Shopping Centre and buy the majority of my fruit, veg, cold meats, cheese etc there. Gilbert is a local guy who sells really good quality products that are mostly Australian produced, and West Australian as much as possible. His prices are always good too. I don't have a particular butcher that I use at the moment though and spread my custom between Leonards as they use Mt Barker organic chicken, my local IGA as they sell Harvey Beef and Linley Valley Pork, which is all ethically farmed, and the Dardanup Butchery Compan ( who raise and butcher all their own meat) when I am down in the Bunbury area and can have a big buy up. I try to use local businesses in everything that I purchase or services I use, so I am always interested to know of good places around Perth that I can investigate.
  25. Registering to teach in WA

    Good advice here... just be advised that to be registered to teach in Australia in any state, you must have a 4 year degree.