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hi if you private message me with you email address i can send you the form to complete which tells you exactly what you have to do to change your UK qualifications over. I have just done this myself. Firstly though you need to photo copy your certificates and get them verified the form tells you who can do this. Then all you do is send the form away with photo copies and wait for about 20 days and it should be done.



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Hi a solicitor can verify your certificates for about £5 per copy.

My application to ACECQA cost €104 to convert my NVQ Level 3 in Early Years Childcare & Education, and it takes 6-8 weeks to finalise then you receive a certificate.


Have just picked up this thread. I am looking to convert my Children's care,learning and development NVQ level 3. However, when I contacted ACECQA they wanted a transcript along with the original certificate. I emailed CACHE and they said that transcripts were not provided at that time (2007). Has anyone been successful in their application without a transcript? Thanks

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Hi my partner has. Level 3 cache is this any different to your NVQ



Hi, My NVQ Level 3 CCLD was awarded by Cache in 2007 when transcripts were not issued and this is the problem.. Was your partner successful in their application? Also the paperwork is a little confusing too because it includes teaching experience and working with children under two. I only worked with pre-school age of 2.5 and upwards.

Any advice would be gratefully received. Thanks

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