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Advice us how to start our new life in perth


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Dear All,


Me & My wife is coming to Perth on 26th May,2013. Just planning to stay around 1 week to validate our visa (190) and to complete the necessary works like: Opening a bank account, opening tax file, registering to centerlink, medicare etc. Could anyone please suggest whether 1 week is enough or not (Monday to Friday = 5days). We will return back to Dubai after completing all these and will finally move to Perth In August 2013.


Plz. plz. suggest us. All of your valuable suggestion will help us a lot.



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I think you may / will find that unless you have an Aussie address to use that you probably register with some of these organisations. Not sure if you have one to use?


You can, as has been suggested, open a bank account online and when you return in August activate it then, i.e. open the account online remotely, deposit some or all your cash, go into the bank on arrival and activate the account so you can deposit and withdraw funds. Westpac, National and other banks all have online options and help files that explain how they work. You may even be able to open it online now and activate when you come over for the reccy but again they may be looking for an Aussie address at point of activation.


TFN (online applications), Medicare and Centrelink do not take that long once you get here in August and are fairly stright forward so I would not be wasting any time in worrying about those if you are only here for 5 days. Perhaps better to use the time to look around,get a feel for the place and see how the transpot links work, chat to estate agents if you need to and so on. If you leave out the admin stuff then 5 days should be fine especially if you are coming back so soon. All assuming of course that you do not know Perth that well because you do not say.

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I wouldn't bother doing medicare on the trip if you haven't got an address here for them to send your card to. We went into the office too soon and we weren't on the system, as it can take a few days (remember Saturday isn't classed as a working day), you get a receipt which acts as a temporary card and they post the real card out to you.

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Guest ged1967

we were at an Expo a few days ago here in the UK. commonwealth bank will do the moves for you while you are in the UK. apparently very good exchange rates better than UK banks. I dont have web address but the guy sounded like he knew what he was talking about and when it come to us moving out we'll give them a try.

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