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Visa granted woohoo but need a plan now....


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Amazing news received yesterday we have our visa.........woohoo!!! It has been a long process from when we wanted to start the process to actually applying and the waiting.. oh that is awful, so all the people still waiting I feel your pain. It makes me laugh when you tell people you are moving to oz, but months later when you've not gone people start to say 'oh they will never go!' If only you knew the process and the forms and the tests you have do to get to Australia.............it best but worth it!

Now its real we need to get a plan of when we can go, where do you start??? So any advice will be much appreicated, as I had all these ideas but now its real I dont know where to start so I need a proper plan.

I have had a quote from John masons but if anyone can recommend any others?


From a very excited Hilton Family

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We are in the same boat. Just trying to pull it all together at the minute. We are looking at maybe even doing a self pack, looks like it would save us about £1500 on a 20 ft container. I'll let everyone know how I get on in the next couple of weeks. Dogs. Are surprisingly expensive items to move ad well! Not sure if you are taking pets but now I'd the time to. Sort out the vet stuff.

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