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Looking to move to Perth ASAP

Guest ally1977

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Guest ally1977

Hi myself and my family (husband and 3 chiildren) are looking to move to Oz and have just started the process now can anyone give me any advice on timescales, types of visas if you dont have a trade and jobs available. we are looking to move to Perth Ive heard this is good for young families wanting to emigrate also what areas of Perth are good for beaches, schools etc. I like the suburbs but dont like to be too far from the city where there is more life. I couldnt live where it is too quiet, as a family we love to socialise and meet new people. Can anyone help???

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Guest pommybob

Do your homework and do lots of research and your due diligence.

There are temporary and permanent visas available, but it depends upon your skillset and what you want to do and accomplish here in Aus?

If you can afford it, come to Perth for a recce and have a holiday. You can rent a fully furnished holiday let for approx $800 a week and a hire car will cost about $35 a day all in. The beaches are great, but it doesn't pay the bills.

Perth shopping consists of two streets, Hay Street and Murray Street and my daughter misses Top Shop, but there are malls outside of the city centre, but still no Top Shop! LOL!

You will need a car.

As for schools, upto year 10, our experience is that our children when we came over found school easy, but for year 11 and 12, there is a big jump in the expectations for the children. Maths in Aus, in our opinion, is at a higher level than the UK, but we feel that the rest of the subjects are not to the same standard as in the UK.

The Government is currently reviewing the education curriculum, so maybe changes ahead? Who knows?

Hope this helps?

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And the second would be to look thoroughly through the threads / posts on this site because for many of the questions you ask there are some excellent opinions, loads of links to relevant sites and information on almost everything you need. There are good links to Perth suburbs http://www.viacorp.com/perth-suburbs-compared.html , real estate http://reiwa.com.au/home/default.aspx and try this one for holiday homes, hotels etc in WA http://www.wotif.com/search/Advanced?assumedCountry=1&region=61&stlcmpid=17032.

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